Get Perfect Edges on Your Cakes! | Tuesday Tips | Cupcake Jemma |

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CHOCOLATE OVERLOAD CUPCAKES | The Chocolatiest Cupcakes EVER! | Cupcake Jemma | Cake Ideas | baking ideas
September 12, 2019
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September 19, 2019
Get Perfect Edges on Your Cakes! | Tuesday Tips | Cupcake Jemma

Wanna up your Edges-Game? Boss corners like a pro? It can seem like no matter how hard you try, your buttercream just won’t play ball! Well, Sally is dying to let you in on the secrets of how to nail straight sides, razor sharp edges and the tightest corners with your buttercream!

You will need…
A cake!
Try one of the cakes from my Sponge Masterclass:
Some buttercream!
Try my classic Buttercream from my Masterclass:

I recommend getting a turntable, a small cranked palette knife, a large straight palette knife and a straight sided cake scraper.

Good luck!

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  1. Loola Hoop says:

    Your so much more comfortable in front of the camera now you've got so much more confidence and I'm here for it! Your so lovely to watch thank you so much for the video! 💙🎂

  2. nicola Turner says:

    hello cupcake jemma i am loving all the thuesday tips you and your tearm give great tips thankyou lots off love xxxx

  3. Barke Said says:

    Thanks dear

  4. Michelle Paz says:

    Thank you for all your videos! Are you working here with american buttercream?

  5. faypoundcake says:

    Your awesome thanks for the tutorial

  6. christine pease says:

    thank you x

  7. redhotsweetpotatoe says:

    When I read "corners" I was expecting a square cake.

  8. Jennifer Wilder says:

    What about properly estimating how much frosting to make? Having loads of extra frosting makes all of that easier but for most of us, it's not very practical.

  9. Vanessa Albuquerque says:

    Thabk you so much!
    I really have a question about the chocolate cupcake, mine are always weird on the top, and they always get a big lump in the middle. Idk why! Can anyone help me with that?

  10. Lucy Putruele says:

    Sally ❤️❤️❤️ beautiful and that accent 🔥 I love the way she explains stuff

  11. Heidi’s Bakes and Cakes says:

    I really struggle with this. It takes me ages. I definitely need more practice. Wonderful tutorial as always. Thank you so much x 👍🏻👌🏻😍

  12. Ashley Nieto says:

    Thank you!! I think I know what I’m doing wrong on my cakes.

  13. Jessica Hanvey says:

    @cupcakejemma please help, km baking my sisters Birthday cake, and my nephew wants me to use just fresh whipped cream, is it stable enough on it's own or how can I stabilise it so I can cover the cake??? … please help!!!! Jess. X

  14. Kaitlyn says:

    I’m making my first “professional” style cake for my daughters first birthday in two weeks. I’ve been binge watching these videos and honestly this Channel has the best tips. I’m so nervous to make it but I think it’ll come out good!

  15. Lea Aphrodite says:

    Jemma, today is my birthday. Can I get a birthday wish (and probably a big cake 😁 jk) from you?

  16. Clover HighFive says:

    I know this comes in quite late, but having watched the channel a while, I realize I really love how other ppl come in and host videos like tips and things. More ppl to love 🙂

  17. What The Bake says:

    Thanks for another great #tuesdaytip. Did you use American Buttercream or Swiss Meringue Buttercream Icing? It looks so nice and smooth. And no air bubbles!

  18. Bab H says:

    Hi! How do you get the cake off the turn table???

  19. orlybabe says:

    Sally, I bet you could frost a cake perfectly blindfolded and one hand tied

  20. Sidra Khan says:

    How can we control the sweetness of the buttercream

  21. Liz Bee says:

    Ha ha! No corners on a circle just edges 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. dona harrisburg says:

    Very nice I do all that and still end with a mess. Lol

  23. Sandra Oesterreicher says:

    What do you do with all that excess icing at C&D? Throw it away or eat it? 😏

  24. Fan Melinda says:

    Hi Sally

  25. Chaia says:

    This was really helpful, thanks!

  26. American Baker in Germany says:

    Love the tips

  27. Merril Redinger says:

    I'm enjoying your videos Sally – thanks for sharing.

  28. Bianca Groes says:

    Nice tutorial 👍 The white crumb coat …what did you use…and do you have a link to a recipe 😊. please! 😉

  29. TinkerbellKat says:

    Why do I feel like i've seen this before?

  30. Jenifer Alvarez says:

    Can you please do a recipe with earl grey and/or lavender?! 🥰

  31. atolm1 says:

    The color of that frosting is a vintage kitchen dream color, so beautiful!

  32. Mimi Brook says:

    Love this tutorial! I was just wondering how much pressure (if any) do you apply when the scraper is resting and the icing is being scraped?

  33. Sumayah's Cakes and bakes says:

    TYSM ! You are the best!

  34. salookas says:

    That crumb coat was pretty perfect to start with.

  35. leir says:

    I literally adore Sally and Jemma so much, who wouldn’t fancy these badass babes!

  36. sukelettle says:

    First of all love your videos, thank you for constantly putting out content! I’ve made several of your bakes and loved them!

    I know I can easily search for the video, but in the video Sally says there’s a link for crumb coating buts it’s not in the video! 😱

  37. Alfiano Fong says:

    Thank you!

  38. Russel says:

    Is it possible to have a Tuesday Tips video on how to line baking tins with parchment paper? I have the gist of the round tins, without tracing the pan, but the square ones are tricky for me. I love the videos on this channel, I finally made my very first Italian meringue for a family treat! Keep up great work 🙂

  39. Anna Naber says:

    I am such a novice but watching your videos has been insightful!!!

  40. Stuart Mayes says:

    Just me or is the crumb coat link missing? Would really like to see it, and more of you of course!
    Thank you

  41. Gâteau de Chahrazad Delice says:

    Merci 🙏

  42. Ambareen Mateen says:

    Hey jemma I want u to teach me

  43. Gregor Samsa says:

    0:11 That isn't a crumb coat. That's a perfect finish coat ready for piping/glazing/garnishing/etc.

    4:00 Yeah, the "crumb coat" looked significantly sharper and cleaner

  44. Maria's Creations says:

    My fave colorrr

  45. Ann Clarissa says:

    1:33 that little blob flew and said ‘gotta go’

  46. Jodi Buckley says:

    Literally obsessed with this channel

  47. Mary King says:

    What cocoa powder do u use in your chocolate cupcakes, Dutch?

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