Biscoff Cookie Sandwich Recipe | #vegan | Cupcake Jemma |

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Biscoff Cookie Sandwich Recipe | #vegan | Cupcake Jemma

It’s VEGANuary! That means you need a Vegan cookie recipe that you can trust. So that’s what we’ve got for you. These vegan biscoff cookie sandwiches are so absolutely delicious that even if you’re not vegan you have got to give them a go. We have lots of other vegan recipes too, check the links below. And don’t forget to let us know how you get on by tagging us on Instagram using the hashtag #cupcakejemma we love seeing your bakes and cakes.

For the Cookies:
100g Caster Sugar
100g Light Brown Sugar
120g Sunflower Oil
75g Water
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
300g Plain Flour
3/4 tsp Bicarb
1 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Salt

For the Biscoff Icing:
75g Sunflower Spread
75g Shortening
400g Icing Sugar
50g Biscoff Spread


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  1. Krystal Hafesji says:

    Love a Sally video💓

  2. Anne Marie Antonsen says:

    I live in Denmark and can't get my hands on Biscoff spread – can I make my own somehow? I want those cookies ☺️

  3. Claudia Howlett says:

    Looks delish! Is the water/oil measured in mls or grams? The bio says grams but sally says mls.

  4. bellevanilla says:


  5. Nicholas says says:

    I'm moving to London next month! Can't wait to visit the bakery 🤤

  6. Saranya Garapati says:

    We don’t get Biscoff where I’m from so I made only these cookies, and they’re amazing. Crispy around the outside and chewy on the inside. These taste good only after they’ve cooled down a bit. If you try eating them while they’re a bit too warm, it feels weird on the tongue. But, an A+ vegan cookie recipe. You can try replacing the oil with same amount of melted butter if you want to, they still taste good.

  7. jnbnie says:

    Does Vegan Buttercream require refrigeration? Thank you 😊

  8. hipflex16 says:

    You did a good job, Sally👍🏻 The are looking amazing delicious

  9. Marcel Fleming says:

    The recipe makes a lot more buttercream than needed. Very tasty though

  10. Zsqaa Ghez says:

    What ingredient can i change sunflower spread it does nt excite hear

  11. Charley Henderson says:

    I love the half up half down hair do on you gemma❤😊

  12. Andrew F says:

    Whoever picks the soundtrack to your vids does a great job

  13. Adriana Martinez says:

    Jemma you look so dashing, be a expecting mother goes with you, like always I enjoy your videos, and Sally thank you for sharing your knowledge. I send all of you a big hug, and my best wishes for this year. Greetings from LA California.🤗

  14. Sara Cheng says:

    Thanks for this recipe. Please show us more vegan recipes. I prefer no butter added biscuits and cakes.

  15. Penny Pawley says:

    I love all you do. Thank you! Do you like Pfeffernusse cookies? If so have you ever made a Pfeffernusse Cupcake?

  16. sree says:

    Hi you are amazing..I am your huge fan and could u please post a baking cake tutorial for us? What is the formula of baking a cake?How many eggs,active agents,oil,sugar for each cup of flour.if there is any citric juice included what's the difference in the ingredients .. hope u will post it..Huge fan from india😊living in Canada

  17. julia stoiber says:

    Loving the vegan recipes!

  18. Cake by Justin says:

    I am feeling dizzy I remember this time last year with Veganuary with the series of videos as if it was last month 😅😅😅 These biscuits look amazing though

  19. Prishi Thakkar says:

    I love your recipes and wanted to ask that when you bake cupcakes how much batter do you put on caus mine is always less or more plss help out with it
    Thank you

  20. Chryssi Islander says:

    I would like to thank you once again for giving us the chance to make these delicious realizations ! I’ve tried already so many different once and my entire family loves it !

    But I have a question, just by curiosity.

    I’m pretty sure, some people are selling your cupcakes and cakes in their stores, isn’t it a problem for you, knowing that others are using your recipes ?
    I mean, it’s probably not otherwise you wouldn’t have shared them, but, I was just wondering 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Blond girl here↖️ , don’t really try to figure out why I asked this stupid question 🤣🤣🤣

  21. hannahm1998 says:

    Can you use all butter instead of a mix of shortening and spread? If so how much butter would you need?

  22. Iomvlogger 2020 says:

    Would love it if you could do list of basic baking essentials such as tools and ingredients that would be good to get for a interested baker 👩🏼‍🍳 to start them off

  23. Kelly Boyed says:

    Jemma and Sally could be sisters

  24. Kim Skerving says:

    How about non vegan Biscoff. Sally is adorable. Nice to see you back Jemma. Hope you are feeling better.

  25. neda hedayat says:

    you're perfect😍❤️💕

  26. Riojano says:

    What’s the recipe to make this cookies in to cupcakes?!?
    I love your shop!!! 😍

  27. Filip Iny says:

    Please more vegan recipes 🙂

  28. Marie Foreman says:

    Hi, what is sunflower spread? 😀

  29. ledzepgirlnmful says:

    Great recipe, thanks for sharing!
    One quick question though- what temp would you bake at in a standard home oven without convection capability??
    Gen from the USA 😘

  30. Chef KBarger says:

    I can’t wait to make these!

    I have a request – I’ve been asked to make Kringle and I’ve never made it before. Is there any way you could make a Kringle recipe video? I would be eternally grateful!

  31. Myrna Hadi prawira says:

    Dear Jemma and wonderful team

    Loveeee from Indonesia
    I really loveee your contents

    Is it really possible, we can become a great baker like you just by learning by our self from many sources, except direct professional classes?

    Get well soon Lovely Jemmaa

    God bless you and team for all the wonderful sharing

  32. Daniel S Alves says:

    Great great recipe! I've made a few batches already and they all came out quite tasty (not making the filing tho, just the cookies).

    I even flavored some batches (using coffee instead of water) and I did get many compliments.

    Only question is how long can I keep them out of the fridge before they go bad?

  33. Glenda Lopez says:

    Love you guys and your recipes.

  34. Anu Maattanen says:

    What can I use instead of Biscoff??

  35. gavin joy says:

    Great video hope you get better

  36. jwarren459 says:

    Is there a difference between sunflower spread and sunflower butter?

    Also, confirming, how many cookies does this recipe make (from the video, 8 maybe)?

    Thank you!

  37. Nancy Alfaro says:

    Could you include how much chocolate you need for the chocolate dunking portion. Don’t see it listed in ingredient list. I want to try to make these this weekend.

  38. Un1ty says:

    Keep the vegan recipes coming ! Thank you

  39. kate r says:

    I've not found a successful baked style vegan new york cheese cake recipe, is it impossible.
    Edit , Would prefer a recipe with no nuts

  40. Sharon Lee says:

    Never realised biscoff was vegan. Even better

  41. Gavin Bradley says:

    Is there a recipe for the biscoff spread?

  42. PJE says:

    Every time Sally wraps that cling film using just the roll, I envision myself going missing for days until someone discovers me in my kitchen literally cocooned in cling film along with the cookie dough 😬

  43. Strawberry 1 says:

    Great job Sally and so lovely to see you Jemma. I hope you, your back and growing babe are doing well. :]

  44. Michelleelise444 says:

    Sally is the most delightful woman ever.

  45. SS says:

    Hey ….would I be able to use coconut oil as a shortening, I asked at asdas if they had and they gave me a funny look😂Never used or seen before, really want to make, please help 😂..💛

  46. MultiWallace4 says:

    I have a problem with baking. I left them 16 minutes but it was white if i bake them mire time until gold and brown is there a posibility burning them?

  47. Maria Kadas says:

    I LOVE biscoff cookies and your recipes look amazing!

  48. Re Bo says:

    Mooooooore vegan recipes ❤️❤️❤️

  49. Jessica Sweeney says:

    Just made these and they're AMAZING!!!! I forgot to pick up almond milk so to help the consistency of my buttercream I added a little vanilla and warm water and it smoothed things out perfectly!!!! Thank you for the recipe!!!

    Ps for anyone in America I baked mine at 375F for 14-15 minutes and it was just right!! 🙂

  50. I do Plants says:

    What surprises me is that you were able to develop such a great option that resembles and tastes identical to the dairy/egg one and you still prepare your recipes with dairy or egg products.. Are you aware about the damage that animal agriculture is doing to the planet? Should there be another pandemic for people on this world to understand? Maybe so….;(

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