Home-Made Iced Gems | Cupcake Jemma |

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Easter Bunny Cupcakes | Cupcake Jemma |
March 29, 2018
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April 12, 2018
Home-Made Iced Gems | Cupcake Jemma

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Remember Iced Gems? They were kind of brilliant but also nothing special to eat, which is why I have reimagined them so that they not only look great, they taste delicious too!

Recipe –
For the biscuit base…
75g soft unsalted butter
30g caster sugar
115g plain flour
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
a pinch of salt

For the meringues…
2 lg egg whites, weighed
double the weight of egg white in caster sugar
(eg egg white = 60g, sugar = 120g, etc)
pinch of salt
food colouring paste



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  1. Miku Watkins Games says:

    "if you're around my age.." lol I'm 13 an I know what you're talking about

  2. Euklin Richards says:

    Love your cakes.  Do you have a chocolate cake recipe.

  3. Mechele Classon says:

    Hi Jemma I have made these twice but the dough does not seems the same as yours… Yours seems almost like slightly wet sand and mine looks like pastry for tarts. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I live in South Africa and I believe our flour is not the same consistency as your… advice?

  4. Scone Baking and Beyond says:

    I plan to make iced sugar cookies with royal icing. Can I use this recipe, using a 58 cm round fluted cutter? I'm sure that'll change the baking time. Also, can I double the recipe without any problems? Thank you for your great videos with helpful tips and techniques.

  5. Dawne Lachapelle says:

    I don't know what I did wrong, but my biscuit dough was too crumbly! It was impossible to form into cookie shapes and transfer to the baking sheet. Does anyone have advice for how to fix this problem? I weighed and measured all ingredients as specified! The only thing I could think to do was add a bit more butter, but it was still really difficult to work with.

  6. Sim M says:

    Hi Jemma how could I make the icing without egg

  7. ooXChrissieXoo says:

    When I watch other cookie recipe, I'm skeptical, but when I watch Jemma's recipe, I know I have to follow. Thanks Jemma, I need exactly a cookie recipe like that.

  8. Nina Saroyan says:

    In my childhood there were biscuits in shape of slippers, now they are no more to sale, so sad, i cann't find them no longer and i doubt if Europeanians know what am i talking about, there are the thousands of various biscuits in the whole world, so I lost my love forever (

  9. Grace Fiamingo says:


  10. Jimmy Trumpet says:

    You've made me a very happy man, off to the kitchen I go! Can't wait to make a batch!!!

  11. Alice Wilde says:

    I like royal icing though and I'm intolerant to egg whites so can't have meringue what have you done…

  12. S Sanjeewa says:

    hi jemma could u pls explain few cookie issues ? my cookie dough wassticking to the rolling pin , n about the oven pls, how do u light it up? up only or both so onplsssssssssss love ur videos

  13. Mark Carlin says:

    They are not ice gems then.

  14. Brigette 5280 says:

    I can’t find caster sugar anywhere

  15. Atlanang Tlholego says:

    jemma my dough is breaking making it hard to roll out, how do i fix it?

  16. rose r says:

    Jemma, I wanted to make your Christmas tree meringue and Iced gems this coming Christmas and both of them needs to be baked at 90°c but I discovered that my oven's minimum temperature were 110°c. And I don't want my candies to melt. What should i do? Please, help. Thank you so much. Happy Christmas!

  17. Elizabeth Marsh says:

    Loved the video. But do need the Royal icing for my taste because that’s the classic and one reason I loved them as a child.

  18. S D says:

    Hey team! If you end up making larger versions of these with royal icing do I need to keep them in the oven longer than the initial 10 minutes or will they be okay without the second round?

  19. Believe Anyiwo says:

    Never had them before. They look absolutely delicious.. I'm amazed though that baking the meringue didn't melt it, why is that? And how do you get what amount of sugar to use if you do not have a scale? Thanks for sharing Jemma!❤

  20. kipz 31 says:

    This biscuit recipe is amazing, so quick and easy to make, they looked amazing, tasted amazing and that smell when they came out of the oven..soooo good – I was fasting when I made these so I was really happy to learn how quickly I could make these! Definitely my fave biscuit recipe, my husband said he's never buying biscuits from a supermarket ever again ;-D

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