WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY SPONGE CAKE? Bake Perfect Cakes every time! | Cupcake Jemma |

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WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY SPONGE CAKE? Bake Perfect Cakes every time! | Cupcake Jemma

Cakes thin and rubbery? Look good but taste really dry? Cakes falling, or rising too much, in the middle? Need to change your recipe because you have smaller or larger tins than me? WHAT GIVES? Well, fear not gang – in this video I am going to share my recipe and method for the Perfect Vanilla Sponge Cake PLUS I’m going to give you two ideas to adapt the flavour (if you want to try something new with it, go ahead!). And, to top it all off, I’ll give you my tips for scaling a recipe up or down to suit your tin size!

RECIPE FOR 4 x 8 inch tins…
500g caster sugar
500g unsalted butter, soft
8 lg eggs
500g self raising flour
6 tbs milk + 1 tsp vanilla extract

For 4 x 6″ tins: reduce each measurements by 250g, use 4 eggs, 3tbs milk + 1/2 tsp vanilla
For 4 x 10″ tins: increase each ingredient by 250g, use 12 eggs, 9tbs milk + 1.5 tsp vanilla

What if I only have three tins?? – divide all the quantities by 4 and then multiply that number by 3! Simple!



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  1. Urooj Khan says:

    Hi Jemma can u tell me how much milk n vanilla extract I will need for 10inch cake please?

  2. Najmun Aktar says:

    How can bake my cake to look yellowish? I always end with dark colour.

  3. Olukemi Fatuna says:

    Hello Jemma,
    I observed that you didn't use baking powder or baking soda for this cake recipe. Can you please explain the reason for this.

  4. Andrea Badillo says:

    How can I adapt the recipe to make the chocolate sponge?

  5. Emma Wright says:

    Did you not grease or line your tins please ? X

  6. michelle salehi says:

    Love your Channel!!! Do you use normal flour or cake&pastry flour in your recipies?

  7. Steph V says:

    Did you grease your pans? Why do some ask for parchment paper lined and greased and floured?

  8. It’s a Makobe’s World says:

    have you ever tried cake strips like preppy kitchen??

  9. Michael Urig says:

    What was the temperature of the oven, 170C ?

  10. Projjwal Ray-6 says:

    The recipe is fine. But pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease talk less. It is so vexing!

  11. Luluah Pearl says:

    Ure an amazing teacher. Thanks alot

  12. Chandra Dass says:

    Oh my God get to the point already u talk too much

  13. hafsa imtiyaz says:

    After making a really bad cake I made using your recipe and it was beautiful 😍❤️ thankyou ..your recipes rock ! 😊

  14. rashida ramzani says:

    Why is my batter runny?

  15. Aakash Razdan says:

    What can we use instead of vanilla essence because it's lockdown here

  16. Thaira Kausar says:

    Where do u get your tins from

  17. Karthika Nair says:

    So no baking soda and baking powder in this recipe?

  18. jane ohams says:

    I noticed you didn't add a baking powder to the cake

  19. Kimberley Taylor says:

    I’m going to try the chocolate one for my daughters b day x Thankyou so much your videos are amazing and love your personality !! 💐

  20. Miss Karla says:

    Thank you for providing an example of what happens when the butter and sugar are not creamed adequately. When I don’t have caster sugar, I blitz granulated sugar in the blender for a few seconds and it works well.

  21. Shipa Nehar says:

    Gemma, I need help. How much of the ingredients would I need for a 16inch square cake? Flours, eggs,sugars. Many thanks

  22. Filiza Mahmutaj says:

    Amazing, you explain it sooo clearly and correct, I love it 🍰💙

  23. Mahie Lagou says:

    Can i make only two tins and then just cut the sponge???

  24. boss man says:

    Dam what happened the the dry cake, that looked good

  25. Ak K says:

    Never thought I'd bake a cake ever, but soo bored in this lockdown, just surfing YouTube as you do and came across your channel, your videos are the best in my view compared to others on the net, very clear and easy instructions to follow, very informative and helpful, your cakes are nearly as gorgeous as you😜

  26. isabel martinez says:

    How much raising agent should I use for this recipe if I use cake flour?

  27. Christin Sanders says:

    So thankful I found your channel. My son and daughter will be 4 and 2 this weekend. My son is set on making a big elaborate cake and I don't know what I'm doing lol. I've found basically everything I need to know to do this on your channel ❤ wish me luck!

  28. Chelsea Afua says:

    Amazing tutorial! But out of interest, if you wanted to make banana cake, how would you go about with the quantities?

  29. Tara Hughes says:

    Today I made your classic sponge cake tat you make around a year ago! Ilysm! But my cake came out of the oven with a big dip/whole in the middle of the cake! Thanks so much for explaining! ❤

  30. Naveesha Nazeer says:

    If we use self raising flour then don't we need to use baking powder or baking soda

  31. Manu says:

    Please can we have a video for the recipe of the lemon buttercream? And also, how much buttercream would you recommend making to fill and cover a 4x8inch cake? Thanks!

  32. fluffypenguinbabe says:

    Will be trying this recipe soon! Attempted an oil based vanilla sponge the other day and disaster ensued 😝

  33. Jo Zammit says:

    Could I use this recipe if I want to make a layer cake that will be covered in sugar paste/ Fondant ? Want to make an Elmo cake for my sons first birthday but don’t want to make a Madeira cake as it’s a bit dense . Love you guys BTW 🥰

  34. Nati Banco says:

    Dear Jemma, if not using self-raising flour, how much baking powder should I add please? Thank you!

  35. Peru Sales says:

    First time I made this and thanks to your detailed explanation my sponge cake it is PERFECT!!!!!!

  36. Lamiya Mekkaoui says:

    You’re such a star! Your masterclass videos are great 😊😍

  37. Lamiya Mekkaoui says:

    These videos are incredibly helpful and thorough!! 😍

  38. Stone Storyline Alignment says:

    Do I really need 4 8 inch tins and a really big oven or can I bake my layers one by one (how long will the batter hold)?

  39. Eleanor Meyer says:


  40. Ender Pearl Quinn says:

    Do the amounts of milk and vanilla extract also changes with the different sizes???

  41. edom abere says:

    I just found this video while stumbling through cake tutorials & i like u already 🙂

  42. abdulrub saiyed says:

    I wonder what she dis with all thisr scrap cakes

  43. Saniya Miran says:

    Can u put different food coloring in the tins and will it still taste the same? 😆
    Thanxs xx

  44. Trishla Shah says:

    Thank you for sharing the basic rules to make a perfect sponge cake. Please, share a video on how to make a sponge cake without eggs.

  45. Attack on Pieck says:

    What is the song at 9:00 please somebody reply?

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