How To Drip the Perfect Drip-Cake – Full Icing Recipe & Technique! | Cupcake Jemma |

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How To Drip the Perfect Drip-Cake - Full Icing Recipe & Technique! | Cupcake Jemma

This technique is really simple but I know that a flawless drip eludes some of you and that is why I am breaking it down to give you all the tips you’ll need to get your drip rolling!

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You will need…

Dark chocolate (50-60-% cocoa solids)
Double/heavy cream

White chocolate
Cocoa butter (not the stuff you rub on your dry skin!)
Superwhite powder
Oil-based food colouring

Piping bags
Cranked palette knife

Gold drip action –



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  1. Zareefa Zalme says:


  2. Samantha Mendoza says:

    plesae make more bakeing vidoes

  3. Samantha Mendoza says:

    you are amazing baker

  4. Pink Giraffe says:

    Is using galaxy chocolate or Cadbury a no?

  5. Angel Sagucio says:

    Gaga anya bayag mon Makatkatayam ta araramidemon gaga

  6. Mat Zone says:

    What type of icing do you use?

  7. Isobel Chadwick says:

    Do you have to put buttercream on the cake first to do a drip or is it okay to do it straight onto the cake? Thanks

  8. Sidonie ronson pearl says:

    heyy there, i wanted to give me cake a green dripp effect, I was wondering what way you recommend to do so? to make white chocolate with cream ganche (like in your other video) and then mix in green food coloring or this way? with cocoah butter…? :/ thank youuuu

  9. Gloria Mudany says:

    Wait… whats the difference between gel based food colour and oil based food colour?🤔 And what makes gel so terrible for white chocolate? I thought it was the most recommended for coloring chocolates and buttercreams and other frostings…

  10. Debra Torr says:

    Hi Gemma. I’ve just completed my first drip cake and the drips have slipped on the icing! 😂😂 have you any ideas how to stop this please for next time? The ganache seemed quite thick and fairly warm although I did the quantities you said?

  11. Matina Papakosta says:

    What else can we use exept cocoa butter????

  12. Tropical Gaming says:

    Love your video's

  13. * FяøzenRose * says:

    That apron btw.. it's absolutely gorgeous 😍

  14. Amazing Grace says:

    60 grams chocolate is a tink bit over 2 ounces or 1/3 a cup

  15. Deggs says:

    Casually films a video in her commercial kitchen

  16. lindsey mcnab says:

    Hoping you see my question (as you posted the video last year) Which Uk supermarkets sell cocoa butter? Don't think I've ever seen it and have my first real order next week!x

  17. Astrid Haviland says:

    Those are beautiful chocolate drips, I noticed you didn't let the ganache to cold down, today was my first time doing the ganache, I let it cool for 10 minutes and it didn't drip, what is your advice, thanks in advance and thank you for sharing

  18. Carol Hutchings says:

    Is your cake cold??

  19. Cxys_lie says:

    does it make a difference if i use chocalate milk instead of black chocolate?

  20. Eilish Quinzel says:

    Can I use regular butter for the white chocolate drip?

  21. liz segura says:

    Great Video!! Does someone know if you can store the ganache that is made? if so for how long?

  22. Damoya Hyde says:

    what if you melted milk chocolate and did the drip, that would be fine right?

  23. Tasneem Noor says:

    is there an alternative to cocoa butter? 😫

  24. Katherine Laws says:

    For those of you who, like me, don't have cocoa butter I used double the amount of chocolate to double cream and it worked

  25. Aldona Gudmone says:

    I just made my drip cake. White chocolate drips is perfect. Thank you Jemma

  26. Mel Lieschke says:

    This was so good Jemma!! Quick question, do you think it’s possible to still get a drip effect if you use just is icing sugar, cocoa powder and water? (I.e make it to the consistency you need, and the put it on?, or will it not work as it wont set as well?)

  27. Anne Maguire says:

    Hi ya I’m just wondering what cocoa butter you use as I’m struggling to find it on line. Also the super white can you useTitanium Dioxide also known as Titanium White? X

  28. Scorpion Girl says:

    Can we skip cocoa butter?

  29. James Pham says:

    Can you use a raspberry coulis or syrup for drip cake, or will that be too runny and won’t set? And If I cover the sides of the cake with a layer of finely crushed nuts, will the drip effect still work the same? Thanks in advance.

  30. 사랑Mianhaee says:

    Is it ideal to use chocolate drip on boiled icing?

  31. Lucinda Howard says:

    On which type of frosting can one do the drip on

  32. Beauty payne Khumoy says:


  33. Jaydeybabey91 says:

    hi jemma, qhat buttercream do you use to cover your cakes in, normal or SM? xx

  34. Klyferwei2012 says:

    Just what i've been searching for…gotta make one tommorrow.thanks much!

  35. Cecilia Thomas says:

    Ty !

  36. Kelly Joseph says:

    Where may I purchase cocoa butter?

  37. Supun Shanaka says:

    Hi jemma, I'm fall in love with your accent! 😁😁

  38. fluffypenguinbabe says:

    Is there anything else I can use in place of cocoa butter for a white chocolate drip? I'm assuming cream would make it too thin?
    Gutted that the white powder is kinda expensive once you include delivery BUT yellowy ganache doesn't look appealing!
    I heard that if you use a splash of vegetable oil, it helps gel colours to mix with chocolate, anyone tried that? Also heard of a product called Flo Colour which again you add along with gel colours, and it's meant to make it act like an oil colour. Anyone tried that as well?

  39. Kimberley Taylor says:

    Just want to say a massive Thankyou Gemma .. I have managed to make a 4 layer sponge cake and iced it with your famous buttercream and finished it off with a choc ganache drip .. it looks amazing and my whole family are shocked to the core .., I couldn’t of done any of it without watching your amazing videos ! Thankyou so much my daughter is going to love her b day cake … oh and I’ve never made a cake before in my life 😊 x

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