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It's Ask Me Anything Time! | Cupcake Jemma
It's Ask Me Anything Time! | Cupcake Jemma | Cake Ideas | baking ideas
December 4, 2018
Behind The Scenes at C&D - Epic Cake Day! | Cupcake Jemma
Behind The Scenes at C&D – Epic Cake Day! | Cupcake Jemma |
December 11, 2018
Super Cute Christmas Doughnuts! | Cupcake Jemma

cake decorating compilation

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The doughnut (or donut if you prefer) might just be a round thing but it’s way more versatile than you might think. Just check these out! Super Cute Christmas Animal Doughnuts! Once you have mastered the basics, there is no end to your possible animalisations! (that’s a word, right?)

140g soft unsalted butter
110g caster sugar
2 lg eggs
215g plain flour
3/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ground ginger
120g buttermilk

To decorate:
about 150-200g each of melted Milk and White chocolate + superwhite powder (add a tiny amount of cocoa butter to keep it looser)
Sugarpaste/modelling paste in various colours
Edible paint or food colour gel mixed with a little alcohol




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Cake Ideas

baking ideas


  1. aisha amin says:

    Hi Jemma please could you do a Black Forest cake or cupcakes with proper cherry sauce and fresh cream 😋 no1has a good recipe!

  2. Reema Al Dahneem says:

    these are adorable!! why is this video not going viral??!!

  3. Sarah says:

    That winged eyeliner on the arctic fox was perfect.

  4. dyasious says:

    i can't believe you eat those cute little creatures

  5. Zobot's diys says:

    She has the same Christmas pickle ornament as me!

  6. darienandmee says:

    It makes me extra happy whenever Sally is around!!!! Thanks Jemma. You're both an inspiration =)

  7. Irma Espinoza says:

    Y'all are so talented I love you so much Jemma!

  8. Meena Karthik says:

    This recipe is out of the world. Just love it. Made it today and just had a bite. Perfect taste and texture. Thank you jemma 😘😘

  9. Nga Dang says:


  10. Marta Ciesla says:

    How can you bake them at 170° C for 10 mins? They are not ready after this time? Is it a mistake?

  11. Dylan McGuire says:

    Those are the cutest!!

  12. It's Tam to Eat! says:

    can you please do a ginger snap cookie recipe for the holidays? love your recipes, always reliable and delicious 🙂

  13. The_a_team_x3 _ says:

    These are so cute! Better then the Santa Donuts my son got from Dunkin’ Donuts today lol. He uploaded a video about them.

  14. Rachel Davis says:

    If only I had 1% of your artistic ability.

  15. Emily Payne says:

    Tooooo deliciously cute to eat

  16. hyde rangga gavyn says:

    I wanna can making donut so cool😨

  17. Ajayla Davis says:

    I love Donuts and most importantly I love Christmas so I know these Donuts were AMAZING! These Donuts were also very cute so AWESOME VIDEO ❄️🍩

  18. alberto032973 says:

    Why don't you call yourself donut jemma instead of cupcake jemma sense u make donuts

  19. Effie 5 says:

    Sooooo cute!!! 🦌🐻🐧

  20. Anastasiia says:

    You guys are decorating geniuses!!!

  21. Gulya Swift says:


  22. Esther Garcia says:

    You are so cute and adorable!!!!

  23. Canuckmom1958 says:

    Super-Cute ! These would be a great treat for Office Co-Workers or to take to a Brunch. I love the Robin…and all your designs.

  24. Panida Khantonghao says:


  25. bambi lee says:


  26. Padme Raven says:

    Way too cute, I am going to try making these, but cupcakes instead of donuts.

  27. Queen Cleo says:

    They're fabulous!!!

  28. Nutty Junno says:

    Wow. So beautiful

  29. Gwyneth Glas-Brown says:

    They are absolutely adorable 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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