How To Make A Mint Chocolate Chip ICE CREAM CONE in CAKE | Yolanda Gampp | How To Cake It | 60 min baking inspirational fix |

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How To Make a FANCY Tiered Cube Cake with blue and cream fondant and gold dust! | 60 min baking inspirational fix |
May 27, 2020
How To Make Ice Cream Sundae CUPCAKES! Chocolate cake, buttercream, chocolate sauce and sprinkles!
How To Make Ice Cream Sundae CUPCAKES! Chocolate cake, buttercream, chocolate sauce and sprinkles! | 60 min baking inspirational fix |
May 27, 2020

Enjoy guys, every 60 mins we provide you an inspirational baking video for you to start baking something new, watch how cakes personalized and turned into wonderful decorative designs you will adore. | #Mint #Chocolate #Chip #ICE #CREAM #CONE #CAKE #Yolanda #Gampp #Cake

How To Cake It Yolanda Gampp shows how to make a giant mint chocolate chip ice cream cone cake for her birthday! This giant birthday treat is stacked with Yo’s ultimate vanilla and chocolate cake then filled with classic Italian meringue buttercream and topped with fresh chocolate curls. This is the perfect recipe for any summer party and will be a huge hit!

Welcome to How To Cake It with Yolanda Gampp. If you love baking and want to learn how to turn eggs, sugar and butter into CRAZY novelty cakes like Yo’s famous Watermelon Cake then join us. Each episode includes the A-Z process and recipe of making one of a kind edible creations, gorgeous buttercream cakes, and more! You learn how to make recipes like Italian Meringue Buttercream, the perfect chocolate cake and vanilla frosting – PLUS tips and tricks on using simple syrup, carving, icing, applying and painting fondant, and simple ways to make any cake look amazing. Leave a comment with your cake idea and you may just see it on the channel! New Videos Weekly!

To find the full recipe for this cake, head to our blog –
Just search up the cake you love, and you’ll find step by step instructions!

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Editor: Orhan Sumen
Cinematographer: Cody Clay
Producers: Jocelyn Mercer & Connie Contardi



  1. chintu s says:

    Can u pls make a beautiful ring pls pls

  2. EMS North East says:

    You have a Amazing talent

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  4. Millie Evans says:

    Hi your cakes r amazing!🤩

  5. Jenn 1234 says:

    Awesome cake as usual! Happy Birthday Yo! 🎊🎂🍰🎈🎉🎁🥳

  6. ThePugGirl says:

    Hah imagine your yolanda and you have to make your OWN birthday cake 🧁 🍰 🎂

  7. maggie says:

    Happy Birthday!

  8. Brody Elford says:

    This cake looks so good

  9. Ciara Underwood says:

    Commenting on this video because my cat picked it out lol awesome video Yo!

  10. One Nation Under God says:

    I hate mint flavor! It's like I'm eating tooth paste 😣

  11. Afton Lewis says:

    I'm genuinely surprised she didn't realize her shirt has two "if"s on it…

  12. Janyla Caba says:

    Happy birthday

  13. Miguel Anaya says:

    2020 gang wya

  14. ax_4k 1 says:

    Yolanda: puts cardboard into the cake to make it level

    Ppl who ate the cake and found the cardboard: are u trying to poison me?

  15. Elizabeth West says:

    You should cake an up side down melting ice cream cone but with a waffle cone!

  16. Ava Camberlango says:

    happy birthday!

  17. Just Faith says:

    i love watching videos like this 😭😋

  18. Racing Lyne says:

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    A creamiest and berryful BEERDAY, madam Y🤩

  22. Olga Pacheco says:

    She should do a music video about crumb coat and chill and sir squeeze a lot XD

  23. Aamir Dogar says:

    5:13 tHe cOrN

  24. Maurice Estelle says:

    Never knew yo is a crybaby

  25. Hey idk who you are But says:

    Look I’m a little dumb so can someone please explain to me how you cut the cake when there is cardboard inside? Do you keep the cardboard? Wait is that even cardboard?

  26. Leigha Mantor says:

    8:00 Her face!
    "Meh that looks ok I guess!

  27. Julie Bakly says:

    That’s licorice?

  28. Blessing Allison says:

    Happy Birthday

  29. Melinda Isozu says:

    Omg we have the same birthday!!!!

  30. Jiwan White says:

    i love your cakes. i could watch your videos all day

  31. Buhle Thabethe says:

    Happy Birthday ❤❤

  32. Cara Hamill says:

    3:24 when she said “cone color” I’m pretty sure that is called “bae-shhhh

    I don’t know how to spell it😂😂😂

  33. Chisps_ says:

    I want to be Yolanda right about now. Why? Cuz she gets to eat cake like every week


    Question don't you have to make it perfect to make it imperfect am I correct or not like if I'm correct like if you don't think that I'm correct or just comment go to my channel just press my picture my mom's picture basically thank you

  35. Leigha Mantor says:

    Yo: I actually used a clay extruder! (Emphasis on actually)
    Me: Wow I Cannot believe it!😑

  36. Isabella Granados says:

    When I was scrolling down and saw the vid I actually thought it was real icecream

  37. Leigha Mantor says:

    Did you notice that she said piping jelly? So strange
    It is piping gel right?

  38. Leigha Mantor says:

    My fav is mint-chocolate chip-cookie dough
    And I wanted to one up yolanda

  39. Bianca G says:

    I'm just a little confused on where camp cake is located…

  40. Bianca G says:

    So, for camp cake. We like…facetime?

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  43. Husky kindacat says:

    I'm sorry I just refuse to accept mint chocolate chip as a icecream flavor I'm so sorry!!!

    I just hate mint chocolate chip…
    I was mad I just had to Express my feelings towards mint chocolate chip ice cream…

    I'm sorry…

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