Candy Cane Christmas Stripe Cake – Full Tutorial! | Cupcake Jemma |

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Candy Cane Christmas Stripe Cake - Full Tutorial! | Cupcake Jemma

Stripy Cakes are SO HOT RIGHT NOW! But do you know what else is hot? CHRISTMAS Y’ALL! So I’ve combined the two in the best way I know how and I’m giving you an in-depth tutorial on how to master the stripy cake as well as a cool idea for a cake for the Holidays! Merry Christmas everyone!

You will need…
4-6 layers of your favourite sponge, filled, crumb coated and chillled
Buttercream (here’s my recipe. Use 2-3 times… )
A special comb scraper like the one in the video (it probably has a name, but I have no clue what it is! LOL)
Red food colour paste
Lots of kitchen towel
Piping bag
Regular straight cake scraper
Things to decorate the top (I used melted white chocolate, gold lustre dust + vodka, various meringues, candy canes, festive chocolates, but you can use whatever you like!)



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  1. kaytianna100 says:

    That's a fantastic fridge…

  2. Poonam smart kitchen says:

    Looks so nice..

  3. Helena VO says:

    Everybody is talking about Jemma's sweater (which I adore aswell) but I'm wondering where Nikkie's necklace is from! I would love it for New Year 🎆
    Happy Holidays to the whole crew from Belgium! 💋

  4. Mimi Mimi says:

    Top bravou .meli alger♥♥★★★★★

  5. Mimi Mimi says:

    I love your jamper

  6. Omar Chawa says:

    How do you get your white chocolate to such a drippy consistency?

  7. Asian Dessert says:

    Hello, I would like to know.🤘💗🤘

  8. Diana Neenooth says:

    Merry Happy Christmas Jemma 😊🌲🎊

  9. tina hudson says:


  10. Lavonia Duda says:

    Thanks heaps. 🙂

  11. Zehra Durmus says:

    Been watching your videos ever since the rainbow cake and the more and more I watch, the more I love <3

  12. Anushka Rodrigues says:

    Can you make a chocolate cake which can be carved ? Like a chocolate Madeira ?

  13. JustAnotherDinosaur says:

    That's a beautiful cake!

  14. Fel says:

    @cupcakegemma, have you seen how2cookthat video on genuine baking channels vs cheap content farm baking channels?

  15. LucyOodleDoo says:

    Hello, I was looking for some help..I'm making my Aunt's 50th birthday cake at the end of this month and it needs to feed 60people. I'd like to make a 2 tiered cake. What size cakes would you recommend for that many people? Thanks!
    This cake is stunning by the way! X

  16. jb hann says:

    Nikki looked sooo excited about painting the stripes.

  17. Kerrie Porter says:

    Hey Jemma love all your tutorials. I thought you might like to have a look at this product from Australia, it make drip cakes so much quicker and easier

  18. Camila Chaves says:


  19. Nelly Tapia Huamán says:

    i love you! hhaha. i'm really sad right now and watching your videos make me laugh. you're so sweet and funny XD! this channel is amazing 🙂

  20. Danielle Baumgartner Tippens says:

    I've seen another technique where you spread a clean layer of white, then simply spread the 2nd color icing on top of the first, then use the castle bench scraper to "scrape" through to the first color. This leaves a grooved texture instead of a flat one, but perhaps might be easier than trying to carefully pipe the red? I dunno – just an idea for those with shaky hands..

  21. Kader Yildiz says:

    hello Jemma, what can I use in place of vokca for the gold powder?

  22. Jay Evans says:

    Hi Jemma when u mix the glitter with vodka do u taste it on the cake?

  23. littlemissmakeup87 says:

    What lusta did you use please

  24. Cheryl Indino says:

    U look great and i like the way u perform. Such a great talent. 😘😘

  25. Rosanna Bezooyen says:

    Jemma, is there a substitute for the vodka that will work just as well?

  26. Laurie Kilner says:

    Well done Jemma. x

  27. Shauna Phibbs says:

    This is such a great video. X

  28. Tabitha Leonard says:

    Brill, wish me luck

  29. Aya Caliva / Pastry Chef Mom says:

    Who else is watching this on hot summer 2019?😂 omg I miss holiday so much now!!!

  30. Jawn Tee says:

    I'm seeing a different cake

  31. pumpkin pro says:

    |—-|… |—-|. >>

  32. beirizpovoa says:

    Hi, Jemma! I love your work! You are so perfect!!! I would like to ask you something: after the cake is done and decorated, how do you take it of from the disk/plate? Could you make a video showing that? Thank so much in advance. Cecília Macedo (portuguese woman living in Brazil)

  33. Tomboy Natzz says:

    for the drip, did you use just pure white chocolate? or did you add cocoa butter like in you other drip tutorial?

  34. Judy Fleming says:

    OMG! I almost died laughing at the end. It sounded like a comedian I've watched imitating ladies at the nail salon. Great cake and it's on my to do list.

  35. Traceyann Stewart says:

    I absolutely love your sweater

  36. Aina Ah says:

    can i replaced gold lustre with gold shimmer gel color?

  37. Noora Fiaz says:

    Canqe make this strips with whippd cream


    What else can I use apart from vodka with the gold dust?
    I can't use alcohol

  39. Justinne Brown says:

    Can I use italian buttercream for this?

  40. Shawn D says:

    those stripes are bad ass. im gonna have to try that

  41. Edwin Sugiono says:

    Don't you need to chill the cake after the first comb before starting to pipe and comb again

  42. Tracy Flanagan says:

    I LOL’d a few times watching this 😂 at Jemma’s Christmas cheer lol! I would love to try this when I start practicing more.

  43. Claire Dirs says:

    Can I make white chocolate ganache using equal amounts of double cream? As you would with milk choc? Thanks

  44. Ranjan12345 Patel says:

    Hi jemma i dnt have vodka so what should i use insted of vodka…any material which can i get from my kitchen

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