RUBY CHOCOLATE Swiss Meringue Buttercream | Cupcake Jemma |

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October 4, 2018
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RUBY CHOCOLATE Swiss Meringue Buttercream | Cupcake Jemma

My original Swiss Meringue Buttercream Recipe –
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I’ve been wanting to try something out with Ruby Chocolate for ages so I got my hands on some and this was one of the tastiest things to come out of testing! Why not try some ruby chocolate in your next bake…

2 lg egg whites
150g caster sugar
200g pretty soft butter, unsalted
200g melted ruby chocolate

Will ice 1-2 dozen regular sized cupcakes, depending on how generous you are.



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  1. Mattie A. T. says:

    Thanks for all the videos! Do you have any gluten free recipes for cakes/cupcakes? I tried to read all the titles of your videos and binged watch a lot but didn’t see any gf. Sorry if I missed them.

  2. Dongjie He says:


  3. laserguy says:

    None of the major chocolate distributors here in the US have Ruby and I suspect we won't see it for quite some time to come. Even finding Callebaut Gold which is caramelized white chocolate is extremely hard and it's been around for a while now.

  4. Nargis Ali says:

    Why don't you make your cupcake Ruby chocolate only

  5. kemo sabe says:

    that grop(bite) at 7:14 is so damn cute and perfect 😀

  6. akcire6 says:

    I cant wait for this to finally be readily available for retail in the USA. FDA cant label this as chocolate for now. May create a new category of chocolate. Lets hope

  7. B Minnie says:

    This is by far the Best damn cupcake video i ever seen before…😙😗😚

  8. Evie Hallitt says:

    I've literally never heard of ruby chocolate but these look gorgeous…

  9. Ernest Bakes says:

    it is available at bulk barn

  10. Sónia Silva says:

    It has na interesting taste, not quite citric or red fruit, but is good

  11. denisse vanessa sanchez quintero says:

    Chocolate is always the same amount of butter?

  12. Andreea Elisei says:

    I get really peeved when you don't clean the bowl thoroughly, hahahaha!

  13. Sandy L says:

    Hi Gemma, what would the ratio between the Ruby chocolate and whipping cream if I'd like to make some ganache to cover a cake please? Appreciate your kindest response.

  14. Haveyroo Roo says:

    So after an hour of googling I finally found the ruby chocolate chips……….But 35.5% of them are made with sugar! Like what the heck?! You can get unsweetened chocolate but if you want to try ruby chocolate you have to have a whole ton of sugar?!

    BTW only 29.5% of it is made with cocoa butter. Also just in case, I don't know some of you don't believe me just look at the ingredients on this site ->

  15. Payne Eavis says:

    Did you temper the chocolate first?

  16. Theresa M says:

    Thank you Jemma! We tried your chocolate buttercream, it was absolutely delicious. I've made many different types of chocolate buttercream, and none were stellar. Yours, was the best frosting I have ever eaten! My nine-year old daughter asked if we can just make another batch of your frosting and eat it like a chocolate mousse 😆 We received so many compliments on your frosting, and have been sharing your videos with family and friends. It's easy to see why you have almost 1.5 million subscribers.
    We recently watched your Swiss buttercream video and today we watched your Ruby Chocolate Swiss buttercream video. Is it really just substituting equal amounts of chocolate chips (for Ruby chips) to make chocolate Swiss buttercream? I don't know how anything can top your chocolate buttercream, but your videos make me want to try your Swiss versions. Thank you so very much for sharing your videos.

  17. Brianna Shah says:

    if you don't have ruby chocolate can you use normal chocolate?

  18. Hammy Cats69 says:

    I describe the taste as Raspberry yogurt, yum. 😍😍

  19. Elcee Uk says:

    Ruby chocolate is going to released in Canada in June yaaay!!!

  20. Divya Sampath says:

    What if I want to Make this caramel flavored? Cud someone pls reply…

  21. Alexa Cannon says:

    Don’t mess with a great thing 🤣. Ruby chocolate isn’t what you expect going in. Tastes kind of fruity almost. I didn’t love it, but I do recommend trying it just to be a part of the novelty of a new chocolate

  22. Mandy Bishop says:

    OMG yum yum 😋 xxxxx

  23. Erica Henry says:

    Hi Jemma, i was wounding if you have the recipe for the ruby cupcakes from Erica x

  24. idkrowena says:

    Is it just me or does the music sound like someone recorded a crying baby and remixed it? Especially the part where Jemma drizzles the cupcakes with the melted ruby chocolate 😂😂😂

  25. Haleigh Balderas says:

    I’ve always wondered is it ok to make this into a cake instead? While using the same ingredients

  26. Kpop Mondesir says:

    The music made me think of a crying baby messing with my head 🤔

  27. B l ue b e r r y p a n c a k e's says:


  28. Evelyn Fernandes Gadani says:

    How does this buttercream frosting hold up in humid weather.
    What should one do to make it more stable?

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