Glazed Hibiscus & Vanilla Cupcake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma |

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August 15, 2016
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Glazed Hibiscus & Vanilla Cupcake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

In a world of brown and beige things, sometimes you just need a bit of colour, y’know? Well, I think these might be the brightest cupcakes I have ever made and the best thing about them is that the colour is TOTALLY NATURAL!!! Hibiscus is not only the best colour ever, it also has a really strong, tart flavour which works really well in this cupcake.

Recipe –
for the cupcakes…
125g self-raising flour
125g caster sugar
125g unsalted butter, soft
2 lg eggs
1.5 tbsp milk
1/4 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda

For the Hibiscus water…
25g dried hibiscus flowers
250ml water

For the buttercream
150g unsalted butter, soft
340g icing sugar, sifted
3-4 tbsp hibiscus water

For the glaze…
235g icing sugar, sifted
50ml hibiscus water
1/2 tbsp golden syrup


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  1. Gloria M says:

    I like how do you said "agua fresca"😄

  2. Gloria M says:

    Great recipe👍

  3. Zalikha says:

    I never knew hibiscus is edible!Lucky me because Hibiscus is my country's national flower and it's available everywhere. Be right back,plucking the flowers from my grandma's garden 😆😆

  4. Andrea Sandoval says:

    hi, I can't find self rising flour, how I can substitute it, thank you I love everything you share!

  5. Tinka Grujić says:

    I so love this recipe and the cupcakes look so yummy and pretty, but I think they would be too sweet, because there's too much sugar in the recipe! 😢

  6. Vyjayanthi Raghavan says:

    can u do a video on how to stalk a tier cake ? and also a video on fondant basic ?? how to use fondant. pleeeaaseeee. would be useful @cupcakejemma

  7. bournemouthlass says:

    Hi Jemma can I use Hibiscus tea instead of the petals? I don't know where I can source the petals.

  8. Tabitha Warburton says:

    Just gonna have a little nibble " takes a big bite"😂

  9. Faith Joy says:

    Where can i buy your standmixer?

  10. Andrea Tavolaro says:

    Hi CupcakeJemma,
    I like exploring the cupcakes universe with you;) A question: most of the times you use a self-raising flour for the cupcake's batter. Why? And in case I don't find that, could I substitute it with the same amount of plain flour and a little bag of Baking powder? What if instead of the powder I mix 2 tablespoon of baking soda with 2 tablespoon of vinegar to help the leavening? Thanks in advance for your time and keep it up!:D

  11. Saliha Akram says:

    i love it

  12. Youtubeee says:


  13. Melissa Anderson says:

    How about a mirror glaze cake?

  14. jeanchristie says:

    are these Roselle flowers instead of hibiscus?

  15. TheNewUsual says:

    OMG drool

    These look amazing Jemma!!!!!


  16. Lailatul Sarahjanna says:

    Hi jemma, did u used this glaze recipe for cake decorating ? Because i noticed that most of c&d cakes have this beautiful chocolate dripping at the side of the cakes. I just dont get it each time i make the chocolate ganache to pour on top of my cake it will become a disaster. The ganache will melt my buttercream and there will be no dripping at the side of the cake. 😭. Can anybody help me as i am using beryls chocolate and dairy whipping cream to a ratio of 3:1. Where did i go wrong.. ?

  17. Accalia Cullen says:

    I'm looking for a simple glaze recipe so if I took away the hibiscus and replaced it with a regular colour paste would I get the same results? Someone help! I need to make a 30th birthday cake. Thanks all

  18. Евдокия Теленченко says:

    Hello, CupcakeJemma! I have a question about glaze. Can I do it without golden syrup?

  19. Basma Abumahfouz says:

    in arabic we call it """karkaadeh"" a very popular arabic drink here

  20. Sam Hasselbring says:

    If you have not been watching Jemma for the past hour and a half like I have, you don't know how amazingly artistic she is. She makes you want to try everything she does. ….That was me, pretending to be a columnist.

  21. Pico de Gallo says:

    I loooooved your hibiscus cupcake recipe!!! Im Mexican and I grew up drinking Agua de Jamaica as we call it in Mexico… I will no doubt try your recipe next time I make my Hibiscus water

  22. Kar Yee Chong says:

    Hi Jemma. I've tried a few recipes on mirror glaze however it doesn't work. Do you have any mirror glaze recipe?

  23. Charlie Kenney says:

    Have you got any videos on how to make different glazes ?

  24. Caroline Lafleur says:

    C'est magnifique j'adore 😍😍😍

  25. Simon's Homemade products says:

    The flower also found in Malaysia too it is the nasional flowers of Malaysia.

  26. Marion R says:

    Just made these. They were delicious and very delicate 🙂

  27. Lic51 says:

    can I se glucose intead of golden syrup? They don't sell it in my country.

  28. marilyn gandhi says:

    Cupcakes are doing wonders for my life <3 🙂

  29. Katrin Eskandary says:

    Love love your videos and recipes but can’t stand the background music. There’s no need Lol

  30. Noraly Galán says:

    Me gusta todo lo que hacen !!!!😍

  31. Noraly Galán says:

    Saludos desde mexico cdmx coyoacan !!!!! ❤

  32. K'Morale Music says:

    In our country we call this Sorrel it is of the Hibiscus family. We use it alot around Christmas

  33. Luz Padilla says:

    I’ve drink hibiscus water or jamaica all my life and I’ve never imagine eating it in a cupcake It looks good I’m sure trying it!

  34. BEEGENXTRA says:

    You can also find it in Sénégal 🇸🇳

  35. Alannah Gibb says:


  36. Andie Nugent says:

    Jemma is so brave to wear a light shirt while baking with such bright colors! That icing and glaze would be all over me and I would never get the stains out! XD

  37. Affouet Marie PRICE says:

    This amazing thank you

  38. Gulya Swift says:

    I love these cupcakes

  39. Gulya Swift says:

    Looks delicious

  40. Ntsiki Ncomanzi says:

    hi there JemmaI love that the light pink and the deep pink glaze, can I use food colouring, I am not sure where I can find hibiscus flowers in this part of South Africa.RegardsNtsiki

  41. Is’ad Ashrafi says:

    I never knew that hibicus is edible. Thank god it's grown in my country😍

  42. Bk mora says:

    Dear brilliant Jemma @cupecakejemma please show us a mirror glaze cake 🎂 please from scratch. Thank you in advance from the other side of the pond 😊

  43. Martha Reynoso says:

    I did not expect to find a hibiscus inspired dessert! Thank you! I am Mexican and we drink this agua all the time, and as a baker I am trying to come up with a hibiscus cupcake but ya beat me to it! Lol!

  44. Jon Cawte says:

    Do you have a vegan chocolate mirror glaze recipe please?

  45. Grady Broyles says:

    I love that I'm noticing little details like the sticky-notes with the recipe for easy hands-free viewing right at the workspace!

    Also, Hibiscus grows well in Northern California (fancy a trip to San Francisco?) and is quite popular in gardens and makes a delightful herbal tea. Hibiscus flowers can be used to create pigments as well. Hibiscus + chamomile + lemongrass herbal tea = natural sleep aid.

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