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Bake at Home | Rice Krispie Squares | Cupcake Jemma

Here’s an extra treat for you guys to help you kill that isolation boredom! These marshmallow Rice Krispie Treats are THE easiest thing to make, and THE most delicious thing to eat! You can add whatever you like to these to jazz them up a bit like chocolate chips, pretzels, sprinkles….! Make sure to tag your Instagram photos with #cupcakejemma so we can all see how you made yours!
Thank you so much for baking along with us. We hope you and your families are keeping safe during these crazy uncertain times!
Lots of love

60g Butter
A good pinch of Salt
150g White Marshmallows
125g Rice Krispies (puffed rice cereal)
Whatever you want to add! I used 2 tbsp Sprinkles and some extra White Marshmallows.

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  1. fusty83 says:

    Love them, but in Italy we use 6 Mars bars instead of the marshmallows and they are illegally good😍😍😍

  2. sarah higgins says:

    Would love to see you guys do a sugar free bake! I would love to make all your recipes but recently my health has gone downhill and sugar doesn’t do any good for me so I’m trying to find recipes I can make without sugar or with an alternative!

  3. Выпечка и не только says:

    Класс! 👍👍👍

  4. Nikita Martin says:

    So easy to make and they look/taste so delicious

  5. Korynn Pace says:

    My favorite thing to "bake"! And no, they don't last long in our house!

  6. Marielle Bertheau says:

    This looks so cute with the sprinkles!

  7. Nini LaRouge says:

    What’s the taste like? Sorry, I’m from Italy and these kind of treats are not popular here. I’m not sure whether they will be appreciated or not, that’s the only negative thing that comes with baking desserts from other countries 😖

  8. carrie c says:

    Would this work with veggie marshmallows? Like, do they melt the same? X

  9. Belle Morris says:

    I can't find those large brightly coloured sprinkles anywhere ! please does anyone know where I can get them ? tia 🙂

  10. mjohansson says:


  11. Tulsi says:

    I've been watching your channel for years and have always loved baking! You finally encouraged me to start my own channel would love if you gave it a look 🥺❤️

  12. RIV3RRUBIA19 says:

    Can you make chocolate brownies without any chocolate chips? As in just the cocoa powder, will that still make them chocolatey and I don’t have any baking paper so what can I use instead?

  13. Elizabeth Harrison says:

    I made these 2 weeks ago

  14. Sherrie Rutherford says:

    So when do we get to see a picture of the Rice Krispie house??? 🙂

  15. George Wright says:

    Where is the best place to get cake mate sprinkles from?

  16. Any Prek says:

    I am so grateful that Jemma have a wonderful person like you to help her ❤️

  17. Gabbi Marie Cooking says:

    Yummm! So colorful and cute too!

  18. greatboniwanker says:

    Oh, to be quarantined inside the C&D bakery!

  19. Mary Anne Lavender says:

    If I ate them for breakfast I'll be 300kg tomorrow~ haha

  20. Reyhan Timmons-Çetin says:

    Hiiiii 👋 I’ve literally binge watched you in my quiet time (and I can’t stop 🤣) – I’m going to attempt to make my sons birthday cake tomorrow – I never would have tried if it wasn’t for finding your channel 🙏 you so obviously love what you do and are so kind to share your knowledge and teach us your tips, hacks, recipes, the lot!! I just wanted to thank all of you for being so generous and sharing all that you do! 💐💐

  21. Claire284 says:

    love the idea of using browned butter! as a rule of thumb, I always double the amount of marshmallows called for on the box. it makes for ultra gooey rice krispies that stay gooey over time! (they usually become rock hard by day 2 with the regular recipe)

  22. L M says:


  23. Cathryn Jones says:

    Yes to these! And were you even a kid in the late 90s if you didn't make these with those tiny M&Ms that came in a little plastic tube?!

  24. Cathy says:

    Who else found that slicing of the squares super satisfying?? Wow…like it was nothing haha :O

  25. Leah Achieng says:

    My mouth is watering right now

  26. Berta D says:

    I made this with half quantities (as I would be the only one eating them!) and oaty cheerios today…. AMAZING!! Thank you!

  27. elise h says:

    just made these, they’re wonderful! and the sprinkles are such a cute idea, they are adorable! thank you 💘

  28. Josephine Scott says:

    Yum! How should these be stored and how long can they last for?

  29. Hannah Wood says:

    Where do you buy the sprinkles from? I am forever searching in the UK for brightly coloured sprinkles

  30. Farting Bean says:

    Wears gloves eats a treat over the other treats. 🤦

  31. DARKHOME says:

    it was all good tell you added extra marshamelows

  32. Olive Madinah says:

    Thank you 💕💕👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  33. Zerina Ahmad says:

    We don't need to cut it we are self isolating on our own no sharing which is a benifit

  34. Helena Abdul-Alim says:

    Mmmm so yummy i feel like having them but i am fasting! Thanks Jemma for this. Keep it up and make more. I love this channel because you dont cheat. How to cook that doesnt cheat either and that is why i love these 2 channels

  35. Maggie Billel says:

    One tip, I add vanilla from Mexico. 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

  36. Angel Ballerina says:

    Could you please consider to put measures in cups please? That would make your channel even more wonderful 🥰🥰🥰

  37. smkmy10 says:

    I made this with my son today and my God I think he loves me extra after he ate them. ❤

  38. Jade Pritchard says:

    Why did mine go slightly soggy 🙁

  39. Teresa’s Sweets says:

    I just made a rice krispy video on my channel too!

  40. Mitchell Robless says:

    we do not want fires

  41. Julian Munoz says:

    Can I get a link to that tin ? 😂 Its so perfectly square and it has a removable bottom , all the square / rectangular pans I see at the stores are rounded at the edges / seams

  42. Samantha Bell says:

    Where do you get your sprinkles from there really colourful?

  43. Harleen Chandarh says:

    So coooooooooooooool you are awesome

  44. Sobia Ahmed says:

    I made some with rice krispies marshmallow and chocolate chips they tasted delicious 🤩👌🍫

  45. Chop Happy says:

    Those rice crispy squares look amazing! Great video!

  46. Agata Kutkowska says:

    Can I do them with any other cereals?

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