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April 18, 2019
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Black Bottom Cupcakes! | Cupcake Jemma

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Cake Ideas

baking ideas

These are some tasty cupcakes! I’d always been intrigued by the Black Bottom flavour and it took me a little while to get on the Black Bottom train it here they are! Tangy, chocolatey, creamy and delicious. And I’ve used a bit of gold leaf to make them extra special! Hope you like them – let me know in the comments how you get on, and don’t forget to post your bakes to #cupcakejemma so I can check them out!

Jemma x

Chocolate Sponge:
220g caster sugar
200ml boiling water
80ml vegetable oil
1 tbsp cider vinegar
1tsp vanilla
220g plain flour
35g cocoa powder
1 tsp bicarb
1/2 tsp salt

285g cream cheese
60g caster sugar
1 large egg
1/4 tsp vanilla
25g chopped choc chips

Cream Cheese icing video –

Chocolate bark –
100g each of dark and white chocolate
Gold leaf if you like!




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Cake Ideas

baking ideas


  1. paprika says:

    Thank you Jemmaaaaa

  2. Laura says:

    Defo gonna try this recipe. Any good ideas on how to use up Easter eggs?

  3. Dia C says:

    Very nice recipie Jemma! They looks very delicious! Have a nice day! 👍👏🍫

  4. Luxus says:

    I love all ur videos👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  5. ADITI says:

    Jemma! Your dimples! i love dimples omfg

    also great recipe

  6. Lee says:

    Looks so good!

  7. anas naseem says:

    Please tell icing tip which you use to ice cupcake please

  8. Marie-Anne Durham says:

    I’ve never made these before, can’t wait to try! They look amazing🤗x

  9. Alex P says:

    My mom used to make these when my sisters and I were very young it was my favourite! 😋

  10. Veronica Burgueno says:

    Jemma!! Those look yummy. What kind of chocolate and white chocolate is used ? Thanks for Sharing. Can’t wait to try.

  11. Flygyrl says:

    Thank you again! You never disappoint.

  12. bethany porter says:

    I noticed you didn't put an egg in the chocolate sponge…why?

  13. Hoor ansari says:

    بارك الله فيك… هلا انا متابعتك من ليبيا احبك واحب وصفاتك انا مدربة كب كيك واعطي في دورات واخذت من وصفاتك وتعليماتك جزاك الله خيرا… يحبونك حتى متدرباتي…مزيدا من التقدم والاجتهاد

  14. mariinskyfan says:

    Please show what is looks like after you take a bite

  15. Nikola Zmeškalová says:

    I need Jemma to be my personal baker during exam season to help me destress (and stop me from procrastination and watching her videos while procrastinating!)

  16. Jenny Cull says:

    do we need to temper the chocolate?

  17. Sonja Louw says:

    Hi Jemma, can I use the same recipe to make a 6 inch cake instead of cupcakes? It looks amasing and I am excited to try this recipe 🙂

  18. Sathvika Krishnan says:

    The chocolate sponge is vegan so yay!!!! Thank you so much!

  19. Laura Zeller says:

    Thank you! Yummy!

  20. Plo Lumpski says:

    Please can you make tres leches cupcakes please 😀😀

  21. SaphiraTessa says:

    I guess your cream cheese is different, cuz for me it got liquid even tho the consistency of the cream cheese itself seemed similar?

  22. quiche lorraine says:

    Black bottom cakes you make the rockin world go round 🍰

  23. Elsjepelsje says:

    Yes finally cupcakes that are made FOR ME

  24. Adel O says:

    Awesome tastes! The only frosting I use for my chocolate cake is lemon cream cheese frosting, it's like tasting the best of both worlds lol. I can't wait to try the black bottom cake

  25. Robyn Mctaggart says:

    oh boy, I bet that is delicious!!!

  26. Marie-Anne Duarte says:

    Could you please show us how to make a "Frozen" Cake for a kiddies birthday party. Frozen as from the animated movie 🙂

  27. Marie-Anne Duarte says:

    Gosh this is amazing!!! Thank you.

  28. Khushboo Shah says:

    What can be a substitute for the egg…in the cream cheese mix?

  29. Vlogging with PH says:

    Ok so I just baked these today. And at first I was skeptical because I’m from the U.S. so we don’t measure things like this, so I bought a scale and followed the directions. I was super scared they werent gonna work but they came out AMAZING and I definitely recommend!!

  30. Mary Penn says:

    Hi Jemma, First, I want to thank you for sharing your amazing (and delicious) recipes!  I made these cupcakes yesterday and they were so good, but my cheesecake mixture sank into the chocolate batter.  I was wondering why there were no eggs in the chocolate cupcake batter.  Thank you so much again for sharing your recipes:)

  31. Rajesh Yadav says:

    Hi Jemma … thank you for sharing this recipe …
    I have just made these … little bit of twist to flour … I used sorghum and finger millet mix equally
    Turnout awesome … thanks again … please share the vanilla only version for this …

  32. daranie8 says:

    Can you make a Masterclass with gluten-free cupcakes?

  33. Yumyummy says:

    Wow 😍

  34. ilonaliss says:

    Hi Jemma! I tried making these the other week and it was a major fail. The chocolate layer did not bake and was still runny after it came out of the oven (I baked them for a few minutes longer to see if it helps but it did not). The cupcakes were all sunken in the middle and looked a right mess. The cheesecake layer tasted nice but the chocolate bit was terrible. I followed your recipe to the t except I added approx 80g plain flour and 140 g self raising flour (I ran out of plain flour) and only 1/2 t of bicarb. Any ideas what went wrong?

  35. Talin Aposhian says:

    hi jemma its not risky raw egg in the cream can we change it with another thing

  36. Alyssa Murray says:

    Hey Jemma just an idea for a masterclass. Maybe a cheesecake masterclass! Like no bake cheesecake and then bakeable cheesecake and overmixing undermixing and all that. You are literally my idol!!! Thank you so much ❤️❤️🧁

  37. Courtney C says:

    Banana marble cake/cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

  38. Healthy Cooking says:

    No baking powder required?

  39. m Aslam m Aslam says:


  40. Nguyen Thanh Huong says:

    Hello Jemma, because of the different in taste of sweetness in my country and yours so I used your recipe and cut down the sugar level to half, but then I am always in short of 2-3 cupcakes of dozen like yours, which ingredient u suggest me to put instead so I can always have dozen? Thank you a lot

  41. B l u e B e r r y's says:


  42. Anjana Benny says:

    Hi Jemma! do you use dutch processed coco powder in all your recipes?

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