Macaron Masterclass – How to Make Perfect Macarons | Cupcake Jemma |

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October 26, 2017
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Macaron Masterclass - How to Make Perfect Macarons | Cupcake Jemma

Hey guys! I get so many requests for Macarons so I’m going to start with full guide to technique and a go-to macaron recipe that’ll come out perfect every time. Thanks to Dane for helping put with the video – you can see more of him on Instagram @danepemberton /

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Recipe –
205g icing sugar
190g ground almonds
144g egg whites
Food colour paste (optional)
190g caster sugar
60ml water


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  1. Og Three says:

    Finally someone saying it doesn’t have to be stiff peak!! Every single recipe say it has to be very hard and stiff, making straight peak but it will cause it to have over-mixed batter. This recipe is nice.

  2. chloenkitty says:

    These are so beautiful but I know I would absolutely mess them up

  3. Francis Lau-Acosta says:

    Do we need to chill any of the egg whites before adding them to any of the mixes? Dry mix? Merengue (wet mix)?

  4. TheNathy9611 says:

    Whyyyy for gods sakes every recipe are in grams????? I DONT HAVE A SCALE 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. Vanessa L says:

    LOL @ "I don't have time." When you're in the industry, you know what he's talking about!

  6. Kukim Vazquez says:

    Will water based food fell colors work?

  7. 슈가빈Sugar Bean says:

    hello! ☺☺💕 I make character and design macarons! I hope you come to my youtube!

  8. Guybrush Wayne says:

    She's hot I wanna simp her

  9. Tasleem Begum says:

    These look so mouth watering im just starting bake.

  10. Sarah sarah says:

    I want to make these low carb keto but i have read that the sugar substitutes affect the sheen and crispiness and the feet? Anyone tried

  11. Agus Tirta says:

    this is really cool, thank you.

  12. Rasee Agarwal says:

    Any substitute for the eggs ?

  13. F Faro says:

    Can I use gel food colour can't find paste colour

  14. Phoebe C says:

    Why do you put half the liquid egg white in the mixture? Why not beating them all as meringue and mix in? Want to know the difference. Thanks!

  15. Flyingwithoutwings01 says:

    the almond flour is with skin or not? thanks

  16. Elna Strain says:

    I wish you would make these recipes in cups and ounces … for us old school people.. thanks

  17. COOL BANANA says:

    I feel that if I try to make them, they’d be gone in a second, into my belly. Haha!

  18. Angie H says:

    I’ve been working on mastering the macaron during this quarantine time. Thanks for this video. So helpful!! I’m still having trouble with my ‘feet’ spreading. What am I doing wrong?

  19. Ritta and BTS and Rebcca says:

    I love macarons

  20. nooran sabbagh says:

    It is an Italian macarons not French

  21. Lauren D. says:

    Literally just made these for the first time and they came out great!!! Go Chef D! Thanks for sharing him with us Jemma!!

  22. Evie Jynx says:

    Does anyone know what kind of candy thermometer they are using?

  23. Anaiss Galvan says:

    is ground almond the same as almond flour??

  24. Lindsay Call says:

    Where is SoHo?

  25. Aldo Aldo says:

    Im curious about the template. How big it is in cm…can someone please tell me ? How big should we put the dough for each ? 2 or 3 cm is it good ?

  26. LM - 05ML - Cashmere Avenue PS (1260) says:

    Can we substitute egg whites

  27. Fa Alavi says:


  28. Dead Lady says:

    Great video

  29. Dead Lady says:

    Mega grateful!

  30. Chen cheese Chen says:

    I use this recipe the chewy texture is there the only problem was temperature as it got cracks in half of the macarons but tastes amazing!! definately recommend

  31. Umma Rashid says:

    Can you use powdered food colouring?

  32. Mamio Liebi says:


  33. Raisa Kastsiushka says:

    Could you add just powdered sugar instead of melted sugar?

  34. Zoltani Ileana says:

    What a nice and fluffy lips hase Dane. OMG…so jealous. Great jobe Dane :*

  35. LCD P says:

    I was like, “please eat one, I want to watch”! Mmmm!!! Yummy. Will be making! 😋💙

  36. Izhar Alam says:

    2020 anyone??

  37. Sofo Sofio says:

    Can someone tell me how many time did they cover it please?

  38. Heidi Ezell says:

    My sugar water mixture is turning dark. How do I keep it clear ?

  39. Annisa Saleh says:

    Dream team ❤️

  40. upendro nahakpam says:

    Can I half the recipe?

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