SALTED CARAMEL CHOCOLATE MACARONS | Full Recipe & How-To! | Cupcake Jemma |

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SALTED CARAMEL CHOCOLATE MACARONS | Full Recipe & How-To! | Cupcake Jemma

Just when you thought Macarons couldn’t get any tastier Dane comes back with THESE! This recipe for Chocolate Macaron shells is so easy and oh my, the filling. I mean, THAT filling! The silkyness of the Chocolate Salted Caramel Ganache is something else! Honestly, you will be spreading this on everything. You’re welcome!

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Chocolate Macaron Shell:

170g Ground Almonds
160g Icing Sugar
45g Cocoa
144g Egg Whites (Split into 72g each)
210g Caster Sugar
70ml Cold Water

Salted Caramel Chocolate Ganache Filling:

220g Caster Sugar
212g Cream
75g Chocolate Chips 54%
3/4 tsp Flaked Sea Salt
15g Butter





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  1. MARIA JOANNOU says:

    Hi Dane
    To make raspberry macarons, would I substitute the cocoa with dried raspberry powder? Xxx

  2. Viktória Samu says:

    After watching this video and the masterclass one, I decided to try making the chocolate macarons for the first time. They are PERFECT! The only thing that needs some work is my piping technique, but otherwise they are amazing, they have this smooth look, have the little feet and taste great. Thanks so much for these videos! 🙂

  3. Geyzee The Sharks Sniper says:

    I love how this guy is presenting your recipes Jema…
    He's amazing…
    I hope your business will get better and better…


  4. Natasha Simm says:

    I just made these! They are incredible. I’ve always struggled with meringue (especially Macarons) but this recipe is amazing! Thanks Dane for showing how it’s done. Once again, Jemma’s given me a perfect recipe!

  5. meutia alifa says:

    How long did it approximately take for the sugar syrup to reach 118-degrees C? I dont have a thermometer 😅 would really appreciate it if anyone answers!! Thanks in advance .

  6. Alisha Sood says:

    hes such a good teacher!!

  7. Rebeka Fehér says:

    What happened? I followed the recipe every g and mg but my dough was much more dry on the end before cooking Than in the video..☹️

  8. Jill Eugster says:

    How am I supposed to weigh an egg? Or is there a trick or something?

  9. Kimberley W says:

    I was very sceptical of this recipe (and macarons in general!) but they turned out PERFECT and were so delicious! Yum!

  10. Life Discoveries says:

    omg he's amazing, so talented!!

  11. Dcgirl737 says:

    Just made them and they turned out great. Can’t stop eating them. Thank you for taking the time to break down the process step by step

  12. Zareefa Zalme says:


  13. Marc-Antoine Beaulieu says:

    Wow that filling is way too runny! Completely ruined my friends bday.

  14. Sonia Clarkson says:

    Hey Dane ! Can I half the recipe? I can’t eat ALL those by myself LOL.

  15. Leanie's Lovelies says:

    Is it single or double cream?

  16. Becky Brown says:

    Did he say 70 grams of water?

  17. Lenka Krajcovicova says:

    Just perfect!

  18. Christine Thompson says:

    Will the ganache be tacky if the macarons sit at room temperature for a while? Can't wait to make these!

  19. Fara Van Geest says:

    Where do you put the salt in, I don't see this in the video.

  20. melanie regli says:

    I must try to do this macarons. I never dared but it is so well described. How do I find the amounts of ingedients? I got them all from the video just not the amount of cream to put in the filling?

  21. Anika W says:

    Hi, is it possible to make it in smaller batch?

  22. Areej says:

    Please share a macarons recipe using the French meringue method! I don’t have a stand mixer so I can’t make the Italian meringue

  23. ChiTownGal says:

    Hi! I tried to make this filling for my macarons yesterday, but it never seemed to set-up properly. It looked great at first, just like yours- but I'd pipe the ganache ring and by the time I'd go to fill it with the caramel it just flattened out into a sloppy mess 😣 the top shells slid off, even after I popped them back in the fridge. Did I do something wrong, or was the ganache just still too warm? I had it in the fridge for over an hour and it felt completely cool, but idk. Would really appreciate any advice as I loved this recipe and really want to try and make it work. Thanks!

  24. Mon Soymon says:

    So I decided that since last time macaron baking went not too bad, I'd try this chocolate one this time. It was an epic failure. 😂 On the positive side, they were not hollow this time, but nice and full. But they turned out as wrinkly as raisins. Not crunchy but soft and gooey, in fact like brownies. What went wrong?

  25. Mon Soymon says:

    Ok something went seriously wrong trying to make that caramel sauce. Once all the sugar melted I took it off the fire, but I saw something about to happen. Even though it was off the fire it was boiling over, it just kept rising, I didn't want it all over my stove so I quickly got the pan in my sink. Fortunately just on time, but it just kept boiling over. Then I started pouring the cream into it little by little it was smoking like crazy, some of that nasty smoke went right into my nose. That was not nice. And it just kept and kept boiling over. Later once it stopped I wanted to lift up the pan, it was stuck!!! Now my whole sink is full of hard caramel. It's really hard, I can't get it out. Anyone any suggestions? Oh and the caramel sauce tastes very bitter I find.

  26. Mada Saad says:

    Made it today , it didnt rise in the oven but its okaay it turn into cookies

  27. Noura Ke says:

    I like this guy they all so skilled and nice people at cupcake jemma I am a fan from germany

  28. Phương Đỗ says:

    guys i dont know why my kitchen aid artisan whisk cant touch the bottom of the bowl. i gotta lift the bowl a bit everything so it can whisk the eggs white. so annoying. is there anyway i can adjust the machine instead? thanks

  29. Anuradha Ranasinghe says:

    I love that guys style

  30. Doris F says:

    I made them twice now, and they turned out really super! The swiss meringue makes a big difference. Many recipes on YouTube don't use sugar sirup.
    And thanks for all the other macaron recipes on you channel.
    Watching them all in a row gave me so many useful tips to make really good macarons!

  31. Jane Pan says:

    just made these today, not the best tasting tbh… very different from what I've tried from store-bought ones… it's also far more difficult than what's shown. will try another recipe from this channel but since I've tried and compared with multiple other pastries (such as pastel de nata, which I made both cooking tree and Jemma's, but i like cooking tree's a bit more) I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that this channel might just be for C&D professionals… but I love you guys still and your videos are fun to watch! I will update after my 2nd attempt at this.

  32. Trisha Gillis says:

    I wish you guys did more flavors of macarons. I love the ones you have but I need more.

  33. Paige Pereira says:

    Can I make these macarons using the French meringue method?

  34. Nancy Dj says:

    Hi the ingredient u send can u say in cup measurement as we don't have in garms

  35. Iana Greive says:

    This might be a silly question, but can you use meringue powder in the place of egg whites?

  36. Del Hall says:

    Just curious: is this the actual recipe you make at the shoppe or do you make double or triple batches? I’m asking because these are supposed to be fussy and I wonder if this recipe can be successfully be doubled or tripled? Not that I would, just curious about it proportionality.

  37. Sufiaaa says:

    Hi, I have tried this recipe around 4 times. They come out tasting super rich and delicious. Only problem is the tops tend to get quite wrinkled. Would anyone be able to explain why? I searched online and it said perhaps oven is too hot, so I lowered temp 10° and cooked a few mins longer. Came out tasting great, but shells were still a little wrinkled. Could it be because of the cocoa powder, perhaps? The normal Macaron recipe comes out perfect every time 😔

  38. Becky Brown says:

    Absolutely love your videos! What mixer speed do you use when after you put the sugar syrup into the egg whites?

  39. eloise eastman says:

    working at c&d would be my dream job looks so good

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