STAND MIXER REVIEW! | Which Home Stand Mixer is Best? | Cupcake Jemma | Cake Ideas | baking ideas

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Bake At Home! | Chocolate Cupcakes | Cupcake Jemma | Cake Ideas | baking ideas
March 24, 2020
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March 30, 2020
STAND MIXER REVIEW! | Which Home Stand Mixer is Best? | Cupcake Jemma

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Cake Ideas

baking ideas

It’s here! Your promised Stand Mixer Review! We go in to some depth here, testing these models of stand mixer for you. We are not being sponsored by any of the brands so you can bet your butt we’ll be giving you impartial opinions so that you can make your own minds up. We’ve never done anything like this before but if you like it please let us know and maybe we’ll review some other kind of kitchen stuff (suggestions are welcome below!).

** This video was filmed before the Covid-19 crisis really kicked off. Rest assured we are all either self-isolating or staying 2 meters away from each other! Stay safe guys, wash your hands and practice social distancing like your life or the life of others depends on it…it kinda does **

In other news, please keep yourselves safe and active while you’re at home self-isolating or on lockdown! Baking is great therapy! We all want to thank you for your support during this very strange and difficult time. We have been overwhelmed with your well-wishes, your orders for CCJ merch and baking equipment and our Cupcake Baking Kits. You can find everything on my website ( and, for as long as we are able to, we will send out orders to you. Otherwise, don’t forget that there are LOADS of baking videos on this channel to keep you entertained. Even if you aren’t able to actually bake everything, you can store up your wish list for when everything returns to ‘normal’! Lots of love, Jemma and the gang xxx



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Cake Ideas

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  1. Ray05 says:

    I have £250 of pocket money left over and my parents said i could buy a stand mixer. Does anyone have any suggestions for this price range?

  2. Siri Maria Fugmann says:

    Why not mention the Kenwood chef XL or Teddy Varimixer, what I have heard they are supposed to be the best. I love my Kenwood chef XL, the bowl is larger than the Kitchenaid, you can get all imaginably attachments for it, and it doesn't jump around like others when making bread dough 🙂

  3. Magda Alvarez says:

    I loved how you managed to make the most boring type of video, which is compare things, soooo funny and entretaining! 👍 Good job! You guys are amazing! 🤘

  4. Patrick Snede says:

    Well I just wasted half an hour.

    This might as well have been an ad for Kitchenaid

  5. raigan barnes says:

    I have the kmix and it’s a great machine but the glass bowl is the bane of my life. Weirdly my machine came with a 4th attachment a full silicone paddle. Like Gemmas hybrid but a twisted silicone paddle, great extra 👍🏼 lived this video 👌🏼

  6. Dilcia Quintero says:

    Por favor poner los precios de la kitchen Aid y dr las otras se les agrades

  7. jbooks888 says:

    My mother bought a Kenwood way back in 1980 and I ended up getting it and it's still going strong!

  8. A A says:

    I use the Kmix, wouldn't be without it, love it especially the rubber paddle (extra accessory), i use it every day.

  9. PandaPoop says:

    My mum got a mixer as a wedding gift and it lasted 40+ years but has just broken down, so now im on the lookout for another mixer that will hopefully last just as long!

  10. Bob Bob says:

    If someone wanted to upgrade without having to buy another bowl are they interchangeable.

  11. Lindsay Call says:

    Kitchenaid disappoints me….it always leaves mix at the bottom unmixed and the lip of the bowl is not wide enough to add you mixture without spilling.

  12. Cor Prakken says:

    Great video! Watched it twice in part cause you give a lot of info on the machines and I didn't want miss anything. So thanks again! I own a similar Kitchenaid that has been going strong for 18+ years now. I gave it an overhaul myself with parts and foodsafe grease which can easily be found on the net. Works as new after that.
    Another machine you could give a try is the Bear Teddy varimixer by Varimixer Bear from Denmark. Apart from the adorable name – it's called Teddy because it's the smallest in their range – it is a really REALLY strong mixer that can handle pretty heavy loads of batter and dough. It has a very silent motor which is nice. I guess it is placed somewhere around the lift bowl Kitchenaid mixers. They usually make the big ones like in the background in your vid and this is their at home model.
    Stay safe!

  13. Giovanna DB says:

    I use my dad's KitchenAid, it's wonderful, the only problem is, since he doesn't use it at all, it doesn't stay on the counter and it's an absolute pain to get it from the pantry to the counter every time because of how extremely heavy it is, can't wait to have my own place and leave it on the counter lol

  14. Hazrd Rose NYC says:

    My mom got her kitchen aid as a wedding gift, and after 52 yrs it looks and works just as well as day 1. That was all I needed to know before purchasing mine. My mom bakes daily, I however bought it for the aesthetic and occasion use. I loved this review. And love the team!

  15. Andophonyc says:

    It looks like the kitchenaid is actually faster, in terms of movement speed. Might have come down to the shape of the whisk/bowl/both for those egg whites.

  16. Mustang Mammy says:

    I have a KitchenAid Classic that was gifted to me by my husband and daughter and son-in-law for Mother’s Day 2004. Still going strong. I sold my bread machine recently because my KitchenAid can do the mixing and kneading that the bread machine does. For this past Christmas I received a beautiful blue ceramic bowl for my mixer and now have 3 bowls. The smaller stainless steel bowl is great for whipping cream, icing, frosting or egg whites. I love all of the available attachments too.

  17. Rebecca Lennox says:

    This is great I love how much you all genuinely get on and jemma I think you are bias against the kitchen aid 😂😂😂😂

  18. ABBAS HASAN says:

    Dear creature
    If you stand and talk like a women that doesn't makes you one . You are only pretending
    But 100% you are not a man
    You are to be fair an ERROR

  19. linda nathan says:

    Mixing the egg whites on the Kenwood
    seems to take forever. Kitchen aide looks more convincing. Guys having so much fun doing the demo like high school

  20. Barbara Bueno-Welton says:


  21. Valérie Chaumeziere says:

    Now then Jemma, the Kitchen Aid Artisan is the model I bought. Not bad for a domestic thingy! The pro one was serious wonga so I said Naaa!
    Maybe there'll be a Covid19 Black Friday opportunity to buy all sorts of kit at serious discounts? Who can tell?
    You paid what? £499 quid? Blimey! They seen you commin' girl !!! The "It Girl" of Cup Cakes. She must be Loaded with Spondoolies!!!
    Being a total Cheapskate, I bought mine on Black Friday.
    They were asking €350, (about €200 off!), but I said Matey! it's Red! I hate Red! They said "It's the last one!"
    So I said "OK knock off another €20 and it's a deal! So I paid just €330 Three Hundred and Thirty Euros, not Pounds, Euros.
    Hee hee hee 🙂 I did done told a leedle ole white lie about the colour.
    Red is totally my favourite colour, after Black, and it goes lovely with my Cuisinella Kitchen cabinets.
    I does luv Black Friday! I went back in the afternoon and bought a Magimix 5200 xl half price too. €330.
    Why did you give Dane that horrible light weight THING to demo. That wasn't very fair was it!
    Put your foot down Dane and insist on a decent bit of kit next time.
    You are, when all is said and done, The demi-God of Macarons, sitting at the Right Hand of Pierre Hermé.
    That status must be recognised and maintained!
    Happy cookin' and see you soon. It was really special meeting you and Dane during my London visit in July last year!
    By the way, we aren't hearing a lot about mini CupCake 2.0 !! When is she due to pop out?

  22. Manal Ibrahim says:

    what about smeg please?

  23. MrsGunsoul says:

    This was SUPER helpful! Especially the actual noise levels for each machine as it's a big concern for me and it was the main thing I was looking for in this video! Thank you so much, guys! ❤️

  24. Fiona Whelan says:

    I haVe the kmix! Came with stainless steel bowel, really like it. Easy to use, happy with safety lock on it and I got the splash guard because I bake with a toddler!

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