Caramel Masterclass with Caramel Recipes 3 Ways | Cupcake Jemma |

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Caramel Masterclass with Caramel Recipes 3 Ways | Cupcake Jemma

It’s Masterclass time and one of your top requests is for me to demystify caramel. So here is 3 different kinds of caramel, broken down and explained simply. If you have any more questions, pop them down below and I’ll do my best to answer them! 🙂

You will need…
Double/Heavy cream
Sugar (I use caster sugar but granulated is ok too)
…in various quantities…watch the video 😉



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  1. Melanie ahh says:

    finally one recipe that won't need room temperature butter xdd

  2. seemtobeasecret says:

    Which caramel type is good for banoffee pie?

  3. seemtobeasecret says:

    Which caramel type is good for banoffee pie?

  4. *{fairygamer_ YT}* says:

    Can I use condensed instead of cream?

  5. Barbara Stewart says:

    Do you know that no one has ever done Carmel Bits could you please show how on make to make for Cookies, we don't get them in Canada. Please

  6. Sunjyot Singh says:

    I want to use caramel in ice cream,
    Usually caramel falls down in the ice cream when we put it in a gallon/box . What should be the right temprature so that caramel does not falls down and remains sticky/stretched while we scoop it from a gallon/box ?

  7. Felipe Brockveld says:

    Pé de moleque

  8. Paul Valeontis says:

    Hi! Thank you for this awesome video! Just a quick question. Could any of these recipes – as they are shown here or slightly altered – be used to make a caramel glaze to cover cakes with?

  9. Morad Qatabi says:

    Well done 😀👍

  10. Wubedel Kiros says:

    Exactly what I needed this lockdown season. Thank you.

  11. Angel Gaming says:

    What if I used milk instead of heavy cream?

  12. Jessica Herras says:

    Recipe of dry caramel please

  13. Mary Ann Nagamatsu says:

    Tried ur wet caramel & it’s perfect thank you so much for sharing your recipe:))

  14. David Stievenard says:

    omg my son saw that, I have to do it now 😉

  15. timmerdonkey says:

    made this today, it was awesome, easy, thank you

  16. Fiery Beast says:

    i just noticed that im wering same tshirt asyou (*_#)

  17. Pamela Deans says:

    After years of trying recipes and never finding the right recipe. Never liked the taste, but THIS IS IT! Yours!. Wow, the caramels are amazing, and I have never tasted anything so good. Thank you

  18. Michel Ross says:

    How long the soft caramel can stay in the refrigerator?

  19. Lynn gues says:

    How long can this be stored for… Also if i make the wet caramel a day in advance for dripping do i have to warm it up or will it still be runny enough?

  20. Riya Agrawal says:

    Hi jemma , I tried making this caramel and it turned out to be slight bitter. Can u tell me a way I can amend that sause.

  21. Siti Hajar says:

    Loveyou jemma! ❤️❤️❤️ Hugs from malaysia❤️❤️❤️

  22. Arslan Bajwa says:

    I am subscribing . You make really good videos.even i can understand.

  23. Anèmone Anèmone says:

    which one is best for icecream topping

  24. katie still says:

    Can I use condensed milk instead at all?

  25. Noor Ayop says:

    I tried making the first recipe and everything was fine, till I added the cream. as soon as I did, the caramel hardened and wouldn't mix with the cream at all and all I got was caramel flavored milk 🙁

  26. Dr. Montana Buntragulpoontawee says:

    This is absolutely helpful. Caramel demystified! Thank you!

  27. Phensiri PU-IN says:

    If I want to decorate on top with my cookies which type of caramel is the best for my cookies ?

  28. Amy Dsc says:

    I love this, is so easy ♥️ thanks..

  29. Souad Sabah says:

    Just made it and have to say that it's probably the easiest one to follow making caramal has always been something that I was afraid to make but I made it and it is busy cooling down in the bowl now and Fam is so excited to eat it. It smells amazing and I must say is definitely better than the one in the can thanks you so much you helped this teen make amazing caramal for my tarts

  30. Mehnaz Ahmed says:

    Which one should I use for Flan/creme caramel?

  31. sharon valenzuela says:

    Thank you Jemma!

  32. rashijogee says:

    Hi Jemma.. Can tinned dessert cream be used instead of fresh cream to make the wet caramel?

  33. Freda Atiapah says:

    Hi am from Africa and love baking pls. How can I get ur cake recipe book

  34. sonal shah says:

    hey jemma , i m glad tht i found your channel
    i want to start making cup cakes and brownies ans upside down pineapple cake. i vl look for the receipe for the same on your channel

  35. isabby1784 says:

    Would you use dry caramel for caramel appels?

  36. NoZenith says:

    Does it matter what the source the sugar is from? Beet vs Cane would there be a difference? I am from the us and we don't have caster sugar here and I understand it has much finer granulation. The beet sugar available to me seems to be much finer than the cane sugar.
    Thank you.

  37. ManWithGoodHands says:

    I had to watch this video twice because I was distracted by how beautiful she is. She is so lovely

  38. Kultharin Kulranunvijit says:

    love it! thx for sharing

  39. Carol Palmer says:

    Hi. I'm having issues with my caramel. I'm doing dry caramel but it has come out very dark. The sugar was dark brown around the edge of the pan before all the sugar was melted. Have I had the heat to high. Thanks

  40. Rabiah Tasty says:

    My saucepan is different 😥

  41. Tan Billy says:

    I dont think that I want to pour that hot caramel into my NUTS

  42. James Shannon says:

    Thank you

  43. RubyJane9 says:

    Hi Jemma, I absolutely love your YouTube channel!!! My question is, what caramel type is the best for regular millionaire shortbread? With no extra bits! 😂

  44. Priyanka Sandhu says:

    Hi Jemma, could you please suggest which caramel sauce to use for upside down nuts cake. I made with sugar and butter and it turned hard. It became difficult to scrape through even though I lined it with butter paper. For nuts I used only roasted almonds (chopped)

  45. Lori Felber says:

    Which caramel can i use in a macaron? Love your videos!

  46. Mike Church says:

    Hi !!! I have been looking for the caramel instructions for a while now, and found YOU ! very happy i did ! THANK YOU FOR THIS ! excellent video ! really well done, clear, concise, and complete ! Im goin to the store for vanilla ext. and sugar. i think , this afternoon, I will have caramels to eat, and share !!! great job ! THANX !

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