How to Make Fruity MINI PAVLOVA Cupcakes | Cupcake Jemma | Cake Ideas | baking ideas

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August 1, 2019
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August 15, 2019
How to Make Fruity MINI PAVLOVA Cupcakes | Cupcake Jemma

cake decorating compilation

Cake Ideas

baking ideas

Is there anything more Summery than fruit, meringues and cream? NO! That’s why Pavlovas are perfect for this time of year. But wait…I feel a Cupcakification coming on! That’s right, I have been inspired to make cupcake versions of these, my favourite little fruity summer treat! Enjoy|!

Recipe –
For the Passion Fruit sponge:
125g soft unsalted butter
125g caster sugar
125g self raising flour
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
2 lg eggs
1.5 tbs milk
3-4 passion fruit pulp

For the Meringues:

For the Swiss Meringue Buttercream:
Make a HALF BATCH and add 225g melted and slightly cooled milk chocolate at the end and mix in.

To finish: 100g double cream, loosely whipped with some sugar + your choice of fruit

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Cake Ideas

baking ideas


  1. Wandaliz Cortes says:

    You say “passion fruit”, I say “like”

  2. mari j says:

    How much of swiss meringue will make the 12 mini pavlova shells? 🙂

  3. Mel Walmsley - Little Food Cakes & Co says:

    Love this! So Aussie ☺️ How do your meringues hold up in your summer?

  4. Poonam smart kitchen says:

    Super yummy 😋

  5. TheNewUsual says:

    Omg this is going on my to do list!!!!!!!! Looks amazing!!!!!!!

  6. Susi O says:

    I would add just a touch more of the passionfruit pulp over the berries to finish it off like a real pavlova – Aussie style 🇦🇺

  7. Hafiz Akhtar says:

    OMG! Your tattoo on hand look ugly. God had given us a beautiful skin, we should appreciate it and don't spoilt the beautiful creation of God.

  8. Alice McKeon says:

    Anyone know the song on the google ‘afternoon tea near me’ advert at the beginning of this video?

  9. Fernanda Aguilar Perez says:

    Guys, I have a question! Whenever I use meringue in my cakes as decoration, they go soft pretty quickly. Any tips on how to prevent them from going soft? Many thanks!

  10. francesca029111 says:

    Eton mess is a pavlova that was dropped before a dinner at Eton college! They just scooped it back up and pretended it was meant to be like that 😀 xx

  11. Katie Woodward says:

    Jemma I think I am addicted to your channel! 🤣 Previously I have always described myself as a cake decorator and that is my passion but you have reignited my taste buds and made me step away from my boring tried and tested bakes. I am now equally excited by what flavours I can offer as what it will end up looking like!
    I would love it if you did a lemon cake recipe with a twist as I can only find cupcakes on your previous videos.
    Keep baking and thank you for sharing all your tips and recipes that actually work and taste heavenly.

  12. Crystal says:

    awesome!!please do a lamington video for us xx

  13. Nisrin Broachwalla says:

    Hey Jemma….I love your videos and they're really helpful…I was just wondering if you have a recipe that's gluten free

  14. g mehz says:

    Jemma you have a very creative the hairstyle

  15. William's Kitchen EN says:

    Beautiful cupcake once again Jemma, thank you for sharing this for all of us Pav fanatics 🍓🍓

  16. Susan Marino says:

    They look so good. Do you need to keep them chilled because of the cream? Can you make them a few days ahead before you eat them? Thanks for the recipes.

  17. Beni Reges says:

    Look at those tattoos!

  18. Sharon Lee says:

    Why do u use bicarb n not baking powder? What's the difference

  19. Ventia Webber says:

    Aussies and Kiwis can add this to their Christmas bakes playlist! But…gotta admit the chocolate threw me off as it’s not traditionally part of classic pav. I’m sure it’s delicious though and I can’t wait to try it!

  20. Ruth Kolbach says:

    Are you going to make another cupcake book?

  21. Aneesa Kassim says:

    Thx for the recipe! We need to store these in the fridge because of the cream, but then doesn’t the buttercream and cupcake go a little hard?

  22. gusrianty setiaji says:

    Hello i m a beginner in making cupcake. I hv watched ur vids in making basic cupcake. I would like to ask about the oven. Im using electricity oven which has heat from lower n above, what heat tat i should i use to bake cupcake in 170c for 20-25mins?

  23. Nausicaa Cake Party says:

    😍😍😍😍 delicious

  24. Dana Alkendi says:

    please Jemma meak Recipe for 24 Piece Cupcakes Because I have beg Famely pleeeeeeeeese



  26. Nasreen says:

    Passion 🍈 fruit!! Yum my favorite! I bet these cupcakes taste sooo divine!

  27. Annelies Pickery says:

    How do You keep your berries fresh?

  28. Kori Skene says:

    I love passion fruit and meringue so these look divine to me 🤩

  29. Maxwell Fong says:

    That milk chocolate and passion fruit combo was definitely borrowed from Dane’s macarons, wasn’t it? 😆

  30. Carmen Sánchez says:

    Can you say the size of the nozzle you used? I can't fine a big one like that…😥

  31. La cuisine de Mamajisma says:

    Hi can i have the weight of your large egg please because in France a large egg is 55g

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