No piping bag? No problem! Sally’s Quick & Easy DIY Piping Bag Tip | Cupcake Jemma | Cake Ideas | baking ideas

How To Make So Yummy Dessert Ideas For Fresh Summer | Easy & Quick Cake Decorating Tutorial
Design ideas | every 60 min baking inspirational fix | How To Make So Yummy Dessert Ideas For Fresh Summer | Easy & Quick Cake Decorating Tutorial | Cake Ideas | Baking ideas
June 9, 2020
Quickly and Fun Dessert Recipes at Home | Amazing Cake Dercorating You'll Love 2019
Design ideas | every 60 min baking inspirational fix | Quickly and Fun Dessert Recipes at Home | Amazing Cake Dercorating You’ll Love 2019 | Cake Ideas | Baking ideas
June 9, 2020
No piping bag? No problem! Sally’s Quick & Easy DIY Piping Bag Tip | Cupcake Jemma

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Cake Ideas

baking ideas

If you’ve not got a piping bag to hand it’s quick and easy to make your own provided you’ve got a sheet of greaseproof paper. This is a couple of minutes we’ll-spent guys, and once you’ve got the hang of the simple roll-and-fold that Sally’s going to show you, you’ll never be without a piping bag again!

You can use this for drizzling, filling and icing your cupcakes as well as decorative piping. Either insert a nozzle or just cut the tip to give you the desired size.

Check out our Tuesday Tips playlist for heaps more inside secrets.

And if you’d rather use a proper piping bag, get a quality reusable one that will last – like the ones we sell at !

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Cake Ideas

baking ideas


  1. Gemma Gregory says:

    Thank you for this x. I used to make these with my mam when I was younger. You've brought back lovely memories of the times we baked together.

  2. Nisha Patel says:

    Can you show how to easily wash the reusable piping bag

  3. Memory Dump says:

    I used to just use plastic bags and it always made me feel guilty deep inside because… plastic.
    So happy you guys uploaded this! I already have piping bags though (for beginners hehe) but at least we could save the world from plastic since less people will be improvising from them. Good job team Jemma!

  4. Fannie Allen says:

    Thanks for the easy diy.

  5. Charlie Radford says:

    I'd never thought of a piping bag as a party hat! 😂 Baking party!

  6. Pintel Luffelheim says:

    Quick question:
    Do I use this as a nozzle or just like this?

    I always have like 1 litre of stuff I want to fill my Eclairs with o:

  7. Anne Sara Albert says:

    Great ! Thanks Sally 😉👍

  8. Alexandra Furness says:

    I miss Jemma 😩 but thank you Sally 😍 sometimes I don't want to waste a large bag on something and feel to wasteful using a snap lock bag. Life saver!!

  9. LeAny says:

    Life changing hack, thank you ❤️

  10. Littlemissorangee says:

    I learned this in school but forgot how to do it. Top top student

  11. Betty Valiente says:

    Who else "liked" prior to watching the video?! ❤

  12. Moorea 12 says:

    Should change the name of this channel to Cupcake Sally.

  13. Annie Mac says:

    Thanks again Sally…..always helpful and smiling 😄 I am sure I saw Jemma make her own muffin cases on a video once but no idea which one! Wouldn't mind seeing that again or any other tips on making your own cupcake cases x

  14. Charlotte says:

    Please make Belgium Waffles recipe

  15. Shirley Lewis says:

    Please can you show us an easy way to temper chocolate!

  16. Dr. Swati Chaturvedi says:

    loved the video thank you for sharing

  17. T Mackie says:

    Great petit video, thank you 😊

  18. T Mackie says:

    Sally in jeans and a tee shirt! 😮

  19. Ruth Kolbach says:

    Sally you are a STAR!

  20. Anna Alexiou says:

    Where is jemma?? 😔😔

  21. Fatima says:

    oh my gosh! its so easy! i never knew!

  22. Pranita Matani says:


  23. Jackie Grant says:

    Love your videos, so full of great advice, thank you ❤

  24. Diana Sapphire says:

    Me: Oh that's easy I'm gonna make it in 10 seconds
    10 minutes later: still can't make it
    15 minutes later: FINALLY!

  25. Nisreen Hameed says:

    Thanks Sally that's a great tip

  26. San says:

    Oh I'm defo doing this. I waste my disposal piping bags so much on little things like drizzling chocolate and stuff so this will be good for that.

  27. Nazia kay sang says:

    Amazing Amazing

  28. Dylan.. says:

    Was going to buy the piping kit the large, costs about 19.95, and almost the same for postage. As much as I love this channel and everything Jemma and the guys stand for paying the same amount for postage seems extremely odd. Especially when I'm almost certain it's going to be shipping from the UK and I'm only in Ireland. O.o

  29. JudyCZ says:

    Sally used to be so shy in front of the camera all trying to blend with the background and look at our party-youtube-star now! 😍

  30. Sabrina Theisen says:


  31. Nour In The Kitchen says:

    Yes! My favorite trick for when I just need to drizzly tiny amounts and don't want to waste a huge piping bag just for that. Another tick I love is to use a sandwich bag and snip one end. Works perfectly too 😉

  32. Rebekka Wyssen says:

    Simpel and perfekt👍👻thanks .

  33. Dr. Swati Chaturvedi says:

    Thanks for the video Sally

  34. Jodie Ogrady says:

    Just ordered more piping bags grrrrr wish I looked at this earlier

  35. Imogen Pittman says:

    this comes , the day after I finally give in and buy a piping bag 🤦‍♀️

  36. Faye Furlong says:

    Hi ! I love ur vids , there so helpful ! 😊please please please can you do a Father’s Day cake , I was gonna make a cake for my dad but I can’t think of what to do , please try thanks 🙏

  37. Phillip Leong says:

    Seriously, just use a zip lock bag.

  38. Arpine Chakhoyan says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial ❤️ greetings from Russia

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