Pretzel & Salted Caramel Cupcakes Collab with The Boy Who Bakes | Cupcake Jemma | Cake Ideas | baking ideas

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Pretzel & Salted Caramel Cupcakes Collab with The Boy Who Bakes | Cupcake Jemma

cake decorating compilation

Cake Ideas

baking ideas

Droooool!! This is the cupcake that will end Edd’s (The Boy Who Bakes) embargo on cupcakes!
Watch our video on Edd’s channel:

Also, if you’re wondering what the constant pattering sound is all the way through this video, its RAIN!! It was chucking it down that day!

Recipe –
For the BPB…
90g finely ground salted pretzels
25g melted butter
2 tbs golden syrup/corn syrup

For the sponge…
130g burnt, cooled, chilled and softened butter!
125g self raising flour
100g caster sugar
25g soft light brown sugar
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/4 tsp salt
2 lg eggs
2 tbs yoghurt

For the salted caramel…
175g caster sugar
75ml water
175g double cream
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
(you can add 1/2 tsp salt at this point if you like!)

For the buttercream…
200g unsalted butter, soft
320g icing sugar, sifted
1/2 batch of the caramel
(1/2 tsp sea salt, if you didn’t put it in the caramel already)

Extra pretzels for decoration!



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Cake Ideas

baking ideas


  1. Veiledtulip says:

    I don’t understand the battle of the scales at all. We Dutch people always use scales and I hate it when I have to convert a cup to grams😅

  2. NJ CAMOCUTIE says:

    What is golden syrup in America called

  3. Amaya Arellano Yacoub says:

    I'm old school, i like to use cups

  4. fumiko tanaka says:


  5. Helens Caketastic Creations says:

    salty and sweet now who doesnt love that combo xxx

  6. that way says:

    Is it just me who THOUGHT THAT THE GUY WAS ED SHEERAN for a semi second?

  7. Brynn Phillips says:

    How could I convert this into a cake?

  8. leece _ says:

    Caramel made with condensed milk is much easier and nicer

  9. Malissa Richmond says:

    How do you measure out your Ml for the liquids? With the scale Ml feature?? I know with water it’s equivalent to grams, but what about the double cream? Also, I don’t have access to self rising flour, what do you do to modify so the recipe works? Thanks, love your videos 💖🥰

  10. Jana Melody Appleby says:

    I ADORE my electric scales! 😉 Mine did cost me £60 buuuuuut my scales are talking scales as I am blind! 😉
    I LOVE your videos and me and my mum watch your videos together all the time!

  11. Andreana Ktenas says:

    Instead of corn syrup can I use honey??
    Love your channel!!

  12. Ankita Chopra says:

    Can i half ur every recipes for the trial?

  13. Linda K says:

    With so many recipes coming at you from so many countries and their cups and spoons all being slightly different to each other, scales are the absolute way to go. Just tell me how many grams, or ounces if you insist and i’ll take it from there.
    The only thing more OMG-afying are those nincompoops who measure their dry ingredients in a measuring jug or have their liquids overflowing a cup. That makes my brain explode! 🤯😜

  14. Anna Fullmer says:

    Hey my name is anna I want to know how to make German chocolate cake I'm your biggest fan

  15. ThePstjtt says:

    Awww… you guys are so cute! The cupcakes are a total inspiration — I was planning on making cupcakes with a core of something — I had been auditioning flavors of pudding or whipped cream mixed with the crumbs from coring the cupcakes, even Jemma's trick with the hearts but I had never considered salted caramel. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. DayByeDay says:

    What's the equivalent to golden syrup here in the states?

  17. binh cao says:

    Can you make a video how to make bicarbonate of soda on your own

  18. Charu gera says:

    0:53 that reminded me of 7 rings

  19. Sónia Silva says:

    I made today and they are deliciouse

  20. Jazmin Zambara says:

    What piping tip did you use for the buttercream? Thank you!!

  21. Maryam B says:

    Thanks alot Jemma, you are such an inspiration and always give me brilliant ideas 😘

  22. Dimples Johnson says:

    I do put salt in my cakes

  23. LoveVanita says:

    “How we get on outside of the kitchen” 💀

  24. Haley Nikki says:

    Is caster sugar just regular plain sugar?

  25. ss Bakers says:

    If it crystallise use tempering method first add a tablespoon of cream and mix it
    Once it dissolves and then add a little more that way it won’t crystallise

  26. Steve says:

    I see the video and ingredient list but is there a written recipe?

  27. B l u e B e r r y's says:

    T h e g u y n e e d s t o f i x h i s h a i r

  28. Kate~Amber says:

    Anyones cupcakes turn out slightly overcooked? They still taste quite amazing, yet to add buttercream which will add moisture. But they were fairly more golden than jemmas 🙁

  29. Zareefa Zalme says:

    Yes that's what's I was Look in for perfectt

  30. Laura Langley says:

    I am sorry Edd does not love cupcakes. LOL I really love watching your cupcake recipes. Thank you for sharing a lovely recipe. Now, off to the market to get my goodies. Thank you so much for sharing your love of baking. I am in heaven with these dreamy delights. What a great way to find a positive space with baking now that we are at home. I am drooling at these beauties. Update: I made these today. They turned out wonderful with the pretzel goodness at the bottom and caramel topping. I love them. Super yummy. Ty

  31. Russell Murphy says:

    There are quite a few comments here about using cups. I’m from the UK and find it really annoying too. How tightly packed is a cup of flour, for instance?
    Also, how do you convert a measurement of volume into one of mass given that everything has a different density? For example a cup of icing sugar will weigh very much less than a cup of butter.

  32. Mitchell Robless says:

    how many times has that happen

  33. Mitchell Robless says:

    what time did you put for oven for cupcakes 170c

  34. Mitchell Robless says:

    how many times have you bated your self and we do not want that and if you have lid and do not use Intimation use the pure vanilla i am not going to copy that if you have the mixer on high powder saugr flying everywhere we do not want that and in the hot chamel i will make sure not put finger and cloud i add some and every night the lotto-west go so very fast for me and you can use the lid for the chamel and how long cloud the baking time cloud that very to hour and and if you do not have crosswords and getting your buring yourself we do not fine that funny and
    i will make sure not finger
    and cloud i add lemon excart as well

  35. nadia sophocleous says:

    this is one of my fave videos. really enjoyed the friendly banter; the cupcakes look fabulous. definitely making these on the weekend!

  36. Mitchell Robless says:

    how many times have you burnted yourself that is not funny and i will not do that and burn your self we can not have that at all because that is very paintful and its not funny when mix icing saugr if you do it on high speed you cloud have powder saugr everywere we do not want that and cloud we do not have and can not have that and cloud i will not put my finger in the hot i won,t do that and do not let me put me my finger in the carmel and you can not have me doing that at all
    that is very daungours and we can not have that and we do not like that you burning and can not have that
    and i am not going to put my face in the hot camel and because it spit in my face we do not want that and can do not have that when making carmel and do not put the finger in the hot carmel
    can you make when make the carmel and can i like to put the lid on the carmel so it can not be played with not is very daungous to play with so do not do it and we can not have your be buring yourself so be very careful
    and if you make about when making hot carmel you can burn yourself we can not have that

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