Stay Home Essentials… in CAKE | How To Cake It with Yolanda Gampp | 60 min baking inspirational fix |

Easy brownies recipe | So let’s bake some Chunky Cherry Brownies in the final lock down days
May 25, 2020
GIANT Twix Made Of Cake! | Shortbread, Caramel, Chocolate Layers | How To Cake It
GIANT Twix Made Of Cake! | Shortbread, Caramel, Chocolate Layers | How To Cake It | 60 min baking inspirational fix |
May 25, 2020
Stay Home Essentials... in CAKE | How To Cake It with Yolanda Gampp

Enjoy guys, every 60 mins we provide you an inspirational baking video for you to start baking something new, watch how cakes personalized and turned into wonderful decorative designs you will adore. | #Stay #Home #Essentials #CAKE #Cake #Yolanda #Gampp

How To Cake It Yolanda Gampp shows how to make all your quarantine essentials… out of cake. Are you baking bread too? #Stayhome #withme and let’s turn vanilla cake, chocolate and buttercream into edible versions of bread, a checkerboard, workout equipment, books and some comfy slippers.

Welcome to How To Cake It with Yolanda Gampp. If you love baking and want to learn how to turn eggs, sugar and butter into CRAZY novelty cakes like Yoโ€™s famous Watermelon Cake then join us. Each episode includes the A-Z process and recipe of making one of a kind edible creations, gorgeous buttercream cakes, and more! You learn how to make recipes like Italian Meringue Buttercream, the perfect chocolate cake and vanilla frosting – PLUS tips and tricks on using simple syrup, carving, icing, applying and painting fondant, and simple ways to make any cake look amazing. Leave a comment with your cake idea and you may just see it on the channel! New Video Every Tuesday at 8am EST.

Sign up for our Bake You Happy livestream workshops to learn new baking skills like cookie decorating, meringue, or create entire novelty cakes! –

To find these cake recipes, head to our blog –
Just search up the cake you love, and you’ll find step by step instructions!

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Editor: Orhan Sumen
Cinematographer: Cengiz Ercan
Producers: Jocelyn Mercer & Connie Contardi



  1. How To Cake It says:

    Who's staying cozy this quarantine season?? ๐Ÿ˜œI've compiled all of my caked up quarantine essentials for some sweet inspo! Which cake best represents your stay at home routine? Also please tell me what card games you're playing!! I need ideas! โ™ ๏ธ๐Ÿƒ

    Want more easy baking inspo? Check out these easy cakes ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿฝ

  2. lily xxi says:

    Yo!! iโ€™m actually binding my own books at the moment :))

  3. Mimi Wash says:

    I didnโ€™t know you catered

  4. Jones Park Academy says:

    I donโ€™t have enough friends to play board games๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Vaidehi Goyal says:

    Make a CREPE CAKE CAKE ! Please

  6. Amber Harms says:

    And all along I thought I would see one about toilet paper!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚ round here that was the hottest item…

  7. Paige B says:

    you should play 952 its a super fun card game

  8. Francesca Pickering says:

    Things that will happen-
    Babies, divorces, string pple, people who didn't do excersises, 2 much obesity, overflowing pubs

  9. Flora Atkinzzz says:

    I love cake and I have been baking a lot due to quarantine.I have also bought my second medical alert dog.I bake bread a lot to.I hope you get to see this because I love you and your work.

  10. Kenzie's Gacha says:

    I play phase 10 skipbo risk monopoly and like 10,000 other games…..

  11. I like them Chunky reactions says:

    You should make a crocs cake

  12. Serafina Chuidian says:

    Quarantine is definitely making me bake. I've always wanted to bake and I finally get the chance to cuz I'm doing nothing!!!

  13. anything and everything says:

    If only my school gave us cake books. Then if I don't come to school with them, they can't be surprised.

  14. Melissa Escalante says:

    Make a horse cake

  15. Erron Jones says:

    You should make a face mask cake

  16. Rebecca Brigham says:

    This quarantine has made me dye my hair blue and cut bangs

  17. Dyln Newberry-Yokley says:

    wheres the tp cake?

  18. Eliza Kaya says:

    Is some one ever thinking like "were is the cake going? Is she eating it all by her self or something like that?"

  19. The adventures of Christina,Eli,and Emily says:

    We usually play go fish,poker,ono,and a Mexican game called lottery

  20. Tabatha Feucht says:

    My husband and I are playing UNO, my husband is new at it and he said if I hit him with that reverse card one more time……we're getting a divorce. Lol

  21. Ava Sierchio says:

    my family has baked 5 times so far

  22. Elise Buban says:

    Did- did she just snake?

  23. Lacie Magin says:

    You should make a bunch of mini cakes and cake everything that we need for Quorintine like toilet paper, a mask, and hand sanitizer

  24. IvyP TV 101 says:

    I play cards and monopoly

  25. Unicorn Squad says:

    Hi Iโ€™m watching nAiled it and i saw you!!! Iโ€™m i big fan!!!๐Ÿ˜˜

  26. the7thwreck says:

    Is there no end to this TALENT?' Pure artistry! I adore this channel. ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿ’—โœจ

  27. Zoha Rashid says:

    Yolanda should cake the How to Cake it Book!!!

  28. Nurse Rose says:

    I love your show's so much

  29. Ibrahim Sajid says:

    Board games I play:

  30. Haineko Mikemalcom says:

    I'm a college student + I'm writing a novel ๐Ÿ™ƒ
    I don't even feel like I'm in quarantine 'cause in a normal situation I wouldn't be leaving the house either ๐Ÿ˜‚

  31. Infiniti Green says:

    U know since she caked sir squeeze it's only fair she caked his gf funnel

  32. Natalie Byrnes says:

    7:25 I thought that was a scorpion

  33. Natalie Byrnes says:

    Can we get Masterchef but with Youtubers? Or Cake Wars?

  34. MSG DIVAS says:

    My sister mya said she don't like yo videos jk she loves your videos

  35. Juju Rock says:

    Why do u shower ur cakes with water, dosent get too mold???

  36. Kaiyun Tu says:

    what if there was a cake dedicated to health care workers

  37. Adeena says:

    Who eats these cakes

  38. pastrychef23 says:

    I made a bunny cake for Easter and I didnโ€™t make any bread ๐Ÿฅ–

  39. Amanda Stankey says:

    honestly I have backed cookies cake and brownies to many times because I literally have nothing to do

  40. Anna Tolian says:

    Lol I guess sheโ€™s never caked toilet paper

  41. Ashlee Wyngaard says:

    Your cakes are clearly over baked so it's easy to carve. It would be nice to know this BEFORE making your chocolate cake. Your buttercream has too much butter it in and it just tastes like butter and egg whites. Unfortunately you can only realize this after MAKING IT AND WASTING VERY EXPENSIVE INGREDIENTS. Don't get me wrong, I love your videos. You are extremely talented. Cakes should be baked till a knife comes out a bit moist as the heat from the cake tin will continue to bake the cake while it's cooling down. If you bake the cake till a skewer is clean, it's already over baked and the heat left over will dry out your cake even further.
    Cakes only need simple syrup if it's dry. Cakes should stay moist on it's own.
    There's also waaay too much flour in your cakes and all the liquid adsorbs into the flour so quickly.

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