How To Make Beautiful MERMAID CUPCAKES | Cupcake Jemma |

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July 12, 2018
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How To Make Beautiful MERMAID CUPCAKES | Cupcake Jemma

I will be in my shop, Crumbs & Doilies in Soho, London, on SATURDAY 4TH AUGUST!!! Please come and say HEY! I can’t wait to meet you!!!
Click here for directions –

For the Cupcakes –
150g unsalted butter
100g white chocolate
120ml whole milk
1/4 tsp vanilla
1.5 lg eggs or 2 small eggs
120g caster sugar
180g SR flour
Pink and blue food colour paste

You will also need 1 batch of my Vanilla Buttercream
Recipe here –

You will also need white chocolate mermaid tails (I bought the moulds on Amazon but there are loads of cake decorating websites which have them), lustre dusts in various pearly colours, mermaidy sprinkles (Fancy Sprinkles have a brilliant range)



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  1. Mike says:

    I am envious of your sprinkle cupboard. I would love to know how many are in there.

  2. Kim K says:

    Hey Jemma, I was in London for a couple of days with my mom and my biggest wish was to visit your shop – so that's what we did, 3 days in a row 😀 I enjoyed a cupcake every single day (well that's what you gotta do when you're on holiday, right? 😉 ) and they were aaaaabsolutely delicious! Also finally got to buy your cupcake book which I definitely soon will give a try 🙂

    Would have been awesome if I'd got to see you, but unfortunately we missed each other 😀

    My mom now is a big fan of yours, too! 🙂 Will definitely come back! <3

  3. hellkittykat1 says:

    Love the colours of the tails. Also, your sprinkle cabinet is awesome!

  4. Komalshahzad komal says:

    Can u make some behind the scene video of crumbs and doilies????

  5. Sushma .V says:

    Hey Gemma how much do your eggs weigh ? I do not eat eggs so how much weight should I substitute for something else ?

  6. redalert says:

    Hello!! Would love to see a Mississippi mud pie recipe or a peanut butter brownie one if either of those sound up your street!!

  7. mzurovetz says:

    have you done a video for a white chocolate mud cake?? If not if I wanted to try this cake batter recipie as a tierd cake, how far would you think this amount for 12 cup cakes would make in a 9" cake pan?

  8. Grissi Cakes says:

    la mejor receta que he visto!!👌👌😋

  9. Isha Sharma says:

    OH so magical!!!! 😍

  10. that way says:

    Why chill them in the freezer? Why not the beach? 2:13

  11. Kim Griffin says:

    Has anyone ever told you look like Miss Fisher form Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries you could be her double and would be great im sure. Love your videos and how you make things look so easy for everyone Thanks for the video

  12. Kara Stenson says:

    cool!Weren't u on SUGAR RUSH?

  13. Meina Lui says:

    Really good technic for the trio color butter cream!!!

  14. Anna Xo says:

    I tryed these my mum brought me one back from your shop when she was in london last weekend xx

  15. Mary Ryland says:

    Thank you Jemma the mermaid tails look great. Hopefully I can make them for my granddaughter's birthday in August.

  16. Rathna Raju says:

    There's no need of baking powder or baking soda in this recipe

  17. Aliyah Chelsea. says:

    You have a really strong tattoo

  18. jessicorn says:

    Its almost too pretty to eat

  19. Ashan says:

    Hi Jemma, i would like to ask you about the reason why my cupcake casing will tear away from the cupcake after i took them out from the oven? It seem like they are already peeled off while in the oven. I hope you can share with me ways to prevent. Thank you very much 🙂

  20. Olivia Rembelski says:

    Dude, I’m only eleven and I’m an amazing baker!!!

  21. Bonnie Contreras says:

    I love your videos!!! How do I make the chocolate for the mermaid tails ? Is it just white melted chocolate that will harden afterwards ?

  22. Rosalind Dickey says:

    Hahahahahahahaha silence starts recipe immediately turns on notifications and subscribed . LOL!!!!!!

  23. Manjula Parameshwar says:

    Excellent idea you just put a bag clip at the end of the piping bag. Beautifull mermaid's.

  24. Beto MG says:

    Came back to upvote 🙂

  25. Adriana Patino says:

    Loved your Mermaid cupcakes will use the recipe for my granddaughter's 6th birthday party, will try to replicate your creation. Thanks a lot!

  26. Abe Gail says:

    (O . O) wow

  27. Xeno Xen says:

    Can this mixture be used for muffins too? Just more filling in a muffin form? Will it rise or do i need to put more ingredients? Thank you!

  28. Irma Roman says:

    Beautiful where did you get the blue mermaid 🧜‍♀️

  29. Angela Morey says:

    I have tried finding your white chocolate mud cake recipe but can't seem to find it. Unless this cupcake recipe can be used and just doubled/tripled etc. Unless there is something different in the cake recipe?

  30. Stefanie Nordberg says:

    Made these for my Granddaughter's 8th Birthday, she took them into her 2nd grade classroom to share. Kids loved them! Thank you for your wonderful video's showing us how to do things!

  31. fluffypenguinbabe says:

    I like that you keep it nice and simple with just melted chocolate at the start! But I've seen people using modelling chocolate and haven't used it myself yet…. could you use this in the moulds instead, and would that make them a bit sturdier (less easy to melt) than normal chocolate? Again I haven't used this myself, so I don't know whether modelling chocolate tastes ick in comparison 😛

  32. csgo Madness says:

    When I’m older I wish I could come over and work at crumbs and doiles

  33. Gulya Swift says:

    Love this

  34. Gulya Swift says:

    And I like your tattoos

  35. Sandy Gonzalezz says:

    Starting my baking journey and Jemma is such a blessing to share her knowledge with us. Thank you x 1 million

  36. Joanne Adair says:

    How much chocolate doe we need for the chocolate mermaid tales please? I know you can only tell me as an estimate because everyone's moulds are different sizes

  37. Elise Ivory says:

    You are so good

  38. Helen Grant says:

    Hi l am one of your subscribers what is color pasy

  39. Faithyhogs says:

    This is so cool! This has inspired me to open up a bakery!!!!

  40. Priscilla Naidoo says:

    I love the British humour added to your presentations. You are so adorable.

  41. Rebekah Martin says:

    Am I turning 34 in a couple weeks? Yes. Am I baking these to take to work? Abso-freaking-lutely.

  42. Gloria Spence says:

    Nice work 👍👍💙💙

  43. B l u e B e r r y's says:


  44. Haleigh Shaw says:

    Do you wet your brush any ?

  45. Mermaid Life says:

    Very nice! It appears your buttercream needs a wee bit more firmness but otherwise very nice 😊

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