Learn to bake | MISE EN PLACE | preparing yourself for successful baking

Rainbow Pastel Marble Splat Cake! | Cupcake Jemma
Rainbow Pastel Marble Splat Cake! | Cupcake Jemma |
April 26, 2018
ESSENTIAL BAKING EQUIPMENT & THEIR USES | necessary baking equipment for your kitchen
Learn to bake | ESSENTIAL BAKING EQUIPMENT & THEIR USES | necessary baking equipment for your kitchen
May 2, 2018
MISE EN PLACE | preparing yourself for successful baking

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Baking is easy and fun, and what better time thank now to learn how to bake. Its a great way to relax and unwind if you don’t mind clearing up after! The easiest thing to make is chocolate chip cookies.


Then you could step things up with cupcakes, then when you are feeling more confident, try some brownies. But the most important thing is: when you make ANYTHING from puff pastry, buy it. Its just too much of a hassle to make, and try to attempt it, you’ll probably want to give up baking. But this is about how to learn to bake so roll up your sleeves and get ready to learn

We are big fans of baking, and have had a life long passion, so I think it’s important that people learn to bake at home, rather then buying month old doughy cupcakes from a store. So watch these videos and learn how to bake easy.

Remember, start from the beginning of the course or else it wont really help, we found all the videos just to help you start and learn.



| #MISE #PLACE #preparing #successful #baking

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In today’s Baking Fundamentals lesson of Baking School we are reviewing the most important thing that I learned in culinary school: The Principles of Mise en Place.

Mise en place translates to mean “putting in place” or “everything in its place.” Today we are talking about how to utilize mise en place principles with your home baking and why it is essential to being a confident and successful baker!

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Thanks for watching!

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  1. Dangerna says:

    Good stuff, I look forward to the next video. 🙂

  2. Jyotirmoy Ghosh says:

    – – – aaj sob specialization er basics gulo hog – – – tui kintu career dream ta dhore thakish – – – in fact sob rokhom dreams – – – ar tor o ek mama o Abhijeet Bhattachrya r image ache – – – e chara aro image ache – – – tai confusion eriye jachchi – – –

  3. Angie Senanes says:

    This is great I am loving it ♥️😍

  4. Ines Berrizbeitia says:

    This baking class is exactly what I've been looking for. You seem like a great teacher!

  5. Mark Robinson says:

    You're awesome! Thanks.

  6. Marcella Lupini says:

    Youre an angel thank you Bettie! I REALLY want to start selling baked goods at my local market and while I know a bit about baking I needed to be informed about principles first. Dont wanna sell products where my method isnt on top form! Think its a little unfair if I charge a whole lot for my products but know in my heart I didnt have a good production line. Will let you know what happens.

  7. Arlene Yu says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge for FREE! So helpful for me who wants to bake but cant afford to go to a baking school.

  8. Uzma Umair lifestyle,Cooking & Early education Vlog says:


  9. jhopeful flower says:

    I'm really intrested in baking and I think I'm decent at basic recipes, but I felt like if I didn't understand what I was doing – my ingredients, techniques, etc, the final product would be lacking, and this amazing course you're offering is the perfect opportunity for me to fill those gaps, so thank you!

  10. Earl Williams says:

    Wow! Outstanding. This is the way to do it properly. I have so many stories of how my recipe was messed up because I read the recipe line for line the first time as I was cooking. Mise en Place (I love French & France) would have made cooking fun rather than a high pressure, high stress time of the day. Wow, I could have had fun. What a concept. Thank you again.

  11. Abby De Los Santos says:

    What is the difference between extract and flavour emulsion? Cake fluor and all purpose flour?

  12. Saman Kumara says:

    Hello Bettie, I'm quite new to baking. Is it ok if I grab something from internet and try it out as the assignment? Btw Thank you for putting your knowledge for free

  13. I am DERAH says:

    I want to start a small business from home

  14. Gabie Paige says:

    I've been wanting to enhance my baking skills, but this video is very informative without breaking the bank.

  15. Maria LeGaux says:

    Just told my grandkids I need to learn to bake

  16. Hali Brooke Davidson says:

    Thanks for making these videos! It's such a wonderful resource for me as an amateur baker. However, as a French speaker, I would like to point out that the correct pronunciation of "mise en place" sounds like "MEEZON PLAHSS," as the "s" makes a "z" sound while it pushes into the "en" which always sounds like "ohn."

  17. Shelley Lee says:

    I'm so glad I found your videos! And I'm so glad I am following mise en place and I didn't even know it! I'm very fussy, organized, and neat in the kitchen. I look forward to watching the rest of your baking school series. Thanks so much for taking the time to do these!

  18. Cari Nemia says:

    She blinked like a million times per minute. I lost count after 5 seconds

  19. Lisa Tsering says:

    I'd rather see her teaching in action, while she's baking. A new baker will be turned off by all the talking. And what is that tinny music in the background?

  20. Calla Lily says:

    Oh man, your channel is fire 🔥! Wish I would have known about you before, but so glad I came across you today! Enjoying the content you bring. Your style is thorough but easy.

  21. Jeromeow says:

    Thank you Kristin! Nice video!

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