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10+ Ideas For Cake Decorating Compilation | So Yummy Cake Ideas |
April 21, 2020
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April 22, 2020
BAKE AT HOME | Jamaican Ginger Loaf Cake | Cupcake Jemma

Make lockdown a little bit sweeter with this fool proof recipe for one of my favourite home bakes! This Jamaican Ginger Loaf Cake is perfectly moist, dense and moreish and the best thing of all is that it’s so easy to make! (Oh, and your house will smell AMAZING). Serve it warm with custard or ice cream or slather it in butter! This recipe also keeps really well if stored in an air-tight container for a few days!

Make sure you take photos of your bakes and tag me so I can see what you are up to! @sallydells and use the tag #cupcakejemma

Stay safe, look after yourselves and have fun baking!

Preheat oven to 150C (fan assist)
I used a standard 2lb loaf tin, 21 x 10cm ( 7cm depth)

260g Plain Flour
2 tbsp Ground Ginger
1 round tsp Ground Cinnamon
1/4 tsp Ground Nutmeg
115g Treacle
115g Golden Syrup
115g Muscovado Sugar
115g Butter
115 ml Water
2 Eggs
2 tbsp Milk
3/4 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda

For the Syrup:
250ml Water
100g Caster Sugar
50g Fresh Root Ginger


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  1. Christine Forde says:

    Sally could I substitute with gluten free plain flour? Would I need to add xanthum gum ? Also would it alter the cooking time , I always find using gf flour things take longer to cook . Christine

  2. Marion Fletcher says:

    Made this cake and it was the best ginger cake ever. I put some of the syrup over but was cautious in case it was too soapy but I should have put more. We had it with butter and custard. Lovely. I am making it again this weekend. Will try and take a photo but technology may defeat me. Make this cake you will love it

  3. Patricia Clarke says:

    Thank you Sally for sharing this recipe…I made it and it turned out lovely….Gonna make some for my friends but was curious as to if you can freeze once cooled? as I won’t see them for a while due to lockdown 🤔

  4. Becky Shepherd says:

    Was so pleased as I’m dairy free and tried this with soya milk and it still came out amazing 😀

  5. dgmoocher D r says:

    I made this. I didn't like it. 2 days later the flavors melded. I ate the entire thing. But not before first covering it in a layer of cream cheese and powdered sugar.

  6. Khushboo Bothra says:

    I love Ur cake recipe but also provide some alternative because I am vegetarian

  7. NoriSoyjoy says:

    This was a massive hit. Thank you Sally ❤️

  8. Maria do Carmo Giannini Balekjian says:

    Do you think that 160 (no fan assisted) is too high? I have a gas fired stove.

  9. Olive Madinah says:


  10. Shifat Maria says:

    I'd made this cake for my Dad, few days back, to celebrate his 57th Birthday. I was kinda confused if we would like the taste of it or not ( since it's kinda different than general cake flavors). Now I have to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH to CupcakeJemma & the team members for this amazing cake recipe!! This 'Jamaican Ginger Loaf Cake' is worth to try.
    Love & best wishes from Bangladesh!!!

  11. Mitchell Robless says:

    cloud the giner loaf cake take hour bake at 150c

  12. Mitchell Robless says:

    what time did you put the oven at what time what time did set it at 150c

  13. Jan Hughes says:

    I am the worst baker but I gritted my teeth and gave it one more go. Perfect recipe 👌 My cake looks exactly the same as yours and it's delicious. Thank you 😊

  14. Sofia Arif says:

    Made this yesterday…Absolutely delicious! 😍

  15. Marie Rae says:

    Yummy .baked yesterday ate today amazing and best ginger cake iv ever eaten.x

  16. ArchibaldLylou says:

    Made this replacing the eggs (allergies ..) with 5TBSP of apple sauce. So soooo Good !

  17. Claire says:

    Thank you for this recipe! We used to have the McVities version all the time when I was younger. I made this cake this evening and my mam (who's not a big cake eater) had a taste and then ate two slices in one go!

  18. sonas p says:

    Just made this. Thank you so much. I love this recipe, it came out perfectly and it tastes so good! It reminds me of the McVities Jamaican Ginger cake.

  19. Allison Leigh Morgan says:

    Thanks for posting the video was so helpful ☺ I made this tonight but did it with gluten free flour and soya milk 🥛 didn't use the treacle in it and had brown sugar instead followed the steps and turned out great and my kitchen smells amazing 😋 xx

  20. joyce thompson says:

    Made it last night had it with rum and raisin ice cream lovely.

  21. Janani A says:

    Made this a few days ago and it was delicious! Had no treacle so just used golden syrup and reduced the dark sugar just a little as well. Skipped the drizzle but it was perfect with a nice cuppa tea. It was all finished within a few hours!

  22. Maria Harkin says:

    Made this yesterday. Went down a absolute treat. I iced the top as we love a iced ginger cake in this house. Thank you for the great recipe x

  23. Deborah Makinde says:

    Can we use self raising flour??

  24. Hazrd Rose NYC says:

    I love this channel x Sally. Can you please help this dumb American??? What is treacle and golden syrup???? Thank you 🧡

  25. AsianGargamel says:

    Just pulled this out the oven, it smells delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

  26. Jayne Hall says:

    Beautiful cake thank you, xxx

  27. Jackie Grant says:

    That looks amazing! My fav cake, thank you 💖

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