My Recipe for Cinnamon Toast Cupcakes | Cupcake Jemma |

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My Recipe for Cinnamon Toast Cupcakes | Cupcake Jemma

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We’re entering Autumn and so I’m going to be giving you some of my favourite Autumnal recipes over the next few weeks but this one goes one step further because it’s actually one of absolute favourite flavours that we do here at the bakery.

For the Toast Crumbs
2 pieces of brown bread, toasted, buttered on both sides and baked

For the cupcakes…
125g self raising flour
125g soft unsalted butter
25g toast crumbs
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
15g dark soft brown sugar
110g caster sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
2 lg eggs
1.5 tbs milk

For the buttercream…
one batch of my Vanilla Buttercream (leave out the vanilla) –
1 tsp cinnamon

For the topping…
extra toast crumbs
cinnamon sugar



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  1. Saf Mahmood says:

    Do you have to add dark soft brown sugar or can it be light soft brown sugar

  2. Letana Blampain says:

    I’m from Australia, and I’m coming to London next month, I will most definitely be coming to your store and eating all your goodies!!! ☺️

  3. saleena bibi says:

    why not try triple chocolate pancakes

  4. mysweetaddiction says:

    Yummy 😋

  5. Jonathan Guerina says:

    i love the part when Jemma is actually wiggling while mixing, hahaha😂

  6. Lúthien Price says:

    Just baked a batch and these might be my absolute favourites you've ever made! I was skeptical about the bread inside the cupcake but it was amazing, loooooooove the toastiness! ^_^

  7. Hayley Ng says:

    I had the ginger bread cupcake at crumbs and doilies and it was amazing! Vegan apparently as well!

  8. Louise Jordan says:

    can you do some gluten free videos? please

  9. Mathilde-Hà LASNON says:

    I love your recipes so much!!! How do you have your cupcakes so "flat" when they are coming out of your oven.. Mine are always ugly…

  10. karina solis says:

    Are you pregnant?!

  11. Ανδρομάχη Χρίστου says:

    I should make these for my name day!

  12. M :0 says:

    Do you do work experience ??

  13. Nope Nope Nope says:

    To my knowledge, they don't sell self raising flour where I live. Does anyone know how I could best substitute that? Simply flour + baking powder/soda? If so, to what ratio?

  14. Karen’s Life says:

    Why is it that min come out shaped dome and hers is flat!😢

  15. Jenn Batagol says:

    Made these last week….my partner said they were the best cupcakes I’d ever made! Delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Olivia Rembelski says:

    Jemma, my dad went to your shop and said it was awesome!! I live in the us, although I wish I lived in soho so I could meet you and maybe even bake with you!!! Also, he got me a bunch of your merch including the phone case on my phone right now!! I love you!!🤗🤗🤗

  17. Anthony Torres says:


  18. karen gough says:

    can't wait to make them xx

  19. Veronika Páli says:

    I'm making them for the second time, the family loved it when I first made these cupcakes on the weekend. I only made one change; I added plum into the batter, and they came out amazing~
    Thank you for sharing this recipe with us, just as all of your others! <3

  20. Dina Nabih says:

    Made these today and they were blooming delicious !!!

  21. Andrea Pruyn says:

    I made three batches of these and they won’t rise. What am I doing wrooooong 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  22. karatefella says:

    I have found my new favourite cakey Youtube channel ! 😀

  23. KIToasty says:

    Just made these today! THE BEST TASTING CUPCAKES EVER!!

  24. Lani Ehrlich says:

    This is the first cupcake Jemma recipe that I’ve baked. It was so easy to follow and came out smelling and tasting amazing!

    Thank you so much Jemma for sharing your recipes and expertise with us on YouTube!
    So much appreciated 💗

  25. salt says:

    Wish I could have a kitchen aid…. dream of owning one…

  26. América Ca Va says:

    I love the showcase where you put the cupcakes, my question is.. How do you keep the buttercream in good conditions if you don't have it in refrigeration?

    PS. Love you Jemma 🧡

  27. Kazzola* Star says:

    Hi, I made these and they tasted ammmmazzing! came out perfect first time. THANK YOU CUPCAKE JEMMA! 🙂 Now my go to cinnamon cupcake recipe. x

  28. circuswannabe says:

    As soon as my mom lets me make these ill top it with coffee frosting

  29. Wendy Tan says:

    Can I ask what to do with the left buttercream?

  30. marlon navarro says:

    what if brown bread is not available, what will i use, thanks jemma..

  31. Ray Linh says:

    Oh good lord! I’m in heaven!!!!! #cheatmeal

  32. IggoRZ says:

    I like how she pronounces butter and batter the same way… 😊

  33. Time4Chai says:

    YUM, my favourite flavour!

  34. Fern Major says:

    Do you need to include the toast crums in the recipe? I have all the ingredients but bread in at the minute and I'm too lazy to go to the shop XD

  35. Sonia Khan says:

    I wonder if a cream cheese frosting would work 🤔. To stick with the toast flavour theme 🤔😂

  36. Hank Moody says:

    omg I just found this channel and watched this video, subbed, and became excited because I know I have cupcakes in my glorious future.

  37. Ana Vasconcelos van Boxtel says:

    OMG the cinnamon butter cream is simply fantastic! Sssssooo delicious and easy to make. Thank you, Jemma!
    I used it for carrot cupcakes

  38. Aishah Siddiqa says:

    Hi Jemma, your videos are amazing! Thanks for sharing. Can you please let me know what tip you use when piping the buttercream?

  39. Raven Harvill says:

    Big Question!! Do you use convection oven while baking? I hear it whirring when you open up the door. REALLY NEED TO KNOW. Thx 🙂

  40. Anna Petropoulou says:

    Jemma, can I use digestive biscuits instead of bread? If so, should I toast them?

  41. o0Avalon0o says:

    Having a sick day but I'm hankering for sweet cinnamon, so I'm delighted to find this! Thank you for not only uploading but sharing your talent with us!

  42. Tamanna Rashid says:

    I LOVE this recipe. Thank you for sharing!

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