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Easy No-Churn RAINBOW Ice Cream Sandwiches | Cupcake Jemma

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baking ideas

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It’s sunny and you want to get your ice cream on, but you haven’t got eggs and you don’t have hours to spare to make the stuff. Look no further guys! This recipe is a breeze. With only two ingredients and no need for big expensive machines, this recipe for no-churn ice cream is an absolute MUST. Plus, it’s RAINBOWY!

300ml Double/Heavy Cream
1 x 397g tin of Condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
Cookies of your choice…but make mine! –



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Cake Ideas

baking ideas


  1. Sandy Quintans says:

    If it has condensed milk it's definitely delicious ♥️

  2. Kristin Levier says:

    I made this ice cream a couple years ago for a friend’s birthday and it came out really…greasy feeling? it left a gross film in my mouth. maybe I goofed up

  3. Jonatã Bortolucci says:

    It's really funny how you british/americans are not used to condensed milk… here in Brasil we ourselves are made of condensed milk! Just search some brazilian recipes: every single one of them have condensend milk. The most famous one is Brigadeiro, of course. You should do a Brigadeiro recipe Jemma!
    Love your channel, kisses from Brasil.

  4. Samwich007 says:

    How long does the ice cream need to stay in the freezer?

  5. Heidi Arjuna says:

    Omg paddle pop! 😍

  6. How Tasty says:

    How lovely pastel colors…so cute <3

  7. anggeline2045 says:

    Jemma! Can I use gel colour? As I don't have oil base colour.. Please notice me!!!

  8. raihana ayu says:

    Why are you so sassy today? 😂

  9. Kaile Butler says:

    Yummy! Those colors remind me of Dr. Seuss 😂

  10. Ayanna Cudennec says:

    I absolutely adore your videos!!!

  11. Leanne Thomas says:

    Love your videos. Ive just started getting back in to baking and I love your videos and recipes

  12. Hannah M says:

    These have the exact colours of a rainbow paddle pop 😭 I'm definitely going to try to make a vegan version of this next summer!

  13. Loli says:

    I wonder why every can of condensed milk has about 397ml everywhere I go! I live in Argentina where they have that amount and Ive seen them in Spain, Germany, England, the US, Mexico, Uruguay…

  14. Sherly Stephanie says:

    Jemma, JEMMA!

    Is it possible to pipe the ice cream? Like maybe after it sets overnight in the freeze then I put it in a piping bag, wait for a while and pipe it and freeze it again? Or it's impossible because of the consistency?

  15. Jenifer Alvarez says:

    Is there a dairy free version of this? I’m allergic to lactose 😪 these look super yummy!

  16. Dminor Wolfy says:

    It must be your own personal hell. Being able to make all this delicious stuff only for it to hurt your teeth.

  17. Al B says:

    Will this recipe work for other flavours ?

  18. Amer Hyuga says:

    If i don't have heavy cream can i use whipping cream or cooking cream.??

  19. Frankie Chumber says:

    Soo cool I love it! Defo giving this a go!

  20. Ira Ernestine Filomeno says:

    love the music too!

  21. Srijani Pal says:

    Wowww!!! I have been wondering for a long time how to make ice cream without the ice cream maker and now I know!!! Thanks Jemma so much. You're the best!

  22. PotterFan394007 says:

    that looks deeeliiicious

  23. thirdstarholmes says:

    Love these! Is there a way of using this base to make other flavours? Particularly using natural flavouring instead of the bottled stuff

  24. diana nicholson says:

    Jemma love your shows good luck to you ,can l ask you that one day you were the colour pink as l see you in so much black and white l think pink would suite you.🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

  25. Sophia Fontenelle says:

    do rolled ice cream

  26. greatboniwanker says:

    LOVING no churn ice cream ALMOST as much as ADORABLE Jemma!

  27. Camila Santos says:

    Is just me that wants the COOKIES recipe too?? I loved this ice cream, it looks amazing!!!

  28. بوتشي كافيه Buchee Cafe says:

    super super like

  29. Lydia Roxburgh says:

    Now I really want ice cream 😂😍
    This looked amazing!

  30. Marie-Anne Durham says:

    These look absolutely delicious, such a quick easy ice cream recipe perfect for summer! Thank you for sharing your secrets with us Jemma🤗

  31. Cindy.E. Charls says:

    Hi jemma, can I use whipping cream in place of heavy cream?

  32. bout chii says:

    Hi i want to ask you why you don't use the yeast chemistry at all your recipes and thanks ^_^

  33. Nikki Jones says:

    I made this! After seeing this video I shown it to my children and they really loved the idea of rainbow ice cream!! It was so quick and easy! Took about 10 mins from start to finish! We all loved it!!!

  34. Valerie D says:

    I made those chocolate cookies! Delicious

  35. Debi says:

    woooowww you're so generous with the ice cream now I'm craving for some 🤤

  36. Jennifer Barrera Blanco says:

    do you make your own vanilla or what kind is this?

  37. Kate Hanning says:

    Can you use this as a base for adding different flavours like chocolate?

  38. Noor Khan says:

    Toooooo mouth watering

  39. Johanna Nyholm says:

    What did i do wrong? Mine was not scoopaple, it was hard As heck and broke my spoon! Do i need to use caramelized condensed milk? We had two choices non sweet or caramelized.

  40. Vitória Gomes says:

    meuuu deu erradasso …!!! que porra, estragou minhas vendas

  41. Chelsea Romero says:

    My 4 Yr old daughter, Sophia, is obsessed with your channel. She asks to watch a video everyday. When we started this video she was very confused by your shirt!! Not the usual black or white, I guess. I was surprised by her observation.

  42. ButacuP PucatuB says:

    I nearly licked my screen….. Gemma that’s how good your recipe looks. I will try this ASAP!!!

  43. Cheeseburger says:

    👉 عطه لايك

  44. Lizz says:

    Can you add cocoa powder and turn it into chocolate ice cream?

  45. Diana De zoete says:

    We don,t have double heavy Cream in the Netherlands wich one can i use? Just normal wipped Cream? Slagroom?

  46. Diana De zoete says:

    I have made this yesterday. IT looks good but IT,s not good. Its just frozen Wippong cream

  47. Kaboons Xu says:

    So cool


    Hi, loved this recipe. Could you make more such recipes, especially the ones you guys make at the bakery. What about the Baileys ice cream one with the chocolate brownie cookies…yummm!!!

  49. Kanika Bhoocher says:

    Hi Jemma great ice cream . Just a thought though,how bout using dulce leche in this recipe ?will tht work?

  50. Isabella says:

    Which hand mixer are you using here/recommend? Thank you for the great videos! 🙂

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