How to Make Christmas Peppermint Macarons | Cupcake Jemma |

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How to Make Christmas Peppermint Macarons | Cupcake Jemma

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Recipe –
For the Macarons…
205g icing sugar
190g ground almonds
144g egg white
190g caster sugar
60ml water
3 tsp Superwhite powder (optional)
3/4 tsp red colour paste

For the peppermint chocolate ganache…
150g double cream
150g 70% dark chocolate
1/4 tsp peppermint extract


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    Jemma thank you so much for all the wonderful recipes this past year and I look forward to 2018 and what you have in store for us!  Dane I am still in love, or is it lust with you!  Nope its love.  Merry Christmas to all

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  12. Untitled says:

    I was at Crumbs and Doilies yesterday! Such a cute little shop with friendly staff members. I saw Dane yesterday too. He was carrying things out. I had some Cookie Dough Brownie and a Red Velvet cupcake and they were both so good! I'll have to try and make them on my own so I can keep tasting it from the other side of the world when I go back after Christmas

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  26. Eleanor Hedlund says:

    Great video!
    How long can the macarons be stored?

  27. Finasol says:

    What would you guys recommend as an almond alternative for people with nut allergies? I’ve tried pumpkin seeds which worked great, but they’re green so I couldn’t use fun colors.

    Loved the video! Your macaron videos have helped me a lot!

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    i hate peppermint

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    Hello Jemma can you explain me why my macaroons never cook like this, it rather have many holes in it it is not smooth despite tapping and removing the bubbles of air?

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    Can this recipe be halved?

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