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October 12, 2020
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October 12, 2020

How to Make a Smash Cake . cakes for boys Whether you’re making a towering skyscraper of buttercream or a one-bowl wonder, baking a cake is an investment, in time, in ingredients, and in pride. Cake Ideas, baking ideas, cake decorating compilation, Ideas, cakes, cake, cupcakes, Decorating, Satisfying .

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And with so much on the line, it’s only logical that you do everything you can to guarantee that your cake is realized as slices on plates rather than scraps in the trash can. How to Make a Smash Cake

From the recipe you choose to the time you allow your cake to cool before digging into it, this 10-step program will help ensure your cake remain intact.
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How to Make a Smash Cake

How to Make a Smash Cake
Full Recipe:

What could be more exciting than a first birthday? Two first birthdays!! My twins turned one and you know I went all out for their smash cakes! I made my favorite vanilla cake but this time as a two layer cake with nice mega-fluffy layers and then covered it in a simple but delicious strawberry buttercream and of course I had to top it with beautiful buttercream roses. Sorry boys, you’re getting pink cakes!

UPDATE: Milk and sour cream should equal 1 cup or 240ml.

Here’s what to do:

1. Pick a reliable recipe from a book, website, or author you trust, and make sure you’re using that book—its front matter, its headnotes, and its ingredient list—as its meant to be.

2. Before you get started, adjust your recipe to fit your pan size if necessary. You don’t want to bake a 10-inch round cake in an 8-inch round pan.

Cake Ideas, baking ideas, cake decorating

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3. Figure out what you need to do to prepare the pan: Depending on the recipe, you may leave the pan bare, line the bottom with parchment and grease the sides, or grease and flour the whole pan.

4. Properly position your oven racks. If you’re baking one cake, position the rack in the lower third of the oven. If baking two cakes on multiple racks, position one rack in the upper third and another in the lower third. Rotate the pans from upper to lower and from back to front a little over halfway through baking time. How to Make a Smash Cake

5. Make sure your leaveners are fresh. It’s more important to be vigilant with your baking powder than your baking soda. Cake Ideas, baking ideas, cake decorating compilation, Ideas, cakes, cake, cupcakes, Decorating, Satisfying

6. Make sure your ingredients are at the temperature specified in the recipe. Cold butter and eggs and no time to wait for them to warm up? No problem. There are fast and safe ways to bring these ingredients up to room temperature.

7. Use a scale to measure your ingredients—especially non-wheat flours. (And make sure that scale is accurate!)

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If you’re not using a scale to weigh flour, it’s especially important that you’re measuring the flour the right way: Never shake or tap the measuring cup to settle the flour, or you may end with a dense, heavy cake.

8. Check to make sure your cake is finished before you take it out of the oven. Alice recommends a toothpick rather than a metal cake tester. Cake Ideas, baking ideas, cake decorating compilation, Ideas, cakes, cake, cupcakes, Decorating, Satisfying

Cake Ideas, baking ideas, cake decorating

9. It will be hard to wait, but you’ll need to cool your cake according to the recipe’s instructions. Most cakes baked in parchment-lined pans can be cooled entirely in their pans on cooling racks. Don’t cool the cake on the stove—it doesn’t make sense to cool a cake in the warmest place in your kitchen. How to Make a Smash Cake

10. You’re so close to victory! Don’t ruin your cake when you remove it from the pan. Detach from the sides of the pan using a knife or spatula, then cover the pan with a rack, hold the rack and pan together, and flip the everything over. Remove the pan and peel off the parchment liner. To turn the cake right side up again, place another cooling rack on the cake, hold the two racks together gently, without squeezing the cake, and repeat the flip.

Cake Ideas, baking ideas, cake decorating compilation, Ideas, cakes, cake, cupcakes, Decorating, Satisfying



  1. Anita Masilamani says:

    Could you tell me if your 6 “ pans are 2” deep or 3?

  2. Akshyaa Nagarathinam says:

    How do you mam so beautiful 😍 flowers !!

  3. Patricia Patane says:

    Pink with roses for boys?????????

  4. Mariah Amber says:

    Is it possible to replace the butter with oil or to do half and half ? I want to make sure my cake stays moist

  5. Isabelle Compton says:

    Really pretty and these look like they would typically be for girls but hey who’s judging. (Besides me) lol

  6. ArabTub3 says:

    What size of pans did you use?

  7. Vanie & Marcy says:

    Everything this man does is PERFECT! 🖤 wow!
    Thanks so much for this video! My daughter is turning one in September and I want to give it a shot and do it myself! ❤❤❤🎂

  8. Eviolus - says:

    Looks smashable 🤤🤤

  9. Brianna More says:

    I’m here looking for a smash cake recipe for my boy-girl twins!! Congratulations on your boys!! Twins are the absolute best!! 💕💕💕

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    كنت اتمنى ان تضع الترجمه العربيه 💔

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    I m gonna try this for my baby's first birthday👍

  12. Edwin Jaykumar says:

    Nice good

  13. EW Enrichment Kidz says:

    Can I know how to make the dough in the flower?

  14. Sammy94628 says:

    Oookkkaaaayyyy. This is exactly what I made for my daughters smash cake. Except the frosting didn't look like yours at all. It tastes like straight butter. I followed your recipe to the T. I had that nice "marshmallow-y" texture after taking it off the heat, and then I beat it until I got a soft peak. Once I added the butter it got super liquidy and then once I finished adding all the butter, it looked like whipped butter. Exactly like butter, to the point where it was sliding off the sides of my stainless steel mixer. Where did I go wrong?

  15. Nina Yonan says:

    what size are these cakes in diameter?

  16. Aisha Kamran says:

    are these 6 inch rounds?

  17. Bernardita C Divina says:

    love all your baking recipe, thanks

  18. Lina Bond says:

    Talking toooo much…

  19. Zarmeen Azhar says:

    Instead of making 4 six inch cakes can I make two nine inch ones? Or two seven inch ones? Without doubling the recipe?

  20. Manuel Moncada says:

    My wife loves to make cake and she really enjoys your YouTube channel. She’s been trying to make a cheese cake from Spain. La torta de San Sebastián here is were they make a cheese cake that when you cut into it is very creamy. Hopefully you can see there cheese cake on YouTube hopefully you can break the secret. Because I am going to become a cheese cake . God bless

  21. Nalini Mani says:

    I tried these and they turned out perfect! The fluffiest and the most perfect evenly baked cake. Thanks for the recipe and the foil trick. It’s really a game changer for me. Could you also share a video of making a rainbow cake please? I’m planning one for my daughters birthday

  22. Supr Eme says:

    I need first to see a demo, then a one to one lesson a kick off nest and.. Wishful thinking!!!…. my only chance it's to learn to fly by myself…here it's that spatula🥄

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    Oh my egg white (allergy), cow's milk!!!???? processed sugar??!?!?!?! For 1 year old babies?!?!?! *faints.

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