Chocolate Orange Autumn Cupcakes | Cupcake Jemma |

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November 2, 2017
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Chocolate Orange Autumn Cupcakes | Cupcake Jemma

These cupcakes are for life, not just for Autumn, but they sure do look pretty!
Try making a BIG chocolate orange cake! –

Recipe –
135g unsalted butter, soft
110g self raising flour
1/4tsp bicarbonate of soda
100g caster sugar
25g dark brown sugar
15g cocoa powder
2 lg eggs
zest of 1 orange
1.5 tbsp milk
1 tsp treacle

For the ganache filling…
75g dark 70% chocolate
75g double cream
zest of 1/2 orange

For the orange and choc swiss buttercream…
300g caster sugar
4 egg white
400g butter, super soft
zest of 1 orange
150g choc 70%


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  1. Μάνος Καραμάνος says:


  2. Hannah Newton says:

    Done Swiss meringue buttercream loads of times before, but this time after adding the butter the icing split and wasn’t stiff at all, anyone know why?

  3. Sophia S says:

    This recipe came out a little over a month ago, and I will be making them for the third time tomorrow ^^ Even though I halve the topping, it is needless to say that I love them 😉

  4. DBP says:

    i'm supposed to be making this in 2 days, so can someone pleaseee tell me what i can substitute dark treacle with exactly because i cant find it in my country and its to late to order online. the closest thing i could find was molasses (rayner's classic crude black strap molasses).
    the second thing is self rising flour, i cant find that anywhere either?! so what can i use instead of that?

  5. iluvberrys77 says:

    Thanks for this recipe, I made it two days ago and they were delicious! Didn't make the ganache filling, substituted the treacle with honey (and the cupcakes came out okay) and made only half of the amount of buttercream but soooooo good!!!

  6. Niala119 says:

    Hi Jemma, lovely flavor! Can you please post your recipes in U.S. standard measurements as well? Thanks!

  7. A R says:

    What adjustments would i need to make to make 24 cupcakes? X

  8. kyblbrd1 says:

    Ive never had swiss buttercream before but i tried making it and it was perfectly smooth, but after i added my butter it was tangy…too buttery tasting. Is this the way its supposed to taste like, does anyone know? i didn't like it very much, too buttery.

  9. sabirin Muuse says:

    Can you make a mirror cake like if you want to see that

  10. Khuê Tạ Minh says:

    Can i make the cupcakes without treacle ?

  11. Nigel Walsh says:

    I make lots of your cakes BUT I am always left with lots of buttercream ……. what do you do with your leftover cream?

  12. Rohan Ambetkar says:

    This is one of best combination of flavours . Chocolate and orange always blast together if both are in good quantity . Jemma i have a one question what is Treacle is it a golden syrup or molasses or something else ??

  13. Rohan Ambetkar says:

    What is Treacle ??

  14. Katerina Liap says:

    what is treacle?plz reply someone

  15. Paul Stevenson says:

    I really fancy this cupcake but I’m seriously thinking of adding a hobnob biscuit base as used in some of your other recipes but also with the addition of some orange zest to add an orange tangyness (is that a real word?) to that base too. Would that work do you think? I’m going to try it anyway.
    By the way, I’m nearly retirement age, male, and never baked a cupcake, let alone piped anything before, until last week when I made a batch of your Strawberry Cheescake cupcakes. I’ve never seen 12 cakes disappear so fast as my kids and grandkids descended on the house 🤣
    I then tried a lemon and lime version with a home made L&L curd core and L&L flavoured topping. They were an equal success so I think I’ve found my new retirement vocation. Wish I’d started baking years ago. Thanks Jemma. I only found your YouTube vids 2/3 weeks ago. You’ve been a great inspiration to me.

  16. Sarah Khan says:

    My cupcakes came out perfect! Thanks a lot jemma!

  17. nor adlina MK says:

    Hi jemma. I would like your opinion on a cake…how about if i bake a vanilla cake, with raspberry n cream in between layers, and coated with orange buttercream….what do you think?

  18. staycguitargal says:

    How do these come out if you don't have/add the treacle?

  19. Linda K says:

    I thought you said ‘until the brains are melted’. My brain melted as soon as i read chocolate orange!

  20. diana Keller-Cannon says:

    do you use light or dark treacle?

  21. Marie-Anne Duarte says:

    Thank you so much. Just a question – do you use a thermofan oven to bake on more than one level in your oven? Or do you use a conventional oven?

  22. Fino Caraco says:

    I love orange and chocolate together! I am not familiar with "trecal" is that molasses??

  23. Soo R says:

    Hi Jemma could you please do a cake version of this chocolate orange autumn cupcake

  24. Azim Allaudin says:

    Will the amount of sugar affect the consistency of the buttercream?

  25. Ruth Kolbach says:

    Made these last weekend oh my goodness so YUMMY !

  26. Pallavi Dantas says:

    I want to come to London just to learn from you😭

  27. louinwy1 says:

    I wondered about the lack of salt?

  28. Kamilia Huda says:

    Hello! If i don't have the treacle. May i know it will effect the cupcakes or not?

  29. Amber Tan says:

    Can I make this as a big cake???

  30. 시은 says:

    구독하고가요 👍

  31. Santiago Collerone says:

    Hi Jemma! I love you so much your recipes. Can you add Spanish subtitles in your videos? Please!!! I understand some English but you know haha

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