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Firework Cupcake | Bonfire Night Special | Cupcake Jemma

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It’s a bummer that Bonfire Night is only an English tradition but fear not, you can still get in to the spirit of things from wherever you are with these Firework Cupcakes!

Recipe –

For the smoky milk…
200ml whole milk
3 Lapsang Souchong teabags

100g Ginger Nuts crumbs
25g melted butter
1 tbs Golden Syrup

The cake…
85g soft brown sugar
85g butter
170g Golden Syrup
110ml smoky milk
1 lg egg
170g self raising flour, sifted

For the Marshmallowy icing…
3 lg egg whites
260g caster sugar
170g golden syrup
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
pinch of salt
1/2 tsp vanilla

Optional bits…
Popping candy
red, yellow and orange food colouring!


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Cake Ideas

baking ideas


  1. D.R. Gradybooks says:

    I'm American, so I've never heard of bonfire night. Sounds like it's a fun evening!

  2. Nikki Young says:

    Where did you get that picture of the skull? I want one like that too

  3. Carla Squillace says:

    This is amazing Jemma!! Super original recipe amazing taste and presentation!

  4. Amy Snawder says:

    I'm American, but I was able to attend a Bonfire Night – in Germany! My husband is military and we lived in Australia for a time on an exchange assignment. There was also an English officer there on exchange. After Australia we both were posted to units in Germany. We were able to visit our English friends in Germany and attended the Bonfire Night on the UK Army post there. ☺ 🔥

  5. yuexkyo2 says:

    Random: Yesterday I asked my mom to buy me a lighter for my tealight candles… She bought me a mini blow torch.

  6. Jean-Marc Lariviere says:

    7:29, cracked me up as always…

  7. Maliha Shaukat says:

    hey next do no bake video or i say chocolate truffles!!

  8. koch dir was says:

    mmmh i love your channel 🙂 Excellent work

  9. MultiBluepurple says:

    wooouvv super cool

  10. womba wombi says:

    why I think this will be super sweet

  11. Alice Minchin says:

    Jemma I always want to know what that contraption is on the left next to your succulents! haha

  12. Noor Alif says:

    Hey , do you have a chocolate molten cake recipe ??

  13. Shontellè Lang says:

    Turned me off as soon as I heard meringue. Yuk! 😷

  14. Natasha Volckies says:

    aahhh ill be going to london in 4 days and hopefully i'll able to visit your bakery and you!

  15. Helena Quainton says:

    Could you grill the icing (if you don't have a blow torch)? They look like they'd go down with a bang!

  16. waniya abbasi says:

    Can we use honey Instead of corn syrup

  17. waniya abbasi says:

    Can we use honey Instead of corn syrup

  18. Gaia BP says:

    that one person who eats cereals in bed at 9 pm at night watching jemma's videos

  19. Jenny Armstrong says:

    hi .. I love your videos..

  20. Lupe Moreno says:

    I subed!!

  21. natasha radinow says:


  22. Zahera Akbar says:

    what food colouring gel do you use?

  23. Quy Nguyen says:

    These are lit!!!

    Yeah, I'll need friends…

  24. BunnySlippers says:

    Gorgeous cupcakes! Popping candy – brilliant!

  25. weirdenweirder says:

    what brand of vanilla extract you use? or did you make it yourself?

  26. Ruby Francisco says:

    what is golden syrup?

  27. marilyn gandhi says:

    You remind me, we put on our incinerator in September, 2015, and the Fire Brigade turned up in 5 minutes to order us to put it off, we had to say we didn't know it was illegal in Australia…

  28. marilyn gandhi says:

    We did have bonfire night 60 years ago – global warming has happened since then… <3

  29. Gloria's S says:

    Is the golden syrup honey?

  30. Julia Sporrong says:

    What can I use for the meringue instead of cream of tartar? Impossible to find in Sweden!

  31. archionblu says:

    This recipe is so intensely English I love it. Bonfire night! Make tea! Gingernuts! Golden Syrup!

  32. jeen iar marinas says:

    That is my favorite icing! 😊

  33. ari3lz3pp3lin says:

    I know it's only been in the last decade or so but in the U.S. many people celebrate Guy Fawkes day. I didn't know it was synonymous with bonfires and fireworks in the Uk though! Reminds me of our Independence day celebrations.

  34. Mini_ Moriah says:

    Gemma I am coming to see you in London ❤️❤️❤️

  35. Caoimhe Graham says:

    I'm having a jemmathon

  36. Mitchell Robless says:

    you can do that under the grill be careful it can burn very fast

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