Learn to bake | THE FUNCTION OF EGGS IN BAKING | whole eggs, egg whites, egg yolks

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THE FUNCTION OF EGGS IN BAKING | whole eggs, egg whites, egg yolks

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Baking is easy and fun, and what better time thank now to learn how to bake.

Its a great way to relax and unwind if you don’t mind clearing up after! The easiest thing to make is chocolate chip cookies. Learn to bake

learn to bake

Then you could step things up with cupcakes, then when you are feeling more confident, try some brownies. But the most important thing is: when you make ANYTHING from puff pastry, buy it. Its just too much of a hassle to make, and try to attempt it, you’ll probably want to give up baking. But this is about how to learn to bake so roll up your sleeves and get ready to learn to bake

We are big fans of baking, and have had a life long passion, so I think it’s important that people learn to bake at home, rather then buying month old doughy cupcakes from a store. So watch these videos and learn how to bake easy.

Remember, start from the beginning of the course or else it wont really help, we found all the videos just to help you start and learn.

| #FUNCTION #EGGS #BAKING #eggs #egg #whites #egg #yolks

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Welcome back to baking school day 10! Today we are tackling the subject of the function of eggs in baking! Eggs are absolutely essential to baking and knowing their role in baking can help you become a confident baking. Eggs are best used at room temperature in baking because they are more readily absorbed into the batter and egg whites whip up to their highest volume at room temperature. Eggs are utilized in baking in three different forms: whole eggs, just eggs whites, and just egg yolks. Each form has different functions so let’s dive in!


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  1. Dangerna says:

    It is amazing the way sizes of eggs have varied so much since I was a boy, makes you wonder. thank you for another great lesson.

  2. im the best says:

    You should use the water bottle method when separating the egg yolk from the egg white! Much easier (:

  3. Tim McGuire says:

    Your videos are great! – I can't believe they haven't been viewed more. Very helpful and informative.

  4. Olivia Yeo Yi Mei says:

    Please include more explanation regarding the science behind their function like how egg white proteins trapped air or how egg yolk emulsify the batter. Many thanks for this baking course!

  5. Lily Raquel says:

    I love this vid! It helped me so much for baking!

  6. The Home Plate Special says:

    good job, Ms. Kristin.

  7. Critical Mass says:

    Finally a baker with a technical understanding of baking. Please do stick to more science like another commenter said, but this was pretty damn good too

  8. Wennie Hut Jr says:

    What if you add the yolk to the recipe when ur not supposed to cause someone did 😢

  9. François Morin says:

    Thanks. I needed that. I started baking a lot of dessrts high in protein so I am beginning to know the tricks on wha ingredients to replace traditional ones. I wanted to know when to use the yoke and when I can do without it. Am I right to say that if I do a protein banana bread there is already a lot of moisture in the bananas and I shouldn't need the yoke?

  10. D T says:

    Very informative, thank you!

  11. 4RABET COACH says:

    u beutiful

  12. SHAH G says:

    Good vid

  13. Muhammad Jamal says:

    You are so beautiful. I was just wandering in your eyes and ignored the chemistry of eggs in baking. Never mind you are lovely and gorgeous.

  14. Mary Anthonette Esclamado says:

    Another life saving video! Thanks for the info 😘

  15. Rose Francis says:

    Can I use a whole egg instead of two egg yolks in a donut dough?

  16. envstudies says:

    Thank you SO much for teaching us!!

  17. Mallesh palamakula says:

    How many eggs used in cakes

  18. Ersen Pongen says:

    Should the egg whites b at room temp or lower than room temp to have a thicker foam?

  19. Arson Compilations says:

    Did anyone else notice that she blinked every 1-2 seconds?

  20. Lincolnjkdk4000 says:


  21. Asmitha Ramesh says:

    I always find the smell and taste of eggs overpowering in my desserts. How can I avoid that? Can I just skip the eggs from the recipes or reduce the number of eggs?

  22. Elodie Bloom says:

    How many eggs should I use for 2cups of flour ( making a carrot cake)??

  23. riya mehta says:

    Mam I just found your channel …… u have given very good lesson in eggs but my kid is allergic to them….. would u pls put information about egg replacer n how much n which one to add like cakes n breads, puddings , cookies etc. if possible cn u show some eggless version in each type n then maybe I cn take it further….. thanks

  24. Adelia Saviera says:

    Can I use a whole egg insteade 2 egg yolk in butter cookies recepi

  25. Sangami Ilangovan says:

    What happens when we over beat an egg in a cup cake or brownie?

  26. Lily Hill says:

    my school is using your videos for my culinary class lol

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