Chocolate Panettone Christmas Trifles | Cupcake Jemma |

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December 8, 2016
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December 13, 2016
Chocolate Panettone Christmas Trifles | Cupcake Jemma

Are you after a really quick and tasty way of using up your leftover Panettone AND making a really tasty and impressive dessert at the same time? Well, here you go! This is IT!

Recipe –
chocolate panettone sliced
Fresh raspberries
Raspberry sauce
Coffee liqueur
60g icing sugar
125g mascarpone at room temp
50g melted 70% choc – cooled slightly
60g icing sugar
125g cup double cream
Plus Extra double cream + icing sugar


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  1. Salsabila l says:

    can i request about greentea cake?? i really wan't to make it for my mom on her birthday.. thankyou!

  2. mamatha somu sonu says:

    can v replace strawberry with any other fruit.if yes suggest any…

  3. Liezel Salvador says:

    You're sooo cute!!

  4. maluko Keh says:

    greeting from china!love your channel so much! how sometime can vist CD shop in LONDON!

  5. はむむこ says:


  6. ojiojioji says:

    Congrats for appearing in Youtube Rewind 2016!!🎉🎉🎉🎉

  7. Taj Kitchen says:

    ThIs Is A gReAt ReCiPe… 👍

  8. MakeupMannequin 18 says:

    watching 22 hours later

  9. Ayre says:

    I love desserts in little glasses 🙂

  10. Valeria Peralta says:

    Hi to anyone reading this! I just started a youtube channel and I upload covers, please go check them out? You won't be disappointed 😉

  11. Sinai Cuellar says:

    Marry me please!!!! your recipes are so delicious!!

  12. King Leonidas says:

    Why is this video being suggested to me toutube? Was it because I googled "pics of bitches in horrible sweaters making desserts I'll never eat"?

  13. Suspiriorum says:

    it looks beautiful
    and this recipe was so delicious tho my family enjoyed it so much 😀 ❤️❤️❤️ thanks jemma

  14. Angelo D.R. says:

    Hi +cupcakejemma Jemma.. All of your recipes are MARVELOUS..!!

    I wish we can go back to basics like an episode for ingredient substitutes like no self raising flour, buttermilk and the like.. Love you and your shows.. 😉

    Fan from the Philippines..

  15. gary daniels says:

    Bought a large panettone last year seemed to be eating it for ages, wasn't going to buy one this year till now. Thank You Jemma, they look and sound superb.

  16. Crochet says:

    Thanks for showing us how to make this. I like that you make reasonable sizes of things rather than great gobs of stuff that last forever when you have a small family. Christmas is my favorite season and I love to have a wide variety of things, just smaller amounts of each!

  17. Sandi Dranchak says:

    i guess stollen would work?

  18. Sarah Bearheart says:

    Mmm, trifle is the 3rd best thing about Christmas!

  19. SineIsSuna says:

    This is so amazing , Thx for you video

  20. Pamela Anna says:

    Ok Jemma. Your cooking is amazing we know that. But. I need to know. Who did your tattoos ? Little tattoo video perhaps.

  21. Kassim Mohammed says:

    ur cool make more 😄

  22. Felicity says:

    Could you make a mirror cake? 😍

  23. 71Mslorraine says:

    Can't seem to find the link to go to the raspberry goooo recipe? Where can I find the recipe please Jemma

  24. JustDreamingLife says:

    what exactly is double cream?

  25. Kirby Kayze Aniñon says:

    I love yout sweater Jemma OMG!! 😍😍😍

  26. Bettie Turner says:

    I gained 10 lbs watching this video

  27. RitatiN Channel says:

    I love all of your recipes!!!

  28. Eva Sjöberg says:

    Love those bowls. Where can one get 'em? .-)

  29. Cath W says:

    Where can I find the raspberry goo recipe? I can't find a video or the link.

  30. Roo Roo says:

    do you live in Briton because you have a shop in Briton don't you

  31. feelitwice says:

    I cannot find the raspberry sauce and I would like to know how to do it! Heeeeelp!

  32. EndingsAreHard says:

    This is so good, I'm making it for the third time now! Exquisitely delicious and so easy! Thank you for sharing the recipe!

  33. Mrs Skyblue says:

    You are great Jemma 🙂 I've been following you for a month now and subscribed to you channel very early. Maybe sometime in the future I will pass by at your store 🙂 Greetings from Germany

  34. Ajinkya Pawar says:

    How many of you actually cried when she ate it

  35. JT Hanna says:

    Can anyone give me the conversions for US ?

  36. Tiawanda Grace says:

    They look good. All your food looks good. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Beckiieanne says:

    oh dear, why did i watch this… :O

  38. Mitchell Robless says:

    cloud i add some lemon zest to that if okay

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