Cherry Bakewell Cupcake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma |

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Cherry Bakewell Cupcake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

Give this cupcakified British classic a try. Cherry Bakewells and Bakewell Tarts are up there with the best things to ever come out of England so if you love them as much as I do, please try making these, you will LOVE them!

For the cupcakes –
90g self raising flour
30g ground almonds
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
125g caster sugar
2 lg eggs
125g unsalted butter, soft
1.5 tbsp whole milk
1/8 tsp almond extract

For the cherry goo –
350g fresh or frozen cherries
3 tbsp caster sugar
zest of 1 lemon

For the cherry buttercream –
150g unsalted butter, soft
340g icing sugar, sifted
3-4 tbsp cherry goo
1-2 drops of almond extract

For the pastry crumb –
125g plain flour
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp water
pinch salt
60g melted butter



Crumbs & Doilies
1 Kingly Court



  1. Ann maria says:

    If I had more cherry goo I would fill my cupcakes with it

  2. Ally Hassan says:

    bakewell tart tho 😭 def gonna bake this!

  3. Tse says:

    Hello Jemma! What can i do if i don't have self raising flour? I made self raising flour from the internet and my cupcakes are failed.How can i to substitute this flour? Thank youuuu.

  4. A.R. Productions says:

    You should do a satisfying cupcake compilation video

  5. hxneyblood1 - says:

    I found where my brothers were coming from! yay

  6. Sara says:

    I'm not sure why but whenever I try one of your recipes it never makes 12 cupcakes. its usually around 7-8. maybe we have larger cupcake tins and cases in Australia? They're always delicious though and these are no exception! 😘

  7. jillhbaudhaan says:

    I have to rewatch this video. All I could think about the first time is pulling one of your braids and calling you "Carrots."

  8. Claro Abayan says:

    Jemma can you make a super cookies'n cream or oreo cupcake?😘😍😘😍

  9. Charlotte Reilly says:

    For the left over cherry goo, how is it best to be stored and how long can it be stored for I've just made these and they where so nice thanks!! X

  10. Carmen León Rodriguez says:

    acabo de encontrar tu canal y me parece súper y muy deliciosos tus recetas a pesar que hablas otro idioma. saludos desde Perú

  11. John Herron says:

    I followed your recipe and instructions for these cupcakes. I made 2 batches. They were absolutely the best… and you are absolutely the best!! I topped the wonderful cherry buttercream with the toasted almonds and pastry crumbles…. yummy!! Thank you for being such a great teacher and presenting the info in such a fun way!!! 👍👍❤️

  12. Kristin Cryer says:

    When making some cupcakes you cream your butter and sugar until light and fluffy then add the dry ingredients and sometimes you "dump it all in" at one time. What's the difference? Is there one?

  13. RMK 79 says:

    Made these and they were delicious but didn't think the sponge was almondy enough. Will probably add more almond extract next time. Though like I said they were still lush 🙂

  14. Lucy Henshall says:

    Hi Jemma. Is it possible to adapt the recipient so you have the pie crumb on the bottom? I'd like to make them with just a cute cherry on top and not the crumb but I don't want to leave out the yummy crumb either! Ideas?? 🙂

  15. Ana Catarina Silva says:

    Well done, lots of love from Portugal 💕

  16. Meg Smith says:

    Can't wait to make these!! What size piping nozzle do you use??XX

  17. Gary Davidson says:

    How are you not the size of a house?

  18. meg louise says:

    are the pictures in the background of her kids or something?x

  19. Bre says:

    What kind of pipping tip is that ??

  20. Jannatul Fardaus says:

    Is bicarbonate of soda & baking soda is same??

  21. Alina says:

    For the cherries jemma add sugar and one star anis…gives a great taste! More videos plssssssss

  22. A Ibrahim says:

    Can you make the cherry goo in advance?

  23. judy issa says:

    can you tell us please how to get rid of the smell and taste of eggs? specially in meringues!

  24. GnomieWomey says:

    Could this buttercream be used on a bigger tiered/layer cake

  25. Jotdan Cobra says:

    Tried the butter cream 3 times now and it splits every time!!!! Please help

  26. Meghann Van Dolzer says:

    I've never heard of bakewell before, but it looks amazing! The UK has so many great deserts we Yanks have never had. It's like you got all the good stuff in the divorce 😀 😀

  27. Kanika Chordia says:

    Jemma I just love your recipes ♥️

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