Get the Recipe for our BEST SELLING Biscoff Cupcake! | Cupcake Jemma |

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June 30, 2019
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July 9, 2019
Get the Recipe for our BEST SELLING Biscoff Cupcake! | Cupcake Jemma

It’s time for another Crumbs and Doilies hit! This is a flavour we have been doing since we opened and every time we put it on the counter it FLIES OFF! Whatever you want to call them, Speculoos, Lotus biscuits, Biscoff, they are Tasty AF and Lotus Biscoff Spread, or Cookie Butter, is one of the best inventions since Peanut Butter.

For the Buttery Biscoff Base…
100g crushed Lotus biscuits (use any tasty biscuit if you can’t fond those)
15g melted butter
1 tsp golen syrup

For the sponge…
125g self raising flour
100g caster sugar
25g dark brown soft sugar
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
pinch of salt
125g soft butter
2 lg eggs
1.5 tbsp milk

For the filling…
100g double/heavy cream
generous tablespoon of Lotus Biscoff spread or cookie butter of your choice

For the Swiss Meringue Buttercream, make a half batch of my recipe – and add 150g slightly warmed Biscoff Spread.



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  1. 24O'BrienN Student says:

    where is your shop

  2. Irsa Anwar says:

    Just baked these. The liners came out pretty oily at the base, with and without the biscuit (I tried both ways). Did I do something wrong or its supposed to be that way?

  3. Maëlle V. says:

    It’s called « speculoos », it’s a traditional Belgian biscuit xx💕

  4. Jaimie Lam says:

    Can I used apf instead of self rising flour?

  5. Theodore Boosalis says:

    I want to meet the 59 peeps who downvoted this as of this posting date. Kinda lame. CJ is the ultimate baker – there's many here on YouTube I love and she's one of them. She's in my top 5. Like she's top 5 period! 🙂

  6. Amit Arija says:

    In place of eggs what can be used

  7. draconis1106 says:

    Just out of curiosity, can we use the cupcake recipe to bake a whole cake and the whole cake recipe for cupcakes?

  8. S Kazi says:

    Jemma you are an awesome baker. God bless you

  9. shahina uddin says:

    Can I replace the egg with anything else? A member of family has an allergy and I really wanna make this cake!

  10. Saima Hafeez says:

    Dear what is the substitute of biscoff spread?

  11. Elmer Jr Delmiguez says:

    Is it possible to add biscoff in the sponge batter?

  12. sin tv says:

    golen syrup means?

  13. Helen O’Mara says:

    Could these be frozen.

  14. Annabella Costello says:

    What do you guys think about making a website with all your recipes? It would be super cool

  15. Cooking with Dono says:

    wow i love it ….

  16. jacqueline25 says:

    Jemma can you add semi skimmed milk instead?

  17. Natasha Sheppard says:

    These are definitely my favourite. I love biscoff and these look AMAZING! When I’m in London again I’m definitely popping into your shop for these cakes 🧁

  18. Lea- Marie Pasemann says:

    In 7:27 it looks as if there was a lot buttercream left in the piping bag. To those who have already made the cupcakes: did you have a lot of leftover buttercream? If yes, what did you do with it? Looking forward to your answers. Thx.

  19. Marriam N says:

    Amazing recipe .. thanks! Love how your straight to the point and funny 😂👌🏽💕

  20. Sanya Methab says:

    does anybody know what tip she’s using

  21. KyloAymz says:

    How can I make these Vegan? What can you substitute Heavy cream for

  22. nicole courchee says:

    i made these today!!!! they turned out so well!! thank you!! <3

  23. Felicity Littlefair says:

    Ohh please do a video for the vegan version! 😃😃

  24. Babeii gyal says:

    Can I use light brown sugar ?

  25. tasnm rahmn says:

    I love how jemma shares her own recipes even though she has a business. Many people wouldn’t do that. Thanks jem❤️ lots of love from America

  26. Tomahawk1999 says:

    JEMMA used up half of the biscoffs in the country to make these cupcakes, look delicious !

  27. asma begum says:

    Hi how long in advance can I make these also what is the best way to store them ?

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