MUST-HAVE RECIPE for Creme Patissiere | Cupcake Jemma | Tuesday Tips |

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MUST-HAVE RECIPE for Creme Patissiere | Cupcake Jemma | Tuesday Tips

People who don’t love custard are just plain WEIRD! I love the stuff. So Creme Patissiere, or Pastry Cream, is like the daddy of the custard world. And it’s a really handy recipe to know if you want a simple, quick and tasty filling for your tarts, eclairs or even cupcakes. Here’s Dane to show you how it’s done…

Recipe –
675ml milk
2 tsp vanilla extract
135g caster sugar
40 cornflour
2 lg eggs + 2 egg yolks



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  1. Katie Hamilton says:

    Oh my word! Ive just made this, in readiness for profiteroles tomorrow. Its gorgeous, and sweetness is perfect. I used vanilla bean paste.

  2. Jelani X says:

    Can the recipe be in grams

  3. Jenny Cull says:

    how do you make this eggless?

  4. Beastly Bytes says:

    Looks amazing! Is this stable enough when cold to make custard slices?

  5. Sydney Arzate says:

    Can whole grain corn flour be used instead?

  6. Grady Broyles says:

    He's so dreeeeeamy. Wait what are we cooking? lol, JK
    Been wanting to learn how to do this, so thank you Dane!

  7. jmdogg says:

    2 whole eggs and 4 yolks actually m9

  8. Channell C. Walker says:

    What's the difference between bavarian cream and the pastry custard cream filling?

  9. Miracle says:

    I saw a recipe which used cold butter. How is that different from this?

  10. Nikoletta Baráth says:

    Is corn flour the same as cornstarch?

  11. Madison Chadwick says:

    Does anyone know if you can whip this cream with whipped cream?

  12. Rebecca Norris says:

    Does it mention anywhere about how much this yields?

  13. Sophie Brun says:

    Can I use cornstarch instead of cornflour

  14. schmalthoff says:

    The amount of vanilla extract left in the bowl and not added to the milk….😖

  15. Jaime Lannister says:

    my gaydar is going off on that guy, am i right or wrong?

  16. The Spectrum says:

    Can you use normal plain (all purpose) or 00 if you don’t have cornstarch?

  17. JustThat Hijabi says:

    Can you use flour instead of cornflour

  18. Kimi Recard says:

    Can I use this for lobster tail pastry?

  19. Mark Bigby says:

    I have always wanted to make pastry cream. Did it today for the first time. Oh wow….so easy to follow. Thanks!

  20. digitalawe says:

    I followed everything and mine smells like eggs…WHY?!??!😪

  21. Seferino Rino says:

    Did he said 175g caster sugar?

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