Make Your Own Sprinkles! | Cupcake Jemma Video Tips |

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Make Your Own Sprinkles! | Cupcake Jemma Video Tips

It’s #TuesdayTips Time! And here are Sally and Nikki to show you how you can make your own sprinkles, which is super useful when you just can’t seem to find the colour you’re looking for!

You will need…

Royal Icing – Perfect Piping Masterclass plus Royal Icing Recipe! | Cupcake Jemma
Food colouring
Piping bags
Nozzles (we used No.2)
Tray lined with greaseproof paper
A sieve



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  1. Marie-Anne Durham says:

    Love the Tuesday tip videos!🤗

  2. James Lewis says:

    Thanks for this. Really handy tip. Never had trouble getting sprinkles but always useful to have up your sleeve. Thanks Jemma

  3. Grace A says:

    Hey Jemma, thank you to you Sally and Nikki this idea is genius!

  4. Debra Cole says:

    Can these be used inside cakes to make fun fetti cupcakes?

  5. Mulan 121 says:

    And sprinkles are crazy expensive, let’s be honest. 5-10 quid for a handful of what is essentially just sugar and a bit of food colouring.

  6. thePeziie says:

    Wonderful colours 🙂

  7. wendy kelly says:

    when are you getting married Jemma

  8. Leila Oliveira says:

    Amazing tip❤❤
    For how long we can store them?

  9. Lilly M says:

    new subscriber here. You're my fave youtuber

  10. Karen Carvalho says:

    I love the team work and enthusiasm. 👍

  11. soup hater says:

    Wow I've always thought that bakeries buy their sprinkles from stores

  12. Shi_Yah says:

    Love your sprinkles! How long can you keep it once made?

  13. MARiAVE says:

    Thanks for this. ❤️

  14. Rosie Barnwell says:

    Your recipes are really really good!

  15. Avalon Yennefer says:

    Im binge watching your videos IM GOING TO BAKE EVERYTHING!

  16. Gacha Mitzu -.- says:

    Use this as the “I love sprinkles button”

  17. olanrewaju dosumu says:

    you are a life saver

  18. Nalia Bellamy says:

    Where is the recipe for royal icing I cannot see in the description box

  19. Josephine Poh says:

    Omg. And I've been paying 7 bucks a small bottle for these!!!!!!

  20. Infini Art says:

    Lovely! Brilliant! Loved it! Thank you 😘

  21. Nazakat Ali says:

    Incredible! For how long can we leave them to dry until we cut them out..?

    Thank you..

  22. Lucia Olmedo says:

    Yeeeeeeah!! I couldnt find the sprinkles and suddenly I find this video. Love cupcakejemma. Every recipe I do is a hit

  23. Lucky Avocado says:


  24. Tracy S says:

    Hi!! How long can we keep them after having made please?

  25. Tiffany Lewis says:

    I will never buy sprinkles again!

  26. Lyla Boone says:


  27. Neetha Hegde says:

    Hello Jemma, Sally, Nikki… Msging from India… Followed Jemma's recipe for royal icing and I've been trying to do this for the past week, but my royal icing won't dry up at all : Not finding egg white powder, could you please tell how much of egg white (liquid) to be used or a recipe without using egg at all? need some help please…

  28. Maimoona M says:

    You have not told the ingredients or the way of making that batter

  29. Brilliant Gondo says:

    Oooh that simple i'd never guess of it

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