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Birthday Cake Ideas: Cake Decorating Ideas (and Piping Tips) . cake ideas Whether you’re making a towering skyscraper of buttercream or a one-bowl wonder, baking a cake is an investment, in time, in ingredients, and in pride. Cake Ideas, baking ideas, cake decorating compilation, Ideas, cakes, cake, cupcakes, Decorating, Satisfying .

#Birthday #Cake #Ideas #Cake #Decorating #Ideas #Piping #Tips |
And with so much on the line, it’s only logical that you do everything you can to guarantee that your cake is realized as slices on plates rather than scraps in the trash can. Birthday Cake Ideas: Cake Decorating Ideas (and Piping Tips)

From the recipe you choose to the time you allow your cake to cool before digging into it, this 10-step program will help ensure your cake remain intact.
#Birthday #Cake #Ideas #Cake #Decorating #Ideas #Piping #Tips |
Birthday Cake Ideas: Cake Decorating Ideas (and Piping Tips)

Birthday Cake Ideas: Cake Decorating Ideas (and Piping Tips)

Decorating a cake is easier than you think. Watch baker and author Liv Hansen for Betty Crocker Kitchens demonstrate how it’s done. After you practice a little, you’ll be piping like a pro.

Cake decorating ideas and piping tips

How To Make A Pastry Cone
1. Roll out a square of parchment paper. Fold bottom edge up in a triangular fashion until it meets the top edge. Cut parchment from the roll. You will be left with a triangle.

2. Open the parchment. Use the crease as a guide to cut your triangle out.

3. On the long side of one of the triangles, draw a small line along the top of the parchment in the middle. This is where your point will form.

4. Take one corner of the paper and roll it in on itself until the corner lines up with the bottom point. Repeat with the other point, folding the point down and to the back. The two sides will line up down the middle of the cone.

5. Wrap clear tape around the tip of the bag to prevent the point from opening as you use it.

6. To fill the pastry cone, hold it in your hand. Put frosting on a spatula, and place spatula slowly into the bag. Pinch your fingers down on the spatula and slide the spatula out, keeping the frosting in the bag.

7. Fold the edges of the pastry cone into the middle, and roll the top of the pastry cone down to pack the frosting tightly.

8. Snip a small hole in the tip of the bag so you can pipe the frosting.

How To Work With A Pastry Bag
1. You can use either disposable or reusable pastry bags.

2. Open the pastry bag and place a coupler inside.

3. Select the cake decorating tip you want to use. Place the tip on the outside of the bag. Put a ring over the tip and screw the tip onto the bag.

4. To fill the bag, turn the top edge over. Cup your hand like a C, holding the bag, and place the edges of the bag over your hand.

5. Use a spatula to scoop the frosting inside. Fill the bag half full.

6. Bring the sides of the bag back up. Twist the sides of the bag to squeeze the frosting down towards the tip. Squeeze a little frosting back into your frosting bowl to eliminate any air bubbles.

How To Practice Piping
1. Lay a piece of parchment paper onto your counter top.

2. Prepare a pastry bag using a round cake decorating tip.

3. Twist the pastry bag and hold the bag at the back edge. Squeeze this edge to control the flow of frosting.

4. Practice making straight lines. Keep your hand moving at an even pace, and keep even pressure on the bag to ensure you have a solid, straight line.

How To Make a Shell Border
1. Place a star tip on the pastry bag.

2. Hold the bag at a 45-degree angle. Touch the bag down to the paper. Squeeze and hold in place until the design starts to bulge. Release the pressure, pull down onto the paper and release the frosting.

3. Repeat, overlapping the edge of your first scallop with the next scallop.

How To Make A Rosette
1. Place a star tip on the pastry bag.

2. Hold the pastry bag perpendicular to the surface.

3. Squeeze, rotate the bag and tail off. When you stop the flow of frosting, you are tailing off.

How To Make Bubble Letters
1. Use a pastry cone filled with frosting.

2. To make a letter H, make a dot, squeezing and holding the cone in place. Pull straight down, squeeze and hold to make another dot, and then tail off.

3. Repeat, making another line next to the first.

4. Connect the lines in the middle to complete the H.

5. If you want thicker lines, cut a larger hole in the tip of the pastry cone. Keep your scissors perpendicular to the bag when cutting to ensure a nice, neat line of frosting emerges from your pastry cone.

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Here’s what to do:

1. Pick a reliable recipe from a book, website, or author you trust, and make sure you’re using that book—its front matter, its headnotes, and its ingredient list—as its meant to be.

2. Before you get started, adjust your recipe to fit your pan size if necessary. You don’t want to bake a 10-inch round cake in an 8-inch round pan.

Cake Ideas, baking ideas, cake decorating

 #Birthday #Cake #Ideas #Cake #Decorating #Ideas #Piping #Tips |

3. Figure out what you need to do to prepare the pan: Depending on the recipe, you may leave the pan bare, line the bottom with parchment and grease the sides, or grease and flour the whole pan.

4. Properly position your oven racks. If you’re baking one cake, position the rack in the lower third of the oven. If baking two cakes on multiple racks, position one rack in the upper third and another in the lower third. Rotate the pans from upper to lower and from back to front a little over halfway through baking time. Birthday Cake Ideas: Cake Decorating Ideas (and Piping Tips)

5. Make sure your leaveners are fresh. It’s more important to be vigilant with your baking powder than your baking soda. Cake Ideas, baking ideas, cake decorating compilation, Ideas, cakes, cake, cupcakes, Decorating, Satisfying

6. Make sure your ingredients are at the temperature specified in the recipe. Cold butter and eggs and no time to wait for them to warm up? No problem. There are fast and safe ways to bring these ingredients up to room temperature.

7. Use a scale to measure your ingredients—especially non-wheat flours. (And make sure that scale is accurate!)

#Birthday #Cake #Ideas #Cake #Decorating #Ideas #Piping #Tips |

If you’re not using a scale to weigh flour, it’s especially important that you’re measuring the flour the right way: Never shake or tap the measuring cup to settle the flour, or you may end with a dense, heavy cake.

8. Check to make sure your cake is finished before you take it out of the oven. Alice recommends a toothpick rather than a metal cake tester. Cake Ideas, baking ideas, cake decorating compilation, Ideas, cakes, cake, cupcakes, Decorating, Satisfying

Cake Ideas, baking ideas, cake decorating

9. It will be hard to wait, but you’ll need to cool your cake according to the recipe’s instructions. Most cakes baked in parchment-lined pans can be cooled entirely in their pans on cooling racks. Don’t cool the cake on the stove—it doesn’t make sense to cool a cake in the warmest place in your kitchen. Birthday Cake Ideas: Cake Decorating Ideas (and Piping Tips)

10. You’re so close to victory! Don’t ruin your cake when you remove it from the pan. Detach from the sides of the pan using a knife or spatula, then cover the pan with a rack, hold the rack and pan together, and flip the everything over. Remove the pan and peel off the parchment liner. To turn the cake right side up again, place another cooling rack on the cake, hold the two racks together gently, without squeezing the cake, and repeat the flip.

Cake Ideas, baking ideas, cake decorating compilation, Ideas, cakes, cake, cupcakes, Decorating, Satisfying



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