ALL THE SPRINKLES! Cover your Cake in Sprinkles like a pro with this Top Tip! | Cupcake Jemma Tips |

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Get the Recipe for our BEST SELLING Biscoff Cupcake! | Cupcake Jemma |
July 4, 2019
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July 11, 2019
ALL THE SPRINKLES! Cover your Cake in Sprinkles like a pro with this Top Tip! | Cupcake Jemma Tips

Oh I love a sprinkle! Who doesn’t? Have you ever struggled to get the most amount of sprinkles on to your cake as possible without making a mess? Sally’s here to show you how to do it!

You will need…
A cake, filled and crumb coated
Extra buttercream
LOTS of sprinkles
A big box
A turntable



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  1. kiran Shah says:

    Very helpful video. Thanks

  2. Katie Hamilton says:

    Fantastic video, cheers.

  3. Sandy Gonzalezz says:

    I'm having trouble with cake boards, etc. Measurements…

  4. Poonam smart kitchen says:

    Very nice 👌

  5. Giftie J says:


  6. orlybabe says:

    Spongecake Sally: you don’t have to get this super smooth and flawless

    *Makes it super smooth and flawless

    Me: 😵

  7. American Baker in Germany says:

    Such a helpful tutorial. Thank you for sharing.

  8. foo die says:

    In buying a cake board am I supposed to buy the same size of the cake that I'll be doing or it should be an inch or half bigger than the cake that i'm using?

  9. Ram Rosales says:

    Thank you for still uploading videos 🙂

  10. Leif Concepcion says:

    very cool that this channel is producing high quality videos with a large variety of content! Keep it up Jemma and C&D staff!

  11. Cooking with Khaleda says:

    I want that pink buttercream tutorial 😍

  12. gloria yoon says:

    Is your Swiss meringue buttercream recipe enough to frost a 3 layer 6 inch cake?

  13. Marie-Anne Durham says:

    Such a fun decorating idea, thank you!🤗

  14. Rebecca Anderson says:

    I love hearing the phrases I'm used to only coming from Jemma coming from her coworkers and friends 😁 (I'm just going to whack them on 😍) You're awesome 🤗

  15. Marnee Wolfrath says:

    Why would anyone give this video a dislike? Crazy people out there…

  16. E O says:

    How did you make your butter cream

  17. The Emerald Snake says:

    I got so much anxiety when she shook that cake 😂

  18. Honest Reviews with Stephanie says:

    Jajajja, crank palette!! That's so much fun than calling an offset spatula….English is just more fun in the UK 😍😂

  19. Laura Zeller says:

    Thank you!

  20. wendy kelly says:

    the thing with me is that sprinkles left over … i just eat them… it's rude not too xx

  21. Naomi Wilson says:

    Where do you get sprinkles that are as bright as this in the UK?? I have only been able to find bright ones on ebay!

  22. Azza Fathima says:

    Where is the sprinkles from?

  23. Raimera says:

    Mostly i just cant get the sprinklers to stick lol, like 85% just fall off when i try to apply on the sides

  24. Cherry Berryman says:

    I love watching you Cupcake Jemma your my favourite YouTuber at the moment💕I’m coming to crumbs and doilies on my birthday(6 August)so I was wondering if you would be in the store on that date💖I really hope you are💞It would be amazing to meet you🤩I love baking🧁I hope you reply you are so talented and your cakes are always so amazing💝From, Cherry💗

  25. Ashley M says:

    Ok wow… she made it look so easy and I would be the one to destroy the whole thing lol

  26. pr va says:

    I've been using a small packet of Hundreds & Thousands for cupcakes. Obviously I haven't been ambitious enough. I'll need to buy a packet of Thousands & Millions for this. The cake looks great!

  27. socaligirl says:

    ❤️❤️❤️😍 the marble cake stand

  28. FrenkSkyler says:

    I love how that transition didn’t go as planned! 😂

  29. Amrita Joseph says:

    Thank you Sally for this fabulous helpful tutorial!💗 Does the cake need to be chilled before applying the sprinkles? And can this sprinkle cake be done the day before an event? Thank you😊

  30. Bang Bang FAME! says:

    OMG Thank u!!! Wouldn't have picked my cake UP 😂 but I had NO IDEA it was THIS easy!
    🤞🏻🎂WISH ME LUCK!😁

  31. Monica J says:

    Thank you for this video! I was hesitant to try it and would have thought this was too easy/wouldn't work. However, it was very easy and worked wonderfully! Thank you 😊

  32. Awaz Ultra Pro The Mmd Photo Maker says:

    0_0 i dont have that much sprinkels 🙁

  33. justenoughsugar cakes says:

    Thank you helpful

  34. bridget says:

    A bowl of springles like that would cost about 30$ in Canada lol

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