Easy CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS Recipe | Cupcake Jemma |

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June 25, 2019
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Easy CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

Time to hop on the Choux Train again! Choux choux! It’s not a hard as you might think to make choux pastry (although I’ll admit that I find it pretty hard to pipe even eclairs as I don’t make them that often but, as with everything, practice makes perfect!) Chocolate Eclairs are a great entry level eclair to make and you can fill them with anything you like. I’m filling mine with some Creme Patissiere AKA Pastry Cream, so check out last Tuesday’s Tip with Dane if you want to see how to make that.

Recipe –
For the choux…
225ml water
60g butter
1/2 tsp salt
125g plain flour
4 lg eggs

For the Creme Pat –

For the chocolate Glaze…
75ml water
100g caster sugar
80g 54% chocolate
25g butter

How to Make Nutella Profiteroles:
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  1. Tinci 16 says:

    Hello Jemma, could you bake something with pistachios? I'd love to make something for my dad, because he loves them.

  2. Marjolaine Menard says:

    Where have you been in Canada? 🙂

  3. Gina Batmunh says:

    Your usual Mongolian fan here…. loads of looooove

  4. Rach Kate says:

    I want a caramel custard éclair with a mocha glaze.

  5. Rebecca O leary says:

    Hey jemma,no matter what type of greaseproof papering use my eclairs always stick to the paper so just wonder where do I get those Sil patts (not sure how to spell them) I live in Ireland. Also I’d like to treat myself to a good mixer I only have a electric hand mixer so which one would you recommend? What’s the name of the one you use in these videos? I doubt I could afford it but an alternative would be great? I’ve made your lemon drizzle cake SO many times everyone loves it!! 😜Xxx

  6. Serenity says:

    can i ask what brand of piping bags are you using, i am looking to buy a new bunch as the ones i already got keep on bursting open 🙁

  7. Coline Le Roux says:

    They look amazing, but as a French girl who loves her pastries, I would preferer them a bit thicker, I find them skinny haha 😂
    But I love your way of making the icing, way easier than some recipes that we read in pastry books !

  8. Nellie P. says:

    So excited to come and check your shop out next week! Coming all the way from New Zealand and can’t wait to try some of these in person 😍🙏🏼🎉

  9. nikiichan says:

    "sometimes things are ugly delicious" I need to get that quote in my kitchen because I get so sad when things aren't perfect even though I am trying things out and don't have the experience.

  10. Aulie Tupaz says:


  11. Estelle Lauzon says:

    Oh no. I can't make those. I would eat half of them before they were done and the other half after they were done.

  12. patricia george says:

    Your channel is my television Jemma. Your videos are great, I have learned so much. Thanks.

  13. samandy24 says:

    You look so pretty with side swept bangs!!! ♥♥♥

  14. DayByeDay says:

    I'm going to be doing cupcakes for my sister's baby shower. She is having twin girls. This past year and still now have been pretty rough with my daughter being born and coming home at 6 months old with a g tube because she can't eat by mouth…yet! She's so strong and so amazing, I know she will eventually get through this and so will I and my fiance.

    Anyway, my question is this. How do I make a more stable and pipeable swiss meringue buttercream that doesn't require as much butter (nor margarine or shortening) to get it to be buttercream but still keep that beautiful stiff glossy peak. I am a beginning baker and this is my first chance to show off my creativity and feel proud of myself… and give my sister something to remember and hopefully 🤞😊🙏 the greatest cupcakes to celebrate her arrival of twin girls. My sister is also a twin. And the twins have Two Peas In A Pod (written) with a peapod and I thought that would be perfect for toppers of the🧁. I need a way to write on fondant preferably with an edible marker and make 3D peapods with 2 girl 👶🏼👶🏼 baby peas shown. I have limited funds but want to make this so special! Do you have any ideas? I have some gel food coloring and 1 cupcake tin that fits 12 cupcakes and I need to do 50 plus find containers to transport them in. Any advice would be a blessing. I have white and black fondant as well.

    Thank you if you read this. Best wishes!

  15. Drouin Johnny says:

    I put strawberry purée in my eclair……delicious….😍

  16. Robey Hines says:

    5:59 "Sometimes things are ugly delicious!"

    Good God, I wish I had that phrase in my repertoire when I was in baking school!!!

  17. Heidi Salas says:

    Maybe it’s just me but they look a tad underdone. Delicious I’m sure !!!

  18. dona harrisburg says:


  19. Auntie Triza says:

    Why do you add a sugar syrup to the chocolate glaze?

  20. Fox McQueen says:

    "Practice on the ugly ones…and work you way up to the pretty ones" sound life advice right there!

  21. Marie-Anne Durham says:

    All your eclairs are beautiful Jemma!🧁🤗

  22. Selani Rathnasiri says:

    Hi Jemma tried this recipe. Its really worked. Very soft and yummy. Thank you

  23. Shirley Lewis says:

    I made these yesterday, but the glaze was thin and watery. I followed the recipe exactly. Any idea why? I used 45% chocolate.

  24. Chann Dreams says:

    How comes your choux pastry is different compared to the profiteroles recipe?

  25. Christine Skinner says:

    I love your videos I used to bake lots before my stroke now not able to follow a recipe or be safe in the kitchen sad my favourite sweet thing is eclairs yummy

  26. Joy Yuen Cai Ying L. says:

    What do you recommend If I made these a day in advance, will they turn soggy in the fridge and leave to room temperature on the day to eat ?

  27. Darkest Serenity says:

    what piping tip do i need to pipe these eclairs (what size) ?

  28. One With Everything says:

    Your fringe looks gorgeous!

  29. Hayley bourgault says:

    Yum, yum and yum…make some cannolies…..

  30. Gertruda Lavrenov says:

    When you use the butter for the glaze do you use normal butter or unsalted

  31. Samantha Clewes says:

    The chocolate mix thing, pointless. Just use melted chocolate much more effective. ☺️

  32. MRaime says:

    I modified the filling. Instead of the usual creme patissiere, i made a cream containing peach and passion fruit, for a more fresh contrasting taste.

  33. Sophie Brun says:

    I just made these and my family is obsessed because their so delicious. But pls let the eclairs bake until golden brown (way longer than 25min)Otherwise they will just loose their shape and fall

  34. Mitchell Robless says:

    also make your oven on the highest as well goo

  35. Flavia Lugigan says:

    I made these and added the eggs way too soon, I ended up with very eggy eclairs, I had to throw them out. Wouldn't it be better to let the flour mix cool down before adding eggs? I did not find this mentioned in any recipes online and even though I thought about it I just went in since some guys over here on youtube added the eggs while the mix was still so hot there was steam coming out of it. Now I'm sure they had scrambled eggs eclairs, I just wish I followed my initial though. I'll remake the recipe. Anyone else had this result?

  36. Mitchell Robless says:

    with Chocolate Eclairs cloud i egg wash them before baking

  37. Mary Abdel says:

    Which butter did you use please

  38. Clodagh Walsh says:

    Wasn’t the difference between the milk and the water in the recipes?

  39. Walter White says:

    Tried this choux pastry twice…

    Both times the choux didn't rise. My oven was plenty hot enough, 200c the second time.

    Not sure if I will attempt them again as I used a decent flour which isn't cheap. Very disappointed. 😩

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