How to make The Best Shortcrust Pastry AND Blind Bake a Pie/Tart Shell | Cupcake Jemma |

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How to make The Best Shortcrust Pastry AND Blind Bake a Pie/Tart Shell | Cupcake Jemma

There are lots of different kinds of pastries out there and for each type there are hundreds of slightly different ways to do it. Shortcrust is my favourite of all time. A ‘Short’ pastry should be sturdy enough to hold a filling, but light, snappy and slightly crumbly too so it melts in your mouth. This is my FAIL-SAFE Shortcrust Pastry recipe, plus a demo on how to ‘Blind Bake’ at tart or pie shell so that you can fill it with yummy stuff!

225g plain flour
2 tbsp icing sugar
150g very cold unsalted butter
pinch of salt
3 tbsp ice-cold water



Crumbs & Doilies
1 Kingly Court



  1. Suzy Siviter says:

    Who has time for this, cant you just put it in a blender?

  2. songtresspatrece says:

    What size is the dough for a large pie or pies?

  3. Yat Ali says:

    Rice in clingfilm then pop it into the oven? Won't the cling film melt? Or there's a special one for baking?

  4. Queen Cleo says:

    No matter how many channels I watch, I always feel inspired by yours – somehow I feel that special reassurance… All my favourite recipes are from your channel. What I urgently need please, is a good apple pie with a 'double crust' – not too fancy-looking because I'll be selling it, and if it's too time-consuming it simply won't be worth it. Thanks Jemma 🤗

  5. Paul Hardwick says:

    Hi Jemma thank you for teaching this old man how to make the best short crust ever, works just like you said. Thanks again Paul.

  6. Vonny Chen says:

    Thank you for your videos, really enjoyed watching them. Thank you for the tips 😊

  7. Sanja Katarina says:

    I made it ! It was perfect ! Thank you !

  8. Perdona Tienes razón says:

    Por qué demonios pone el título en español?

  9. Kate Jordan says:

    Huge fan of your videos. I often grate my cold butter into the flour to make it a little quicker and easier to get the crumb effect.

  10. Mar Abalorios says:

    Me encantó gracias……! 🥮🎀🌸🎀🌸

  11. blakeyonthebuses says:

    My mum always uses self raising flour and lard. It's the best pastry ever!

  12. MJ Abedin says:

    Hi CupcakeJemma.

    Firstly, are the rice still edible, or useable for anything else for the process, or is it strictly to keep the shape of the pastry as a weight?
    Secondly, cling film in the oven? 😯 I did not know that, that is a valuable piece of knowledge, but is there a maximum time it can be used in an oven before (if) it melts?

  13. Jeremy Horne says:

    Love your body art.

  14. David Collins says:

    woah, mama.

  15. jagruti bhamwari says:

    Where can I get these tart moulds

  16. Mahima Nathan says:

    Can the rice still be used after😂

  17. Fahmida Jaigirdar says:

    So details technic thanks for sharing

  18. DM Kilrath says:

    Cling film in the oven?! No thank you lol.

  19. KBM Shop says:

    where can i buy those small pie pans

  20. P Meclarin says:

    We can still cook the rice after blind baking, right?

  21. Adriano Tenorio says:

    I think the butter-flour ratio is a little off… Most of the recipes out there recommend around 1:2 ratio, and this recipe calls for 1:1,5. When I mixed my dough, it didn't form any gluten at all, and I couldn't open the dough without it crumbling.

    Then I increased the flour to reach the 1:2 ratio and I finally could work it into the tin. As soon as I finish baking it I'll give updates here.

    EDIT: After letting the dough rest I could roll it without it breaking or sticking to the table. After baking, the pastry was light and hard enough to sustain the filling's weight, but it'd actually crumble in my mouth!

  22. lenka simekova says:

    Gosh those hideous tattoos…

  23. Paul Francis says:

    now that's a really hard butter i've ever seen

  24. Fiza Malik says:

    Love you Jemmmmaaaaaaaa! My master

  25. يوميات أم أيمن OUM AYMAN says:


  26. Dess Bianca says:

    Beautifully made i would love to follow ur way

  27. Denise Worsley says:

    If your nervous of using cling film, use baking parchment, scrunch it up tightly before using it so it fits into your pastry case better.

  28. Israilov Family says:

    Were is the recipe?

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