Go-To Recipe for Classic English Scones | Bake At Home | Cupcake Jemma |

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Go-To Recipe for Classic English Scones | Bake At Home | Cupcake Jemma

This recipe for English Scones is an absolute MUST for your baking rep and the perfect way to get into baking during the Lockdown times! I LOVE making scones so much because you can do it all by hand which is super satisfying plus its really fun and the outcome is amazing! Us Brits like to load them up with Jam and Clotted Cream but you can eat them plain with butter if you prefer!

Whatever you do make sure to take photos and tag me @sallydells and @cupcakejemma using the tag #cupcakejemma so we can all see and share your creations.

Thank you so much for your continued support we are so grateful for you all!

Lots of Love
Sally, Jemma and all at C&D


425g Plain Flour
5 tsp Baking Powder
50g caster sugar
Good pinch of Salt
125g Cold Butter chopped
1 Egg
250ml Whole Milk

Egg and / or Milk for glazing

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  1. LaChauntis Washington says:

    delicious and fun. I would love to try this

  2. Sidse Bohm says:

    What size cookie cutter should one use ? If I use a different size to Sally´s it is quite likely it will need a different baking time.

  3. Courtney Jane says:

    Can I just add dried fruit to these scones?

  4. Just Me says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. Looks delicious! New friend here and Stay connected

  5. ][ says:

    They aren't vegan so you're going to hell.

  6. Little Dikkins says:

    Outside the UK, marscapone works well as does Armenian/Turkish Kaymak and something made by Arab dairies here in California called ''breakfast cream'' they are all basically the same thing. I prefer cream and then jam because I want less cream.

  7. Philip McGuirk says:

    170c – is that fan or no fan?

  8. Axel Seaks says:

    Bro your so welcoming I just watch the same video 6 time all because of how kind your intro is

  9. Grady Grundy says:

    Great recipe once you covert it from Cuck.

  10. Mandy McMullin says:

    Jam first everytime. I love them with buttter too.

  11. Kingsley says:

    Inspired me this morning. They turned out so good!!

  12. 1GoldNumber says:

    1. I have used the processor
    2. Didn’t have fresh milk so I have used powder milk and cream to gain 250ml
    3. Mixed 2types of dried berries and bit of chopped apricot
    3. I have followed your instructions exactly.
    The result is; the best scones I have ever tasted in my life

    I will follow your instructions from now on.

    All family saying thanks with love

  13. David Stanley says:

    This lady has fantastic arms

  14. Hickary Jack says:

    you mean biscuits

  15. Akita Productions says:

    I actually thought the thumbnail said “Bake a Thot”

  16. DONNY LYNN says:

    so cool man

  17. Gary Ingersoll says:

    looks delicious…

  18. Katie Byrne says:

    I live in the US and I've literally never had a scone before, but the thumbnail looked SO GOOD so I think I'm going to make these today

  19. Kevin Decoteau says:

    getting into baking and weight gaining!

  20. Tony F. says:

    Here in the U.S. scones are popular at state fairs. The "fair scone" is triangular in shape and eaten warm with butter and raspberry jam. What's the cream thing all about? Is that whipped heavy cream or some other form of cream? I'll try it, as it sounds good! I'll have to convert your measurements' to ounce's, tablespoon's, etc.

  21. hipcat13 says:

    Devonshire Cream and then jam…..the only way to go!

  22. Terri Myrick says:

    Has the baby been born?

  23. Odalis Sánchez says:

    Jemma please make some Beignets 💙

  24. Dan Thomas says:

    Yum…I make em all the time…but I'll use your recipe next time…subbed.

  25. grafvonstauffenburg says:

    Very appealing & informative presentation! Raisins may be needed….? Envious of your oven….

  26. Evil Smaker says:

    I thought the thumbnail said “BAKE A THOT” lmao

  27. Lindsay Call says:

    So are these what Americans call biscuits??

  28. Lindsay Call says:

    Also what is "clotted cream"….I mean other than cream that is clotted of course. Never heard of it here in the states. Is it like whipping cream??

  29. Mathew Meyer says:

    Damn that ketchup looks really good

  30. Spike Volcanohead says:

    Came for the recipe….stayed for the magnificent collection of jimmies and candies behind her.
    & yeah…I love me some cupcakes. Subscribing now. 🙂

  31. Sha CC says:

    You do pronounce scone properly. When, how much & type of ginger should I use to make ginger scones??

  32. Douglas Porter says:

    Does plain flour = all purpose flour (bleached or unbleached)? Or bread flour? Or something different?

  33. Franco says:

    Hi Jemma / Sally.
    Great video. Can you please tell me why my dough is so wet 😱Frank

  34. Zizy YJ says:

    I tried the recipe and it was delicious 👌🏻

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