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March 14, 2019
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March 21, 2019
How To Make The Best Rocky Road | Cupcake Jemma

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Cake Ideas

baking ideas

Rocky Road is so quick and easy to make, and its absolutely delicious! Get some on the go now and on Thursday I’ll be showing you how to use some to top my amazing Rocky Road Cupcakes!

Recipe –
250g dark chocolate 70%
120g unsalted butter
30g golden syrup (or corn syrup/honey)
A handful of chocolate bars
70g your favourite biscuits
40g mini marshmallows
handful of mini smarties

7×7″ Square tin, greased and lined



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Cake Ideas

baking ideas


  1. Eswari Reddy Musali says:

    Can I come and work for you 💗

  2. Elizabeth Morgan says:

    Love the rest of C&D getting on board with YouTube 👌

  3. American Baker in Germany says:

    This looks so amazing! Thanks for the recipe.

  4. MR says:

    Love it!!!!

  5. Rinat R says:


  6. pandane says:

    Am I the only one stressed by the fact that Sally speaks really fast and without breaks? I loved her energy, the way she gives instructions, but the pace of her speech is insane.

  7. Aashni Gudka says:

    just hooked to the videos they are amazing

  8. Saif Tutorials says:

    I heard about this first time
    And i really enjoyed it
    You are so Professional
    I like your Baking
    And bake along videos
    You are just amazing
    You teach us so many things
    Love you
    I have Cooking Channel too!!

  9. Emma Sunbeam says:

    This looks so delicious! 🤤🤤
    Sally’s a rockstar FYI!

  10. Icecream Panda says:

    Finally something without eggs thanks jemma and sally!!

  11. Naz Dollz says:

    Hi your recipe says 220g of butter but you say 125g which one please?

  12. norwin dy says:

    Ilove to see more of her pls

  13. Poonam smart kitchen says:

    Nice.. thanks for sharing

  14. Pleochroic Rainfall says:

    ‘No-Bake Rocky Road Brownies’. Yes please! 🙊💚

  15. FrenkSkyler says:

    I LOVE that she has an accent on her accent. Great video! 😁

  16. How Tasty says:

    Sally is so fresh and lovely! She's adorable 🥰

  17. 너구리고라니 says:

    mini smarties! i don't even know what the smarties are, but thank god they are not m&ms! cause i hate m&m ㅠㅠ but that's not important. what's important to say is that I love Sally ' 3' thank you for your recipe and instruction as always!

  18. Primitivo Steve Saet JR says:

    Sally, if you said we can use milk or white chocolate instead of dark chocolate, will the quantities change or stay the same?

  19. Favorite Recipes says:

    Delicious !!!!

  20. Ana C says:

    I’m coming to London on August and I’ll come to your bakery every 4 days that i’m there, I swear I can’t wait! 😍

  21. Marie-Anne Durham says:

    Looks delicious, can’t wait for the cupcake recipe!😍🧁

  22. lozzymagoo says:

    Sprinkle the smarties on when the chocolate is wet. And you could use crushed cornflakes on top 😊

  23. Rachel Davis says:

    I always thought rocky road was just a flavor of ice cream. lol

  24. Sophia Cariad says:

    The "Like" button does not go far enough! Just love this recipe and how you make it so accessible. Also YAY for autoplay when the next video is your ultimate caramel crunch cornflake brownie one!!!

  25. Madhushree Ravisha says:

    I love you
    I love every video…
    You are the best love love

  26. Sharon Lee says:

    Mmmmmm sod the diet

  27. Music Mom says:

    can you clarify the biscuit ingredient and what a mini smartie is (a candy coated chocolate or a fruit centered one) for those of us in the USA? I so want to make this! :0)

  28. Naz Dollz says:

    Also 35g or 30g golden syrup?

  29. Kalie Daddario says:

    Omg I adore her voice

  30. shalini punshi says:

    Hi what choc did u use couverture or compound. Thanks

  31. Mzkt Bzkt says:

    Yum, mum use to make something similar with cherries and biscuits layers can’t thing what it’s called I know it’s not rocky road.

  32. Jason Economides says:


  33. Barbara Fischer says:

    Those rocky road bars are so cute! I might have to try making some! ☺

  34. scotchcoke says:

    Ok, I tried this with milk chocolate and melted it in a bain Marie with the butter and syrup. However it went all lumpy like the mixture had split. I'm guessing it wouldn't have happened with dark 70% chocolate??

  35. Wandering Days says:

    Sally’s voice is so soothing and loved her overall cookery

  36. Athena says:

    I like the biscuit additions but Rocky Road (Ice Cream) is chocolate ice cream with almonds or sometimes peanuts with mini marshmallows.

  37. Walter White says:

    Sally is great

  38. Michelle Cashmore says:

    I made this at the weekend using crunchie bars, pecans, glace cherries and raisins (in addition to the default marshmallows/biscoff biscuits). It went down a storm with everyone! Will definitely be making again – thank you!

  39. jacinta fanthorpe says:

    If want to make 2 rocky roads how much ingredients

  40. Mary Ann Nagamatsu says:

    can I ask what is golden syrup?

  41. Flurdeliz Mojica says:


  42. Jemboy Dumagno says:

    That's my favorite

  43. Sarah Shields says:

    Love this Recipe but How do you stop the chocolate from going a kind of whitish tint on top🤔

  44. Izzy Jackson says:

    mines turned out like babalab 💩

  45. B l u e B e r r y's says:

    Y u m m y

  46. Truyen Audio-Le Duyen-Duyen Le says:

    You are the best, thank Jemma. You have a beautiful day.

  47. Giovanna DB says:

    Love Sally 🥰

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