Make Your Own Brown Sugar! | Cupcake Jemma |

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February 14, 2019
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February 21, 2019
Make Your Own Brown Sugar! | Cupcake Jemma

Welcome to the first Tuesday Tip! Every other Tuesday me and the C&D gang will be giving you quick little tips, tricks and hacks for your baking so make sure you have subscribed and clicked on the Notification Bell below so you get alerts when a new video is uploaded!

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You will need…
250g granulated sugar
2 tsp treacle/molasses



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  1. dorkabrain says:

    I don’t have trouble finding brown sugar, but I do have trouble stopping it from turning into a non-destructible brick no matter how I store it. So this should be helpful in that regard. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Hạnh Nguyễn says:

    The video is so cool 😂

  3. Crystal Liu says:

    Wtf is molasses / treacle

  4. Untrained Artist says:

    It it healthy?
    Coz brown sugar is healthier then normal sugar.

  5. Adrienne McMillan says:

    Great video. I always have brown sugar and molasses on hand. Do you need to let the homemade sugar sit a bit or can you use it straight away?

  6. Arkey says:

    Honestly, if you don't have brown sugar just use sugar, honey, and a pinch of instant coffee or ground coffee. Tadaa its sweet, slightly sticky, and brown.

  7. Eleanor Rodway says:

    Great idea! I love these short, sharp tips for when you’re in a fix. Brilliant thx x

  8. Lúthien Price says:

    Sally is adorable!!!

  9. Natalia Więcek says:

    I don't have brown sugar nor molasses in my country (Poland), i only have cane sugar which doesn't give the same result as brown sugar, would it work with honey instead? Or maybe I should just add a little less white sugar plus some honey to the recipe, without mixing it together?

  10. parth bajaj says:

    Brown sugar is easier to find than treacle 😂

  11. bagrym says:

    now, all i need is a recipe for treacle

  12. Ruchel Reyes says:

    I didnt even know u could make ur own brown sugar. Thank u, i love u so much n ur videos

  13. dani girl says:

    These type of videos are great!

  14. Serdar Demir says:

    200 IQ

  15. Miss Brnt says:

    I use this method for quite awhile, thou my ratio ist 70%/30% white sugar/molasses.

  16. Kelly Hurley says:

    Hi Emma! I'm in the US, Brown Sugar is everywhere! Is your recipe better than store bought? I'm new to your channel!

  17. flashofquiksilver says:

    I like it that you're getting your team in front of the camera, Jemma! I mean, you're obviously my fave, but it's nice to see all the people who have helped build your brand and products! <3 Thanks for the tip too! Does molasses last long in the pantry? I'm thinking I should add it to my stock, but I don't really use it much so if it goes bad easily, there's really no point in stocking up lol!

  18. Naki's says:

    Sally she is so cutee

  19. Sara Kaffaf says:

    How long can you store this brown sugar?

  20. Carolina Perez says:

    Can you do one for colouring buttercream? Like black red bright colours

  21. Demi Wyatt says:

    Hi Jemma! I just love your baking. I've tried your recipes and they turned out great!Thank you so much for guiding me.

  22. Judie Garnett says:

    What are all the posters behind you?

  23. Sharon Edgar says:

    I love your videos Jemma and am fairly new to baking. Would you be able to give us an idea how to convert your lovely madeira recipe to different sizes please?

  24. LibbyD Xxx says:

    Molasses are illegal in the UK 🇬🇧

  25. JYNaRa2fly says:

    How many grams would 2 tsp of molasses be?

  26. juwairiyyah khan says:

    BUT WHAT IF U DONT HAVE TREACLE!!!!????????😰😰😰😰😰😰😩😩😩😩😩😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😧😧😧

  27. BJ says:

    Once again, great tip!!!!!!

  28. MARIA JOANNOU says:

    Can I use caster sugar, for soft brown sugar?

  29. D'Audree Baker says:

    Thanks for the tip I didn't know it was that easy. ️ ❤️

  30. 101FERNANDES says:

    Lovely “Hang” you have at C&D!👍

  31. JoMarieHartup says:

    Thank you for calling them tips and not hacks. Tips are genuinely useful, hacks are normally rubbish.

  32. Michael and Rebecca says:

    Thank you! I can’t locate brown sugar here in Germany.

  33. Asdayasman says:

    What? Who's not able to find brown sugar but has easy access to treacle?

  34. Jo-Anne Prentice says:

    Awesome job, Sally! Great tip, too.

  35. Dolly 12oh says:

    Thank you,i love u both❤❤❤it was great help we don't have brown suger but have tons of molasses😍😍😍thanks again

  36. Swally Mariluz Ferrer Ureña says:

    I don't even know why I watch this, where I'm from the "brown" sugar it's just sugar, and the sugar it's "white" sugar

  37. Simone Rodemund says:

    Is this recipie for dark brown sugar or light brown sugar?

  38. Myrna Hadi prawira says:

    Lovely Sallyyyyy

    I really enjoy your tips Jemma

  39. Aamina Xo says:

    Can I use golden syrup

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