How to Make Coke Float Cupcakes | Cupcake Jemma |

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How to Make Coke Float Cupcakes | Cupcake Jemma

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You guys enjoyed my Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes so much that I thought I’d add another of my favourite drinks to the cupcake flavour inspo – The Coke Float! I hope you enjoy it! xx

Recipe –
For the cupcakes…
185g caster sugar
140g plain flour
30g cocoa powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
30g chocolate chips
2 eggs
105g vegetable oil
125g buttermilk
120ml cola water (2 tbs cola syrup, topped up to 120ml with water)

100ml double cream + 1 tbsp cola syrup, whipped to soft peaks

200g unsalted butter, soft
450g icing sugar
2-4 tbsp cola sryup
1 tbsp milk (+ a little more for the vanilla)
1/4 tsp citric acid (optional)
a drop of vanilla for the vanilla buttercream



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  1. Cornellious Parthenopaeus-Lumpkin says:

    I send all of my friends to your shop when they visit. It’s a requirement lol

  2. Anastasia La-vie says:

    Im actully making a spider for my grade six market day in australia.

  3. Agatha Pakula says:

    Can I use granulated sugar, since we do not have caster sugar in the US? Would it be the same weight in grams for both? 185g?

  4. Ronda Perry says:

    Cola syrup is also great for an upset stomach. Two tablespoons over crushes ice sipped slowly does the trick every time. You can get it at the drug store.

  5. Charlie Radford says:

    Some restaurants and bars get the cola syrup delivered and dilute it on the premises. Once the lorry delivering it to my dad's restaurant overturned and leaked the gooey syrup all over the drive through lane! In the summer! It took hours to clean up.
    My favourite float drink is pink lemonade and a scoop of strawberry ice cream. The sweet and sharp compliment each other and of corse the pink fizziness looks fabulous.

  6. julie slowgrove says:

    I hope you bring out a new cook book with all these delicious recipes in it….. PLEASE

  7. Carolina Boyd says:

    Don’t worry about the blurriness. It makes it look more vintage.

  8. Sarah Churcher says:

    I took my lil girl to your shop last week and she insisted we bought a tea towel. Your staff were really sweet to her and give her a lil cupcake Jemma badge when she said she was a fan of yours. Please pass on to them that they made a 6yr old a very happy lil lady. Thank you. X

  9. jlammetje says:

    Never heard of a coke float before, sounds good though 😋

  10. Giordana luiza says:

    Matilda's hair style? Kkk I love it ♥♥♥♥

  11. lovelylangers says:

    I was at your shop last Saturday. I had a very yummy chocolate and coconut cup cake. It was soooo good, light fluffy and not over sweet. Wish I lived closer so I could come by more often 😋❤️☕️🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰

  12. megziev01 says:

    And people think spiders in Australia are dangerous 😂

  13. Abi Rose says:

    I never had a soda stream either 🙁
    To this day it’s my litmus test to determine if someone had a privileged/middle class childhood 😉

  14. Kirstin Medved says:

    Why do my cupcakes sink in the middle? I tried your vanilla cupcake recipe and they sunk 😩

  15. Careless Conundrums says:

    Thanks to you, I have made wonderful tasting vanilla ice cream today! I am now subscribed. Thank you!

  16. Sarah Meehan says:

    Yum!! Spiders were always a treat that we had when we visited my grandmother!! Those cupcakes look amazing Jemma! Will definitely be giving them a try. Thanks so much for sharing 💗🇦🇺

  17. Valerie Melanson says:

    Hi Jemma, I tried to order via your website but it comes back saying it is a trial account and to have a paid plan to accept payments, so I don't think my order succeeded. Tried twice, but no go. Can you have a look from your end? 1 signed book and 2 tea towels for Valerie.

  18. idon'twantgoogleplus says:

    In Germany we call the cola-float the "why the heck would you do that?!" 😀 But great video anyways <3

  19. Kristen Jankovich says:

    Hi Jemma! Where do you find the little dishes or small containers you use when you pour in your milk and vanilla or baking soda or baking powder??? I love them!!!!!!! I love all of your recipes and just purchased your book. I cannot wait to do more baking very soon. It releases so much stress for me! @cupcakejemma

  20. Mikael B. says:

    I'm German and in Germany coke with ice-cream is absolutely unknown. To be honest it sounds really gross.

  21. hasmita lad says:

    Hi u so amazing …can u pls Mack some eggless cake

  22. Kambrees_ Corner says:

    These look soooooooo good you are a great baker❤️❤️❤️

  23. marylisajones1 says:

    😻👍👏 I love ❤️ coke floats!!

  24. Angela Mong says:

    Is it possible for me to replace cola water with coke cola soft drink 120ml?

  25. julie slowgrove says:

    My neighbors loved these

  26. Afra Siab says:

    Looks dilucious

  27. wikki amornsak says:

    There goes my diet

  28. Marie-Anne Durham says:

    These cupcakes look amazing, so nostalgic🍨Thank you Jemma for another awesome bake!🤗

  29. Marie-Anne Durham says:

    These cupcakes look amazing and so nostalgic!🍨Thank you Jemma for another amazing bake!🤗

  30. Jim W says:

    Hideous tattoos.

  31. Sara J says:

    This sounds awesome! Could this be done using Cherry Cola syrup? Cherry Cola Float 😀 Also I live in America, Virginia and all the cocoa powder out here is unsweetened. Is there a recommended cocoa powder to use? Cause I did chocolate cupcakes and it really wasn't sweet, so maybe I just need a better cocoa powder/chocolate brand.

  32. Anastácia Isasmendi says:

    Here in Brazil we call your Coke Float as "Vaca Preta", "Black Cow" hahahah

  33. Noor Khan says:

    From where u bought the magic ingredient

  34. Crystal Young says:

    can you make rootbeer float cupcakes

  35. Angelo Wilson says:

    Could i use coca-cola instead of cola syrup .

  36. maria smith says:

    In my eyes your a celebrity so many amazing cupcakes thank you I would love to meet you

  37. Mary Gourd says:

    Ginger ale (Vernors brand preferably) and vanilla ice cream. Michigan girl here. Sometimes called a Boston cooler.

  38. one place says:

    I like your recipes thank you for sharing it, i wonder if you could do some cupcakes sugar free

  39. Gulya Swift says:

    Nice cup

  40. Kathy Beemer says:

    Is bicarbonate just regular baking soda, and what is caster sugar.

  41. ORIANO OREO says:

    Where can i buy cola syrup it is not in Thailand

  42. Ellen Fyraj says:

    You need to mix, bottle and sell your own blends of sprinkles!

  43. Jayme McCann Nuttall says:

    Your face when she said she wanted one 😂 I am addicted to watching your videos! I still haven't made anything yet!

  44. Jacob says:

    I've heard a Sprite float called a "Snow White."

  45. Paul Edwards says:

    hi jemma can you help im struggling to find a cake recipe without cocoa that makes the cake taste of cola do you know of any recipes?

  46. B l ue b e r r y p a n c a k e's says:


  47. Mo Chára1919 says:

    Defo going to bake these beauties.

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