How to Make Mini Ombré Cakes | Cupcake Jemma |

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September 15, 2016
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September 29, 2016
How to Make Mini Ombré Cakes | Cupcake Jemma

We all love an ombré cake right? Well how much better would they be if they were all mini? Watch my video and let me know!


For the sponge….
250g unsalted butter, soft
250g caster sugar
4 lg eggs
250g self raising flour
40ml whole milk
1 tsp vanilla
Food colour paste

For the buttercream..
200g unsalted butter
450g icing sugar
3 tbsp milk
1 tsp vanilla


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  1. karmen karakalli says:

    hello Jemma… my oven at home can only fit two pans .. how long can I keep the batter before I bake them … thanks

  2. Mel Reno says:

    How do I convert to USA measurements

  3. Mel Reno says:

    Do you have a cook book on your baking and decorating

  4. Zohra Jadavji says:

    You said start your cake 🎂 with the brightest cake,don’t you mean darkest cake???????

  5. Maria V. Cruz-Pagan says:

    So lovely 🤩💐😍

  6. My World says:

    U ruined ur arms wtf

  7. My World says:

    7:47 wiat whats the point of cutting the top if its gonna be covered with whipped cream??

  8. Bolos Bafônicos says:

    Hi Jemma! Do you know how much your large free range egg weighs without the shell? : )

  9. Helen Bode says:

    Hello jemma, I admire your work so much. Please can I reduce the quantity of sugar has I don't like a sugary cake, then is it compulsory to use unsalted butter for my cake?

  10. Hannah Cyphers says:

    What cake pan size is used?

  11. hauwa ribadu says:

    Please can u share d link where I can purchase the scale? Thank u

  12. Karen Carswell says:

    I love your channel but the background music while you talk is very distracting for people who are hard if hearing like me. I need to concentrate on what you are saying and it is difficult.

  13. Alexia neves says:

    you are amazing beautiful love your tattoos xo I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE CAKE!!

  14. Mary Beth Estes says:

    Okay, but how would you eat them? They're so cute and tiny, I think I would just stare at them longingly.

  15. Sherlene Mcsween says:

    Love it

  16. mezmursema says:

    Why didn't u cut the cake??? 😭😭

  17. India Hairston says:

    Are these the vanilla cake recipe?

  18. Jake Cook says:

    Could I use this recipe for one big ombre cake?
    Many Thanks
    Jake Cook

  19. haleema miskin says:

    Your adorable Jemma..thank you for videos..we love it..God bless you..

  20. Iveta Muceniece says:

    Wouldn't they dry out very fast?

  21. Amy Bisschoff says:

    Hi why don’t you use cake strips or baking strips to get an even bake. Cake strips bake cakes so that they come out level and with no caramelised edges

  22. Julie Mohon says:

    So simple yet so adorable. I really enjoy your videos!

  23. Ellen Spear says:

    These are just gorgeous, but so painstaking to make. And all this detailed work yields only four cakes.

  24. Maya Edmerson A.A, B.S says:


  25. Karsen Weir says:

    Jemma, you are soo talented

  26. Tanisha Osman says:

    Hello! About the baking thing, I actually own an convection oven which comes with a fan and I need to be careful with the temperature. Does your oven have convection function too?

  27. Mary Jane Bueno says:

    can i use cake flour or plain floor?

  28. Steffany Thong says:

    So yummy

  29. Noreen Latif says:

    Hi jemma, if I want to use plain flour instead of self raising how much baking powder should I use? Also if my baking tins are 8 inch instead of 6 how much should I increase the ingredients by? Thank you.

  30. Jane Kov Lim says:

    Is it just me or anyone else got distracted by how beautiful she is ????
    I mean she clearly can be a movie star 😊😊😊😊

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