Decorating a cake with Raspberry Goo | Extra Tips | Cupcake Jemma |

WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY CUPCAKES? How to Get Perfect Cupcakes Every Time | Cupcake Jemma
WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY CUPCAKES? How to Get Perfect Cupcakes Every Time | Cupcake Jemma |
May 2, 2019
How to Make an Underwater Mermaid Cake | Cupcake Jemma
How to Make an Underwater Mermaid Cake | Cupcake Jemma |
May 9, 2019
Decorating a cake with Raspberry Goo | Extra Tips | Cupcake Jemma

I had so many people asking how we do the Raspberry Ripple jammy spready effect on the cake in last week’s Tuesday Tip on how to do a Perfect Crumb Coat, that I sent Sally straight back into the kitchen to show you how to do it!

Other useful videos…

How to do a Perfect Crumb Coat on Your Cake:
Raspberry Goo Recipe:
Decorate a Cake with Smooth Buttercream:
Vanilla Cake Recipe (from my Rainbow Splat Cake vid):

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  1. Alexis says:

    Why do I see the Canadian flag on the thumbnail ?

  2. Aleksandra M. says:

    Hahahahahahaha yeeeeessss, I knew straight away when you answered to my request with 😉 that the Video was already on the way. Thank youuuu Jemma :**

  3. Yamin Thein says:

    Sally's so sweet. A joy to watch.

  4. ElectricNights says:

    I cant find the goo video 😬

  5. Kat Owu says:

    Baked this cake on Saturday as a birthday cake only with different decorations. It is really lovely and so yummy. And birthday girl loved it. Thank you for an inspiration. Love your channel ❤️

  6. Rose Obeng says:

    This is a beautiful art

  7. Andreea Elisei says:

    Sally, you are super adorable and should definitely consider having your own channel, because you rock at it, girl! So impressed with your talent for baking as well, you make everything look so easy! And I know it's not! Hahahaha! All my best and so many hugs!

  8. For Goodness Cakes- Atlanta says:

    Another outstanding creation.

  9. Video Ricetta says:

    Grazie per i consigli utili!

  10. Eas Death says:

    She's so cute and amazing! ♥️♥️

  11. dona harrisburg says:

    I just can’t find the right height that is best for me lol. Hate my results

    Happy mother’s day to you, yours, jemma and everyone there

  12. S & A Kitchen says:

    Looks very nice and cool 👍

  13. Milagros Arrieta says:

    she is so charming! loved it

  14. V Johnson says:

    Sally you’re a natural in front of the camera.

  15. Shayaan Khan says:

    It's holy month ramadan
    Ramadan mubarak to every muslim in the world

  16. GoldmarieAJ says:

    Looks like a bloody halloween cake 😅

  17. Boone Bake분 베이크 says:

    Thank you for an inspiration. Love your channel

  18. Chyanne Jackson says:

    Can you do one on how to layer a cake? I tried and everytime the cake is leaning, or the cake falls apart/cracks when I hold it to layer/stack it.

  19. prakash balasundaram says:

    Hi Jemma
    Please can u do a review on the kenwood prospero
    Since you use stand mixers so often I wanted to see your opinion
    plz consider this video idea
    thank you

  20. Michelle Paz says:

    Hello! Did you chill the cake before applying the goo?

  21. American Baker in Germany says:

    Such a helpful tip. Thank you for the tutorial.

  22. Elisabeth T says:

    I noticed on your website of daily flavors that u have 2 gluten free flavors today or idk maybe every day. Could u share a couple of your gluten free recipes please. Celiac rubs in our family and most gluten free desserts aren’t great if they r things that are normally with flour like cake. I have found a few tricks but would love to know what flour blend u use and such. Preferably something without nuts because I want to make something for my daughter and she’s allergic. Thanks

  23. Luxus says:


  24. RebeccaV says:

    Could you do this with luster dust liquid paint?

  25. i am sous chef says:

    This looks awesome, love the idea

  26. MayaDrew says:

    Love Jemma and the whole gang but Sally is just too sweet, I always love seeing her in your videos.

  27. G says:

    Looks simple but i’m sure i cant pull this off

  28. Kaboons Xu says:


  29. Pleochroic Rainfall says:

    This would be THE PERFECT Hallowe’en cake with some gelatin shards as ‘glass’ on top Omgsh now that I thought about it that’s totally morbid don’t do that

  30. Christa Winter says:

    It's beautiful but it can also look like period 😅😂

  31. Bolos Bafônicos says:

    How cute is Sally!!! 😍

  32. Private Faces says:

    Of all the colours/fruit goos you could use, why choose something that looks like period blood?!

  33. Maahi Ahuja says:

    Your videos are very helpful
    Thank you

  34. Joana Żukiewicz says:

    Can you use swiss buttercream underneath the goo? 🙂

  35. Infiniteself says:

    Sally is so sweet <3

  36. fitney says:

    i did this on a cake with swiss meringue buttercream but it didnt work so well. it didnt stick on the buttercream, it kinda blew off. finally my whole cake was covered a little with the goo (strawberry). did i do something wrong? wrong buttercream?

  37. Alexa Cannon says:

    Could you do this with white chocolate ganache instead of buttercream??

  38. Althea Good says:

    This would be great for a Halloween cake! I want to try this.


    Someone was murdered on this cake

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