How to Make Churros and Chocolate (and it's almost VEGAN!) | Cupcake Jemma |

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May 14, 2017
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May 20, 2017
How to Make Churros and Chocolate (and it's almost VEGAN!) | Cupcake Jemma

Well, I accidentally made churros that are vegan, though I didn’t make a vegan version of the chocolate dip. Soz, vegans! If YOU have a vegan alternative I’d LOVE to hear it. Pop it in the description box below so everyone can share it!


For the churros-
375ml water
1 tbs olive oil
1 tbs caster sugar
pinch of salt
210g strong bread flour
1 tsp baking powder
OIL for frying

For the chocolate ganache-
100g dark 70% chocolate
125g double cream



Crumbs & Doilies
1 Kingly Court



  1. Eat mycookie says:

    I do have to try to make these it's my favorite 😍😍

  2. Lisa-Marie Barta says:

    Could you please do the "non-vegan" version too?😁

  3. Dhpooh Perera says:

    hi Jemma, can you bake them instead of frying?

  4. LollyBerry24 says:

    that is great

  5. María José A. Batres says:

    How do you manage to not get fat? I would be huge if I had your job! Loved the recipe BTW. Lovely!

  6. Netsakyah Tillman says:

    there is no such thing as almost vegan it's vegan or not.

  7. Laura Cortez says:

    Hi Jemma! For a very easy and accesible vegan chocolate sauce i have made a very "thick" simple syrup and then add it cocoa, its super yummy and vegan

  8. Wasfat & Ebda3at says:

    Great recipe just made it so easy and delicious 😍😍

  9. Soleil Arceo says:

    Can I do this beforehand? Like 2 days before? And how/where do I store them after making them? Thanks!

  10. Danielle Ludlow says:

    i would love to try these lovely churros

  11. Spencer Pixiedust says:

    i found you through a tv channel playing your program and this was the video that was playing. Are you aware that your content is being played on a station called TBD in the U.S.?

  12. Leba Naivola says:

    Ohhhh… delicious.

  13. haya alazmi says:

    Why the recipe didn’t work for me😭😭😭

  14. Bee music says:

    strange recipe..

  15. maheen gul says:

    OMG I made them and they are superb

  16. nr sfyqa says:

    Hii , is it okay if i use oil . just a normal oil tu make the churros and not olive oil ?

  17. Terryann Corapi says:

    Once again a great recipe, can’t wait to try these, yum 😋

  18. Hailey Bakes says:

    Looks amazing😍

  19. Abby Bakes says:

    The best churro recipe i've ever seen!! And better yet its vegan😆

  20. Xtremedog83 says:

    This looks so amazing. Churros were something I loved having when I was a kid😄😄😄

  21. dreamy slimes says:

    Quit making me starving after watching a video!!!!!!!!!!! I'm off to bake some 'churro' muffins. (cinnamon sugar)

  22. dianateabag says:

    Nice recipe but is a little ridiculous you put almost vegan …. it's the same as not vegan 😑

  23. Shirley Corkrum says:

    Omg just made these and they taste amazing thank you Jemma for sharing 💁🏻😀😀😀😀😀😀

  24. Bhargavi M says:

    They came out amazing!!

  25. aubreyl25 says:

    Is evaporated milk ok for the ganache?

  26. iLindah Productions says:

    Love these. Thank you!

  27. Yamila Diaz says:

    why do mine keep exploiting??? what am i doing wrong

  28. samira saeed says:

    Can I make use butter instead of cream for chocolate ganache?

  29. Myriam GP says:

    That chocolate dip looks marvelous — add some cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne and it will be a more authentic Mexican chocolate!

  30. Bangtan Is Who I Stan says:

    Is it ok if I don't use cinnamon?

  31. Naomi Jae says:

    Does anyone have this recipe converted to cups?

  32. Madhavi Gajjar says:

    Hi Jemma! I tried making these with plain flour instead of strong flour, using the same recipe, and my churros would come out crunchy on the outside and raw inside. They wouldn't really brown up much either (although I don't have a star nozzle). I tried leaving them in a little longer to fry, and one exploded, sending oil flying all over my kitchen. Help?!

  33. Ninjanova says:


  34. avsiii says:

    Oh, man, I can't watch this anymore – Your a brilliant pastry Chef, but, I can't watch this.

  35. Jean Samyr says:

    I love churros, but for me the best churros is with Doce de Leite (Dulce de Leche/milk-caramel) inside and extra Cinnamon

  36. Mochi Trash says:

    Jhope approved

  37. Gulya Swift says:


  38. Gulya Swift says:


  39. SaphiraTessa says:

    I had a very interesting yet pretty dangerous thing happenign to me when making those… i guess mine where thicker or something, cuz they were exploding while being fried?? like they popped open, making the freaking hot frying oil go everywhere, my glasses prevented some spatters from going into my eye. idk what i did wrong, the temperature wasnt too high (i checked)?

  40. JessicaIrene_ says:

    Can I add an egg to the dough like a traditional recipe? Or will it not work with this particular recipe?

  41. Ella Strauss says:

    Yo J-hope! This for you!

  42. Cecille Bella says:

    I'm not a vegan person but I love this churros.

  43. Saba Sultan says:

    can we use simple flour instead of bread flour

  44. _T_ __ says:

    Love these can you bake this dough?

  45. Is’ad Ashrafi says:

    For vegans out there, you can use coconut milk/cream instead of heavy cream/double cream!

  46. Zero Waste Vegan says:

    Jemma I love all your recipes I have to change some because I’m vegan but there all fantastic I going to have a go at these today and the decadent chocolate cupcakes 🎃

  47. Heather Mahoney says:

    One problem I dont have a deep fat frier

  48. Pixie St. John says:

    I'd like to make these since they'd be so good BUT since you don't give measures in cups I can't make them…. so sad.

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