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April 9, 2020
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April 10, 2020
Malteser Cheesecake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

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Hi guys! This recipe was filmed before the current craziness but everyone needs a little slice of Cheesecake Happiness right? And this one’s a four-layer doozy!

For the Base:
200g malted milk biscuit
50g Maltesers
20g Malt Powder (Horlicks)
Pinch of Salt

For the Cheesecake:
700g Cream Cheese
85g Icing Sugar
40g Horlicks
210g Double Cream

100g Maltesers
100g Milk Chocolate

For the Ganache:
150g Milk Chocolate
75g Double Cream cake decorating compilation

Cake Ideas

baking ideas


  1. AJ Bakes it says:

    Absolutely delicious! Anything malted is an absolute winner in my books 🙂

  2. TheMussar says:

    Hi Jemma, I usually see gelatine in cheesecake recipes, but not here. Is it holding up as well as a cheesecake with gelatine would do or is there any noticeable difference?

  3. Marc Windsor says:

    Looks amazing. And as I can’t get flour anywhere near me due to lockdown (all these people jumping on the baking bandwagon) I’ll just HAVE to try this

  4. Kirsten Edmondson says:

    Yummmmm thank you Jemma and bub xx

  5. 咪咪喵 says:

    aroud 16?no no feed me just 1 sorry

  6. Rod Jones says:


  7. Violet Brown says:

    Love your videos and congrats on your baby

  8. Adrian Smith says:

    Love it

  9. London Mermaid says:

    That looks amazing! I've found the best chocolate for ganache is the Rich Milk Chocolate from Lidl, it's really creamy but with a slight bite.

  10. Mar Abalorios says:

    Que way estás embarazada 🤰 felicidades🌸🎀🌸

  11. Amber Eileen says:

    Are maltesers like whoppers?

  12. French Bake-packer says:

    Malteser cheesecake it look insane , definitely gonna need to try to bake this looks so yummy.
    i post my first video about french pastries for an easter cake , if some peoples would like to support me

  13. Natalie Andreici says:

    Your baby bump is adorable!

  14. DaisyBell says:

    Are pregnant ladies allowed cream cheese?

  15. El Niño says:

    You're gonna kill us

  16. El Niño says:

    Omg you're pregnant

  17. Adriana Leis says:

    Sacher torte please!!!! love your recipes and videos!

  18. Ancient Alien says:

    You are not only a savour in this testing times with kids around🤯💆‍♂️ but also a genius.
    For 16-20 people lol
    My partner: is that a cheesecake can I have some
    Me: lmao noooo this isn’t a lush Malteser choc heaven cheese cake it’s an omelet!!!

  19. Angela Bongon says:

    baaaadly craving for maltesers 🥺

  20. Rista Ghufron says:

    Thank you for share..God bless you

  21. Ola Hussoun says:

    Is there a substitute for Horlicks??????

  22. Eric Stramecky says:

    This was awesome! Thank you. BIG REQUEST: Could you do video on making an Italian Cream Cake…PLEASE 🙂

  23. Ajita Nawathe says:

    I have a basic question…. For which cake recipes do we use buttermilk in the batter?? And which cake recipe batter do we use room temperature butter?

  24. Xiao Pu says:

    Hi Jemma and everyone, I love love this cheesecake, I made it yesterday but the cheesecake part is very soft and can’t hold the shape when you slicing it. I left it in the refrigerator overnight, still same this morning. Anyone knows why? Oh! It is really yummy anyway! Thanks!

  25. Bettie Turner says:

    oh shiiiiii……….. drools

  26. Anjali Mehta says:

    Omg. It’s either I make this or throw my workout routine out the window 😩

  27. NXY says:

    Bit random but where is your top from?! Love it!

  28. ELENI ARGYRIOY says:

    My daughter and I made this super extra delicious cake for her 13th birthday, which is today!! ❤❤❤❤
    It was amazing and so easy but so creative and yummy! Congrats!!
    She decorated the cake all by herself, and it was a little more "loaded" than yours but not angly (thankfully 🤪) !!
    I wish I could sent you a photo !! 🙄

  29. cami's toast says:

    Hi Jemma, I was wondering what substitute I could use for double cream. I live in the Netherlands and we don't have that here


    Hey if you can’t get Maltese in the us just use our version called Whoppers taste fabulous

  31. The Luxe Boy says:

    I can't get hold of MALT POWDER here, is there anything I can replace it with? I have no idea where to get it. Someone who can help?

  32. amanda routh says:

    I made this and it was lush

  33. Alex Playz says:

    What brand of cream cheese do you use?

  34. rija afridi says:

    You shared this recipe on the perfect time😍 it's my brother's birthday tomorrow and he loves maltesers and he loves cheesecake.. so win win..

  35. wergrg says:

    How do you get it off the base of the tin so neatly!

  36. Ben-Art-Music says:

    Just made this today. It's incredible. Thank you so much for the recipe!

  37. Sallyann Holley says:

    Made this at the weekend. It has is so delicious it has now all gone! Will definitely make this one again.

  38. Lim Pei Wui says:

    Pan size 9"?

  39. Kiri Collymore-Hunter says:

    Can you replace the cream cheese with mascapone? Having trouble finding any cream cheese!

  40. Sherrie Nale says:

    What brand of hand mixer is used? I miss my viking that broke and cannot find one….

  41. Kishan Bhatia says:

    jemma: this is very simple
    me: yasssssssss
    jemma: we need horlix and malted milkiy biscuits
    me: say what now???

  42. cmce87 says:

    Can anyone recommend a biscuit base for a Toblerone cheesecake? It’s my brothers favourite so I’m going to substitute this recipe but wondering what biscuit would suit it best. ❤️

  43. Patrisha Leilah says:

    Hey Jemma x I would like to make this for 6 people. Do I just half everything?

  44. R Smith says:

    Can you freeze this cheesecake?

  45. MJA6995 says:

    Can I substitute Biscoff for the malted milk biscuits? Those are hard to find in the US, but Biscoff is plentiful.

  46. slee Myles says:

    Hi jemma. Looks lovely 😊 Just noticed you’ve left the butter out of your biscuit base in the recipe 🚩 x

  47. Ruby says:

    Can I use creams field soft cheese as cream cheese x

  48. L. Albertini says:

    Ovaltine Malt Powder in the US.

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