Banana Snickers Millionaire's Shortbread Recipe | Cupcake Jemma | Cake Ideas | baking ideas

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March 30, 2017
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Banana Snickers Millionaire's Shortbread Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

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Cake Ideas

baking ideas

You know I LOVE this combo! I don’t think you can get too much of peanut and banana and chocolate. So here is another banging recipe to make the best, most delicious version of Millionaire’s Shortbread EVER! *Don’t forget to hit the Bell button above to get notifications for my videos!*

Recipe –
For the Shortbread…
200g plain flour
170g chopped unsalted butter, cold
70g caster sugar
pinch of salt
100g smooth peanut butter

For the Banana Caramel…
175ml double cream
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp salt
200g caster sugar
200g puréed bananas
170g golden syrup
60g cold unsalted butter

Other stuff…
Handful of roasted salted peanuts and banana chips
Melted dark chocolate



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Cake Ideas

baking ideas


  1. Aleksandra Opochenska says:

    Hello Jemma, I'm watching you almost from the beginning and wanted to say that YOU ARE GOURGEOUS. and you have developed and changed so much over the years. I would love to see the video with you reaction on your old videos, maybe with some explanaitions what was happening at that time.
    Thank you very much. Love your videos.

  2. Claire284 says:

    Once you've added in the heavy cream, do you continue stirring the caramel frequently? Sorry, never made it before so I want to be sure 🙂 xx

  3. MsOlala1234 says:

    Jemma's just garnished the top with a melted chocolate and second later the chocolate is set 😂

  4. muslimahsista says:

    Thanks for sharing

  5. d lawrence says:

    Hey Jemma, could you also post your recipes in an 'American' form. Some f**king idiot always posts conversions and they get them very wrong, which I'm sure results in lots of crappy cupcakes. If only everyone would buy a scale, eh? Thanks,and love your videos!

  6. Liz says:

    I love your earrings!!! And obviously I love you too <3

  7. Maria Flores says:

    Hi jemma!! Could you please make some spring theme desserts💓🤗

  8. Mrs Loza says:

    I don't think jemma actually liked that

  9. ttallassa says:

    i really like your trillionaires shortbread, so i have to try this one also!

  10. Taymiyah Rachi says:

    can you make macaroons

  11. ned993 says:

    Golden Syrup isn't sold where I live, can I use honey or simple syrup instead?

  12. Kelly Truebody says:

    hahah. slow and steady stream like nick from the scran line says

  13. TaNiesha Gammon says:

    These look sooooo good

  14. Monica Z says:

    I'm always worried she's gonna burn for grab the pans when they're hot x__x

  15. Desti Astriani says:

    Hay jemma! So excited to make this recipe at my kitchen💜💜
    Btw, I'm from Indonesia

  16. Pat B says:

    I visited your shop last Wednesday as my wife and I were doing a spot of sightseeing in London. I was going to buy a cake but decided that as we had traveled all the way from Dubai we should buy more than 1. They were absolutely delicious. We need to fly back soon to buy some more, unless you are considering opening a shop over here.

  17. Barbara Policar says:

    for another tasty dessert recipe, click this link (shameless promo :P)

  18. aaron says:

    senin "caster sugar" diyen dillerini yerim jemma

  19. Kitty says:

    Hi, Jemma. With Easter coming up next week, could you, please do one of the recipes for Easter? Thanks!

  20. Gabby T says:

    any chance I can get these measurements in cups and stuff for me here in America?

  21. Gina Marie Ermac says:

    cupcake jemma can you give us a recipe about crema de fruta pls.

  22. Meadow Brown Bakery says:

    That looks so good

  23. Susi O says:

    Glad to see you back in the C&D store 😊😊

  24. William's Kitchen says:

    Oh gosh this caramel looks sooooo good! 😍

  25. shartanne says:

    Should this be refrigerated at all–should it be served at room temperature?

  26. houchi69 says:

    I see no point of dumping it unto the counter and bring them together…
    I will just dump straight in to the tin.

  27. Cravings Journal says:

    Jemma I loooove your channel! hopefully mine will reach as much as yours someday!! Thanks for the inspo! xoxo

  28. cwilmaer says:

    hi is the caramel still good to make without the bananas ? xx

  29. UpsideDown R says:

    Mmm.. Caramel icing !! 😋😋😋

  30. kevin cody says:

    She's into body suspension.

  31. Lavender _LOVERR says:

    cupcake jemma make some chocolqte mousse

  32. jemma stephen says:

    Can you make this without the peanut butter in the shortbread? does anyone know!

  33. jenny9653 says:


  34. Bobbie Garland says:

    Hi Jemma, me and my friends want to make this today but we were just wondering how long it takes for the caramel to set before you can cut it? We only have about 3 hours together this afternoon and don’t think we’ll be able to wait to get our teeth into those 😻 Bobbie x

  35. charla babarla says:

    magic cookie bars i know they've been done to death but my child and i make a trip to nordstroms for cobb salads and magic cookie bars THEY ARE AN EVENT thanks again for all your contribution to my personal happiness

  36. Gulya Swift says:

    Looks delicious 😋

  37. Gulya Swift says:


  38. Sharon Lee says:

    Anything banoffee is heaven. Mmmmm

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