Buttermilk Recipe | No buttermilk? No problem! Make your own with this simple trick! | Cupcake Jemma |

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Lemon Drizzle Cake Bakealong | Cupcake Jemma Classics |
February 24, 2019
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March 7, 2019
Buttermilk Recipe | No buttermilk? No problem! Make your own with this simple trick! | Cupcake Jemma

It’s another Tuesday Tip and this one is fo something I get asked for a lot: what if I don’t have Buttermilk? What can I use instead?
In this video, our very own Nikki (Nikki Noodles, as I like to call her), is going to show you a handy hack to get you through the Buttermilk drought!

NB we don’t actually have a Meringue Masterclass Video in Thursday BUT WE DO have a Caramel Masterclass, which is much more exciting, but apologies for any disappointment this might cause! 🤦🏻‍♀️



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  1. please don't says:

    Isn't buttermilk substitutable with low-fat liquidy yogurt anyways?

  2. Marie-Anne Durham says:

    Such a quick tip! Love seeing more of the C&D team!🤗

  3. Tina Wilson says:

    Cupcake Jemma I love your channel. I have bought your cookbook and am eager to try your recipes. I do have a problem though. My daughter would like a harry potter themed cake or cupcakes (undecided) and I haven't found any ideas on other channels that I like. Could you please do a video on one or point me in a new direction please. 🙂

  4. Daniel Boyd says:

    I just wondering yoghurt is works as butter milk??

  5. dani girl says:

    Great tip! Thanks!

  6. Shauna Dreelan says:

    Does it have to be whole milk or can you slimline?

  7. Saras Permata says:

    Can I subtitute the dairy milk with nut mylk instead? Thanks Jemma!

  8. Lynda Sakky says:


  9. virginia garcia perez says:

    Could I use long life whole milk?? It's the one I'm always have at home

  10. Nigel Walsh says:

    I've only ever made buttermilk in this way and never bought it – why would you?
    I also buy granulated sugar and blend it to make my own caster sugar and icing sugar ( put it in the magic bullet and blitz ) simples 🙂

  11. LA2047 says:

    I just love listening to Jemma say the word “buttermilk.”

  12. Elifnur Yıldırım says:

    When will the meringue masterclass come out??

  13. chao tizitaet says:

    Thanks. I love this new series. Is there also a tip on how to make double cream/heavy cream? I can get cream with a max. of 35% fat only, but some recipes such as no-churn ice cream don't really work with that.

  14. hyungeun Kim says:

    Milk : 250
    Juice : 1tbsp
    Is it correct??

  15. hollosteph says:

    Did you use whole milk for this or can you use semi skimmed?

  16. somermaid says:

    Thank you for this video 😍 Because in Türkiye buttermilk doesnt sold . Whenever i want to make an american recipe i always see buttermilk. So i always quit. But after now i can💪🏻

  17. Talei Larson says:

    Do you leave out to set in the fridge? Or out of he fridge?

  18. Rupashna ram says:

    Thanks very helpful 👍

  19. Elaine Cowan says:

    Will this work if I 1/2 the measurements? I only need it for 12 cupcakes

  20. Ashi Farhat says:

    I'm from Pakistan karachi this is very nice recipe I will make it inshaAllah

  21. Ashi Farhat says:

    You are doing well done

  22. Pink Suger says:

    250 ml of milk__ 1table spoon of lemon juice

  23. Edvin Johnson says:

    I Sverige kan man byta ut buttermilk mot filmjölk för samma resultat. (You can use filmjölk instead of buttermilk if you live in a country that have filmjölk. Filmjölk is a fermented milk product from Sweden.)

  24. Mariela_mars says:

    Can I use lime juice?

  25. Sara Fernández says:

    Can you use kefir instead of buttermilk?

  26. Alyandra Queen Terceño says:

    For how long can this homemade buttermilk be stored in the fridge?

  27. dawn molloy says:

    Good to know as it’s only needed on occasion but milk and lemon juice are easy to come by!

  28. Aisha M says:

    Hey, how long will any left overs last for in the fridge?

  29. Su Boo says:

    I can only find one supermarket that sells buttermilk and it’s not where I do my weekly shop so when I do one of your recipes that have this I have to go out my way to go there just to get butter milk, it’s surprisingly hard to find! Never again will I have that struggle thank you

  30. Britt Helen Bakken says:

    Thank you. Here in Norway they don’t sell buttermilk, so this was just what I needed 💖

  31. Sultana Ali says:

    Hi thanks for this tip as it will come in use for me… just wanted to know how long can i keep it in the fridge if i dont need all of it

  32. Lynn Ho says:

    Hi, do i put it in the fridge to set or leave it in room temp?

  33. Nikita Dunne says:

    Thank you!!!!!! Now I can make the beignets I've been craving for days!!!

  34. Saumya says:

    At temperature should the milk be?

  35. Jovian Lin says:

    I use whole milk with rice vinegar, room temperature, 30 mins later has a little few small chunky texture thing, not thick, I stir it, and 4 hrs later no more small chunky texture thing, just liquid, is there anyone could help me figure out where I did wrong 😭😭😭

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