Learn to bake | HOW TO MEASURE FOR BAKING | weight vs volume measurements, measuring flour properly

HOW TO APPROACH A NEW RECIPE | reading a recipe, understanding a new recipe
Learn to bake | HOW TO APPROACH A NEW RECIPE | reading a recipe, understanding a new recipe
May 7, 2018
THE FUNCTION OF SUGAR IN BAKING | varieties of sugar, sugar's role in baking
Learn to bake | THE FUNCTION OF SUGAR IN BAKING | varieties of sugar, sugar’s role in baking
May 11, 2018

#MEASURE #BAKING #weight #volume #measurements #measuring #flour #properly | * This will run for 00:07:19

Baking is easy and fun, and what better time thank now to learn how to bake. Its a great way to relax and unwind if you don’t mind clearing up after! The easiest thing to make is chocolate chip cookies.


Then you could step things up with cupcakes, then when you are feeling more confident, try some brownies. But the most important thing is: when you make ANYTHING from puff pastry, buy it. Its just too much of a hassle to make, and try to attempt it, you’ll probably want to give up baking. But this is about how to learn to bake so roll up your sleeves and get ready to learn

We are big fans of baking, and have had a life long passion, so I think it’s important that people learn to bake at home, rather then buying month old doughy cupcakes from a store. So watch these videos and learn how to bake easy.

Remember, start from the beginning of the course or else it wont really help, we found all the videos just to help you start and learn.



| #MEASURE #BAKING #weight #volume #measurements #measuring #flour #properly

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In today’s Baking Fundamentals lesson of Baking School we are reviewing how to measure everything properly for baking. This includes measuring by weight and measuring by volume. Learn the difference between fluid ounces and ounces by weight as well as how to measure each ingredient properly!

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  1. Baker Bettie says:

    Hey guys! Today let's talk about the difference in measuring by weight and measuring by volume and the proper way to do each. Measuring accurately for baking is so incredibly important. Do you use a kitchen scale?

  2. maryrose says:

    very helpful, thank you for posting.

  3. Naima Malik says:

    Thanks mam i am very excited about this.becuse i like baking.

  4. Vlog with the Tangitau Sisters says:

    Thank you my first baking and this is really helpful

  5. msieweke says:

    I'm in the US and I use a kitchen scale. I did an experiment using "scoop and sweep" and the results (of 20 trials) ranged from 4.4 to 5.4 ounces. I was especially surprised at the low numbers. Apparently a bubble of air was caught in the cup as I scooped.

    I did a similar test with "spoon and level" and the results (of 20 trials) ranged from 4.1 to 4.4 ounces, which is much better. (Don't jiggle the cup.) Still, a scale gets me even closer.

    FYI – A cup of water or milk weighs about 8.34 oz in the US. Not a big difference, but it may be enough to a change the result of a cake or bread recipe.

  6. Enza Gandolfo says:

    Thanks for such a great lesson Bettie. It might be useful to add the differences in measuring cups between USA and Australia, for example. In AUS our cup sizes are 250mls, Tablespoon 20mls and teaspoon 5 mls. This often makes a difference when trying to convert American based recipes. I known your audience is mostly American, but this information can be vital when using recipes from other countries that are written in cup & spoon measurements. Really enjoying your series.

  7. D Taytay says:

    Great info for new bakers! TY!!

  8. Tracy Jasmine says:

    Thank you very informative.

  9. Bruh Epic says:

    I'm doing this for my shit ass class bruv

  10. Quỳnh Phạm says:

    When I want to have 260 grams of all-purpose flour, I measure 1 cup + 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp, but when weighed, I have 214g. May I ask which is correct?

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